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Dr. Helen Caldicott

Dr. Helen Caldicott, "We should not be exporting uranium because you are exporting cancer."

[Sydney Morning Herald]

[NOTE FROM JEFF: If I were Australian, I would be VERY PROUD INDEED to know that Helen Caldicott is an Aussie...along with John Pilger!]

'We should not be exporting uranium because you are exporting cancer' Dr. Helen Caldicott

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July 2, 2006

Not recognised among Australia's 100 most influential people,
anti-nuclear campaigner Dr Helen Caldicott still stands tall on the world stage, Erin O'Dwyer writes. 'We've gone backwards decades under Bush and Howard'

LIKE all our best intellectuals, Helen Caldicott is better known in the United States than at home.

In 1982, she silenced a crowd of 1 million people who gathered in New York's Central Park to hear her speak on nuclear disarmament.

But in 1998, when she addressed 1000 people in Engadine protesting against Sydney's Lucas Heights reactor, Caldicott was shouted down by hecklers.

It was a similar story last week when The Bulletin magazine listed 100 of the most influential Australians. Cookery writer Margaret Fulton and pop star Kylie Minogue made the cut. Helen Caldicott, the world's leading anti-nuclear voice, did not.

Yet she has been named as one of the 100 most influential women of the 20th century by the Smithsonian Institution, and she was nominated in 1985 for the Nobel peace prize.

Perhaps it's tall poppy syndrome. Perhaps it is sexism. Or perhaps Caldicott is unsung here simply because we have stopped listening to her message.

"In the '70s and '80s, Australia was very anti-nuclear," she says. "And I used to be very well listened to in Australia in the '70s and '80s. But we've gone backwards decades under the Bush Administration and under the Howard administration and it's been quite devastating."

This month Caldicott publishes her sixth book - Nuclear Power Is Not The Answer To Global Warming Or Anything Else (Melbourne University Press). It comes as the nuclear energy debate heats up amid increased awareness that Australia has about 40 per cent of the world's recoverable uranium resources.

Caldicott hopes the book will penetrate the political untruth that
nuclear energy is a safe, green alternative.

"[People] think that it is the answer to global warming," she says,
"but in truth it adds to global warming. It does not fix it."

Caldicott's message has always been simple. Nuclear energy leaves a toxic legacy to future generations because it produces not only global warming gases but also massive amounts of toxic carcinogenic radioactive waste. It is also far more expensive than other forms of electricity generation and can trigger proliferation of nuclear weapons.

Even worse, radioactive elements in nuclear-powered countries are already leaking - into the ground, into rivers and oceans, and into the food chain. Already 40 per cent of Europe's landmass is radioactive after Chernobyl, and increasingly so are its food supplies. Alarmingly that includes human breast milk.

Caldicott warns that as more people are exposed, cancers such as leukemia will become more common. So will genetic diseases such as cystic fibrosis. "We should not be exporting uranium because by exporting uranium, you are exporting cancer," she says.

A pediatrician who specialised in cystic fibrosis, Caldicott first
grabbed headlines protesting against French nuclear testing in the 1970s. She used her profile to mobilise trade unions and elicited an ACTU resolution to ban uranium mining.

After migrating to the US in the late '70s with her then husband Bill Caldicott, she became a faculty member of the Harvard Medical School. There she mobilised doctors and established Physicians for Social Responsibility with 23,000 influential members. It became one of the US's most powerful anti-nuclear lobby groups and won the Nobel peace prize in 1985.

Caldicott had resigned from the leadership group amid political power play and did not attend the ceremony. Yet she refused to let that devastating experience stop her. She went on to teach at leading universities and was honoured with countless awards and honorary degrees.

Three years ago, she established the Nuclear Policy Research Institute in Washington, known for its high-powered scientific symposiums. She has just been named as the inaugural winner of the Australian Peace Prize.

