Sunday, November 16, 2008

"MUNAMADANY DREAMING (landscape)" Jeff Phillips/Liesbet Verstraeten Mural

Hi! Here is the first of two murals Liesbet and I just finished here in Lucinda Qld. "Munamadany" is the local aboriginal name for Hinchinbrook Island (but I'm not sure which of the five local language groups it comes from) and is the inspiration for these paintings. This one is about 4 meters long. We tried to paint all the faunae we saw on our last visit there, although this time we didn't see any powder-blue pterosaurs this time! In the tree you see the rare red-headed booby-pecker, and to the right an upside-down berry-pincher! On the boulder in the lower left corner you see our little lizard friend, as well as a posse of green ants transporting a fat and juicy March fly to their abode. I believe those butterflies are three sub-species of the previously never seen Pribram-Bohm-Seuss variety, which actually do not exist in this dimension but exist only in a parallel dimension that varies in primary harmonic frequency from ours by a factor of phi, or 1.618 (the golden mean).

The mural itself is a semi-imaginary composite landscape of the main features of the island as seen from here...the peak to the left is Mt. Straloch, and the next peak to the right with the square boulder on top (I think the real one is about the size of a house) is Mt. Diamantina; the bay is the shape of Zoe Bay but may be an undiscovered secret bay!

A more complete story/description will be forthcoming but for now..check it out!

Oh, yes...that's the tail of Migaloo, the mythical white whale who's been seen in Australian waters in recent years...

And those two dolphins are Liesbet and me...

cheers jeff

ps thanks to John and Catherine for making these possible...YOU ROCK!

pps thanks to David Bebbs for digital photography

"MUNAMADANY DREAMING (seascape)" Jeff Phillips/Liesbet Verstraeten Mural is the second of the two murals we just finished...this one is inspired by the local sea-life! You see the Great Barrier Reef on the horizon, and Snoetje and Teddy beneath an umbrella there, with an eskie of Coopers. I won't try to describe the myriad of life-forms you see here, but down on the bottom is an extremely rare "platygong", a cross between a platypus and a dugong. The whale is getting some marine Reiki from the crabs (Munamadany crabs have long been known to possess innate Reiki abilities) and the rainbow eel is preparing to discharge a 2 million ampere/80 giga-Gauss magnetic rainbow across the whole local ocean watch out!