The journey hasn't always been easy. On the eve of her 50th birthday, Caldicott's marriage ended. All her anti-nuclear work was "ashes in my mouth".

She includes the break-up when asked about her personal milestones. She also includes the births of her six grandchildren. This is because, as a pediatrician, Caldicott's motivation has always been her children, her children's children and children everywhere. "It's one of the reasons I do the work I do," she says. "I practise global preventative medicine."

This year Caldicott will turn 68. She is slowing down, spending less time on the world stage and more time with family at her Central Coast hideaway. But she refuses to go quietly, and has mastered the art of working smarter not harder.

Now, instead of rallying unionists and doctors, she maintains a contact book of the world's top opinion leaders and journalists. Three times during our interview she quotes Thomas Jefferson about a functioning democracy requiring an informed citizenry.

"In the old days it was grass roots and this time it's tree tops," she says. "I'm getting older and it's more efficient to educate the media because through them you get to millions of people."

Caldicott's motivation might always have been her family, but these days she is careful to spend more time with them.

The best example is the night Madonna called to chat about the medical dangers of nuclear power.

Caldicott was preparing a lamb roast for her family and said: "Madonna, I can't take your call right now. I'll have to talk to you later."

"My family has never forgiven me," she says with a laugh.

"But my children were resentful that I wasn't around much and I do think about that. I wish I had been.

"On the other hand, I was wanting to make sure that they had a future. Nothing you do comes without consequences."

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SYNTH-ARCHIVE#16: Activist Kit...What YOU can do

original posting: 25 feb. 2002

A very powerful networking tool...chech this activist's kit...

Activist Kit - What YOU can do.
Thanks to William Douglas for the Email addresses on this page

As you’ll see journalists and academics worldwide have put massive effort into this Activist Kit freely given to you and activists worldwide. Please honor this work by USING THIS WELL, and encouraging all you know to use it well and then pass it on, and on.

[Note: Not all internet servers allow emailings of larger address book type listings. You may want to set up a separate email account on one of the free serves like Hotmail, etc. One activist noted the convenience of such an account for his own mails, which allows up to 50 blind cc’s to be sent per email, and several hundred can be sent per day, enabling activists to stay
in touch with many other activists.]


Was there a CIA connection to 9-11, and is the US media suppressing it?
Below are mainstream European media reports w/URL sources, that beg for a full investigation of this. Please read the 9 summary reports below, then act!

The SUCCESS of this effort depends on EACH of us dedicating ourselves to this for the next few weeks at least, and URGING others we pass this Activist Kit onto to do the same! US is media is suppressing this information. It can only get to people through the efforts of you and I.

1) Fax and email out THE MESSAGE marked as such below to all the contacts.

2) THEN network this entire Activist Kit out as far and wide as you possibly can, to churches, activist groups, etc. etc. (use internet search engines, yahoo, google, msn, etc. to find more and more and more contacts of such activist groups and institutes of conscience to send this to and ask them to act and to spread the word).

We must create a ROAR of demand for this to be fully investigated, or the media and congress will never have the courage to do so. Spread the Activist Kit out to get hundreds of others to use it, and then use it and the FAX and email numbers to get the below message out yourself.

Free thinking writers are too frightened to speak up. Democrats are afraid too. They need us to flood them, the media, and institutions worldwide with this information to give them the courage to do what they can do.

Activist Kit (Message to send out below, followed by contact lists):


original posting 25 feb. 2002

Is Low Frequency Sonar Blowing Away Dolphins and Whales?

20 January 2000

Is Low Frequency Sonar Blowing Away Dolphins?

Last week an affiliate CBS TV (Boston) news station reported that 100 dolphins had beached off the Florida keys and twenty dolphins died. There is evidence to believe that this was caused by active low frequency sonar by the U.S. Navy. Flyby News supports biopsy tests around the ears of the mammals to know for certain whether low frequency sonar was the cause of this tragic event.

For general information on Low Frequency Active Sonar, visit these sites:




Related Flyby News Archive Items:
1 June 2000
Court Ruling to Stop Navy's LFAS Experiments, see item 1

14 May 2001
Navy testing whales' hearing level, , Item 2:

8 January 2001
Information and Action to Stop Low Frequency Active Sonar Blasts for Ocean-Life, Item 3

US Navy Admits Its Sonar Killed Whales
By Cat Lazaroff Environment News

WASHINGTON, DC (ENS) - The U.S. Navy and the National Marine Fisheries Service have released a report acknowledging the role that the Navy's experimental sonar played in the deaths of 17 marine mammals in the Bahamas last year. The report is the agency's first official admission that sonar may contribute to whale beachings.

The interim report finds that the March 2000 stranding of 16 whales and a dolphin on Bahamian beaches was caused "by the unusual combination of several contributory factors acting together."

The Navy and NMFS concluded that the presence of the whales in a restrictive ocean channel, during calm water conditions which reflect and amplify sounds, caused the Navy's sonar to damage the whale's ears, leading them to beach themselves.

"Review of passive acoustic data ruled out volcanic eruptions, landslides, other seismic events, and explosive blasts," the agencies reported. "The unusual extended use of Navy midrange tactical sonars operating in the area is the most plausible acoustic source."

The report says that the Navy's experimental Low Frequency Active Sonar (LFAS), which has been implicated in other whale strandings, was not involved in this incident.

Instead, the whales were injured because the calm water and the underwater topography concentrated sound in the top 200 meters of the ocean - just where the whales and dolphins would have been swimming.

"The calm seas did little to stop the reflection and caused fewer air bubbles, which dissipate sound energy," the report notes.

On March 15 and 16, 2000, nine Cuvier's beaked whales, three Blainville's beaked whales, two unidentified beaked whales, one spotted dolphin, and two Minke whales were reported stranded along the Northeast and Northwest Providence Channels on the Bahamian Islands. The strandings took place within 24 hours of the intensive use of active midrange sonar by U.S. Navy ships as they passed through the Northeast and Northwest Providence Channels.

The Navy says that multiple sonar units were used over an extended period of time.

Six of the whales died after stranding on beaches. One dolphin stranded and died of unrelated causes. Ten whales were returned to the sea alive.

Specimen samples were collected from four dead whales. Three of these whales showed signs of bleeding in the inner ears and one whale showed signs of bleeding around the brain.

Whale biologists determined that the most likely cause of the bleeding was either a blow to the head or exceptionally loud noises.

"The investigation team concludes that tactical mid-range frequency sonars aboard U.S. Navy ships that were in use during the sonar exercise in question were the most plausible source of this acoustic or impulse trauma," the report concludes.

The investigation team recommended that future research focus on identifying where combinations of ocean and undersea conditions might combine to create similar problems in the future.

"This research, along with other research on the impacts of sonar sounds on marine mammals, increased knowledge of marine mammal densities, increased knowledge of causes of beaked whale strandings, increased knowledge of beaked whale anatomy, physiology and medicine, and further research on sonar propagation, will provide valuable information for determining which combinations of factors are most likely to cause another mass stranding event," they conclude.

The team recommended that the Navy continue to investigate how sonar affects marine mammals and to develop measures to protect animals "to the maximum extent possible and not jeopardize national security."

The Navy said it will include, when possible, Bahamian scientists and other qualified individuals in future surveys involving marine mammal research in Bahamian territorial waters.

The interim report is available online at:

Environment News Service (ENS) 2001. All Rights Reserved.

National Geographic Video - The Bahamas incident, visit:

Stop LFAS Worldwide!

Insist that people be told the truth about LFAS and other high intensity sonars. For more information visit:

Stop LFAS Worldwide Network
1556 Halford Ave., Box 322
Santa Clara, CA 95051
(408) 516-9716

Another great resource for learning more on this issue:
Stop LFAS Listserve
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Flyby News is a free electronic news service regarding peace in space, human rights, indigenous, and environmental is

SYNTH-ARCHIVE#14: Juggernaut Rising, Part One, Diane Harvey

original posting: 25 feb. 2002


"This civilization of ours, so outwardly attractive to so many, has been constructed over a hidden foundation of widespread institutional theft, deadly levels of pollution, illegal secrecy, drugs and armaments empires, draconian legalisms, and the extraordinarily cynical manipulation of large segments of the population through highly sophisticated forms of genuine mind control offered as 'news' and 'entertainment'"

By Diane Harvey

As a category of human communication, disaster prediction is flourishing, and with excellent reason. Emerging from widely different perspectives and employing different approaches, many of us unhappily sense exponentially growing difficulties looming on the murkily complex horizon. Differences in individual awareness, experience and psychological bias very naturally preclude agreement about the gory details. We even argue about the basic meaning and potential for damage of the events we are observing. But perhaps all who perceive the likelihood of oncoming catastrophes might at least agree on this much: the majority of human beings do not even begin to comprehend the actual significance of what is going on all around them. We might agree that what appears blithely disguised as business as usual on the surface of the world is, in reality, a bizarre and ultimately hopeless global network built entirely on the denial of the law of cause and effect.

No matter how assiduously the daily industrial-strength tissue of lies is spun, denying the discernible deterioration of our sick civilization, and no matter how many have invested their lives in believing and sustaining these lies: unpleasant realities are lumbering inexorably toward us. Experts in all fields are dogtrotted out by the truckload, and dutifully trundled through the mills of mass media, in order continually to bury and re-bury any signs of incipient awareness in the populace that all is not well. Official repertoires consisting of studied stupidities, frank falsehoods, diagrams for dummies, simpering smirks and posturing pomposities are designed to semaphore to a somnambulant citizenry that everything is under control. In fact, mounting evidence points entirely to a contrary conclusion. And in the face of our stunningly complicated world problems, the toddler's cartoon version of life, offered by those in power through the mass media's obedient mouth, is one of the most shocking aspects of our predicament. Of a multitude of symptoms indicating rampant human lunacy presently operating on a grand scale, the continual insulting offerings of Frankenspeak in lieu of meaningful communication is perhaps the most directly alarming, disgusting and telling.

It is not hard to fathom the hidden political and economic causes of the oncoming upset of our earthly applecart. At the same time the material achievements of the 20th century have brought incalculable temporary benefits to many, conveniently ignoring the hidden costs of such progress has eroded human consciousness to a degree beyond all our reckoning. It is not that material comfort need ever have been purchased at the price of sane and ethical existence- but that is nevertheless the path that was taken. It is not that a decent standard of living is a problem per se, or that in and of itself reasonable levels of civilized materialism represent some sort of inevitable wrongdoing. The criminal activity was all in how we got here, in the forms our corporate-born standard of living has taken, and in how we have allowed worldly powers to sustain themselves. It is everything we have chosen to ignore along the way, in order to enjoy prosperity at all costs, that has added up to our coming undoing. Our collective complacent refusal to look behind the scenes into secret and wholly unregulated corporate, government and military activities has resulted in a nightmarish world where the actual state of things is the polar opposite of what is told to and subsequently believed by the majority of the public.

This civilization of ours, so outwardly attractive to so many, has been constructed over a hidden foundation of widespread institutional theft, deadly levels of pollution, illegal secrecy, drugs and armaments empires, draconian legalisms, and the extraordinarily cynical manipulation of large segments of the population through highly sophisticated forms of genuine mind control offered as "news" and "entertainment". Behind the scenes this is no utopia, as advertised, but dystopia: a realm where all is, contrary to expectations and common belief, in the worst possible condition. Furthermore, dystopia is disintegrating before our eyes, and out from under our feet, even as the absurd efforts to pretend that all is well redouble. We see the ever-more-desperate desire of the many to mutually sustain their belief in a doomed system of interlocking institutions fuelled by ruthless and unregenerate human greed and the unbridled lust for domination. It is not that most people are innately incapable of observing the crumbling foundations of their own unthinking dependencies. Rather, people are still subconsciously choosing to avoid the pain and fear of confronting what is already well underway. Most of the so-called grown-ups on our planet still fearfully turn their minds away from the unwanted spectacle of oncoming troubles. A large percentage of the human race, facing the necessity of giving their highest quality attention to our common dangers, is instead frantically increasing the dosage of self-delusion.

On the whole, people have been avoiding all honest investigation into the genuine causes of galloping disintegration in human institutions. Yet this will change, and is clearly changing now, as vast shadowy shell games are inevitably exposed to glaring broad daylight. No sooner is the essential trickery-fakery of an institutional lie exposed, than people reel with shock and outrage. Yet it is precisely a long collective agreement to invest blindly in institutionalized criminal greed, and the refusal to know what corporations and governments are actually doing, that inevitably results in the very disintegration now so indignantly confronted. Anyone who wanted to could easily have understood this inevitable scenario long ago. If you asked individuals whether or not they believed their lives could safely be built on criminal or unethical activity, almost all would scoff and say "Of course not." Yet people have pretended that these same basic principles mysteriously do not apply to large human institutions and governments. As if humans in groups might magically be exempt from the great moral necessities of life governing all individuals who wish to live sanely.

By their own decisions and consensual collusion, many intelligent people have preferred to ride the greed-powered national gravy train, in self-willed blindness to the visibly immoral and ugly underpinnings of longstanding government, corporate and military chicanery. Naturally, as institutions begin to come unglued, we will all pay dearly for the willful self-deception of those of us who chose to hitch their earthly welfare to the dark forces of "civilized" corruption. There will be ever-louder howls of injured innocence from the hordes of victims as our dystopia comes apart at the seams. Yet one might give most normal human beings credit for the ability to discern the difference between ethical and unethical practices on many levels, if and when they care to do so. The alternative is to believe that the majority of people are far too stupid to tell the difference between nominally ethical behavior and rank criminality. On the face of it, while possible, this appears unlikely. Rather, most people seem to have assumed the ostrich position for the sake of short-term personal benefits, and then are astounded and outraged when reality brutally overtakes the forces of denial.

It is not only dysfunctional human institutions that are breaking down, despite all efforts to pretend otherwise. The earth's natural systems are in a state of breathtakingly rapid degradation and subsequent mutation into who-knows-what new versions of themselves. The earth as a whole is simultaneously undergoing both dramatic climate change and a systemic breakdown from toxic shock. And yet such a rapid accumulation, combining, and coalescing of disastrous forces is not causing the slightest change yet in collective human behavior at levels where it might make any difference. If ever there is a setting in which calamities are most likely to befall the human race, it is the current one. A sinister synergy is underway, composed of corrupt worldly authorities, a relatively apathetic and self-victimizing populace, severe spiritual and physical pollution resulting from a world powered by uncontrolled greed and totalitarian tendencies, and drastic changes occurring in the earth's natural systems.

Recipes for disasters don't come with more potently volatile ingredients than these. And for some, no sudden catastrophe or combination of disasters will come as any surprise. A certain percentage of human beings throughout history, aware of being caught in cyclic periods of wholesale degeneration, have always instinctively felt the truth that life itself will never suffer the proliferation of human insanity beyond a certain point. The sole remaining question some of us ask ourselves these days is exactly what that point might be. In all human cultures, there have always been those who have warned people again and again that we cannot live on lies or thrive on degeneration. We have always been free to ignore such warnings, but we certainly have never been free of the fatal consequences of such ignorant decisions. Whenever human beings abandon the principles of reality for the foundationless hallucinations of egotism, willful ignorance, selfishness and greed, disaster must and will come to raze such illusions to the ground. This is as implacably true for civilizations as it is for individuals.

Mankind is inherently designed to understand what it means to live an honorable life. The suffering required before human beings freely accept this fact might be long and terrible, yet this reality must and will be made manifest. We may only shorten, or lengthen interminably, the quality and quantity of misery involved in accepting the fact that we are meant to become decent, reasonable and just. Humanity's age-old self-serving habit of offering meaningless lip service to spiritual truth is having very bad results. Whether we wish to acknowledge it or not, we are endowed with conscience, intelligence, free will, the capacity to love, and the commensurate responsibilities for manifesting these astonishing gifts we have been given. Spiritual stewardship includes direct responsibility for the right employment of all of our capacities, in every aspect of our lives here. There is no such thing as being spiritual, for instance, while blissfully ignoring the implications of the present cesspool civilization has become. This world is one House and the inhabitants and systems it depends on are woven into a single interactive web of life. All efforts to pretend otherwise, in order to avoid the strenuous difficulties of solving seemingly intractable problems, are doomed to eventual destruction.

The general attitude of obliviousness and refusal to regulate worldly authorities has generated a thick psychic fog in which malevolent forces have been operating with near-perfect immunity. Most people are still settling for a position of complete passivity in relation to the entire external world, as if half-watching a rather boring television show. Extremes of disgraceful behavior, manifesting everywhere in the highest levels of military, government and corporate power, have been accepted, or barely registered, or excused as "the price of doing business", or perceived as a disgusting display about which nothing ever can be done. Meanwhile, suggestively interconnected natural and human systemic failures, likely to be of immense consequence to us all, are perceivable everywhere, and increasing by the day. As it is, those of us considered "alarmists" are dismissed with a sad shake of the head as psychologically mal-conditioned doom-mongers. And far worse yet, many are now summarily categorized as "traitors" for having the temerity to observe and comment in public on various outrageously wicked, dangerous and idiotic activities underway in the name of preserving "civilization". When venal, frightened, hopelessly dishonest and secretive authorities designate the most thoughtful and concerned segment of a population as "traitors", we may take it as one more certain sign that the disintegration of dystopia is proceeding apace.

From Sheryl Jackson
I have to say that St. Diane Harvey is the most profound author that you have ever had on your site. Her ability to turn a phrase is unrivaled in today's literate field. She speaks with a divinity that she herself denies. But the monastic way she lives is the most obvious tell of her spiritual journey. I am so sorry that what she writes is above the heads and below the feet of the Average Sleeple of this world, but for me I would walk barefoot over busted Budweiser bottles to read what she writes. I know all of which she speaks and it gives me great joy to know that I am not alone in my "traitorous insanity". I never once as a child believed that I was going to be Benedict Arnold when I grew up, but according to the BabyBush I most certainly am. I imagine the gendarmes will appear any day now that I am, and have been, so vocal about 9/11 and about medical marijuana that the CIA,corporate/military government cannot control. They are against anyone working on their own cars, being able to build without contractors, farming free food, basically being self-sufficient. That is what made the American People great and strong. Our ability to maintain our families, and conduct our business without corporations controlling us. That is what the true dangers of MSN and computers are all about. AS we become addicted to them, we will be required to use them more and more which will raise the online prices exponentially. Great dangers lurk out there in cyberspace. Not the least of which will be control and access to all of us at any time the government decides to take us to jail. We live in terrible times...

SYNTH-ARCHIVE#13: Von Bulow Interview...A Criticism of authorized King George W's Version of 9/11 Story

VON BULOW INTERVIEW - A criticism of authorized King George W version of September 11 story

"With the help of the horrifying attacks, the Western mass democracies
were subjected to brainwashing. The enemy image of anti-communism doesn't work any more; it is to be replaced by peoples of Islamic belief. They are accused of having given birth to suicidal terrorism...the idea of the enemy image doesn't come from me. It comes from Zbigniew Brzezinski and Samuel Huntington, two policy-makers of American intelligence and foreign policy. Already in the middle of he 1990s, Huntingon believed, people in Europe and the U.S. needed someone they could hate--this would strengthen their identification with their own society. And Brzezinski, the mad dog, as adviser to President Jimmy Carter, campaigned for the exclusive right of the U.S. to seize all the raw materials of the world, especially oil and gas."

Source: Tagesspiegel, Jan. 12 - PARTIAL TRANSLATION below

The following interview by Stephan Lebert / Norbert Thomma with Andreas
Von Bulow appeared in the German newspaper Tagesspiegel, on Jan. 13, 2002

Q: You seem so angry, really upset.

Von Buelow: I can explain what's bothering me: I see that after the horrifying
attacks of Sept. 11, all political public opinion is being forced into a direction
that I consider wrong.

Q: What do you mean by that?

Von Buelow: I wonder why many questions are not asked. Normally, with
such a terrible thing, various leads and tracks appear that are then
commented on, by the investigators, the media, the government: Is there
something here or not? Are the explanations plausible? This time, this is not the
case at all. It already began just hours after the attacks in New York and
Washington and--

Q: In those hours, there was horror, and grief.

Von Buelow: Right, but actually it was astounding: There are 26
intelligence services in the U.S.A. with a budget of $30 billion--

Q: More than the German defense budget.

Von Buelow: --which were not able to prevent the attacks. In fact, they
didn't even have an inkling they would happen. For 60 decisive minutes,
the military and intelligence agencies let the fighter planes stay on the
ground, 48 hours later, however, the FBI presented a list of suicide
attackers. Within ten days, it emerged that seven of them were still alive.

Q: What, please?

Von Buelow: Yes, yes. And why did the FBI chief take no position regarding
contradictions? Where the list came from, why it was false? If I were the chief
investigator (state attorney) in such a case, I would regularly go to the public,
and give information on which leads are valid and which not.

Q: The U.S. government talked about an emergency situation after the attacks:
They said they were in a war. Is it not understandable that one does not tell the
enemy everything one knows about him?

Von Buelow: Naturally. But a government which goes to war, must first
establish who the attacker, the enemy, is. It has a duty to provide evidence. According to its own admission, it has not been able to present any evidence that would hold up in court.

Q: Some information on the perpetrators has been proven with documents. The
suspected leader, Mohammad Atta, left Portland for Boston on the morning of
Sept. 11, in order to board the plane that later hit the World Trade Center.

Von Buelow: If this Atta was the decisive man in the operation, it's really strange
that he took such a risk of taking a plane that would reach Boston such a short time before the connecting flight. Had his flight been a few minutes late, he would not have been in the plane that was hijacked. Why should a sophisticated terrorist do this? One can, by the way, read on CNN (Internet) that none of these names were on the official passenger lists. None of them had gone through the check-in procedures. And why did none ofthe threatened pilots give the agreed-upon code 7700 over the [Steuerknueppel: STEERING NOB?] to the ground station? In addition: The black boxes which are fire and shock proof, as well as the voice recordings, contain no valuable data--

Q: That sounds like--

Von Buelow: --like assailants who, in their preparations, leave tracks behind them
like a herd of stampeding elephants? They made payments with credit cards with their own names; they reported to their flight instructors with their own names. They left behind rented cars with flight manuals in Arabic for jumbo jets. They took with them, on their suicide trip, wills and farewell letters, which fall into the hands of the FBI, because they were stored in the wrong place and wrongly addressed. Clueswere left behind like in a child's game of hide-and-seek, which were to be followed! There is also the theory of one British flight engineer: According to this, the steering of the planes was perhaps taken out of the pilots' hands, from outside. The Americans had developed a method in the 1970s, whereby they could rescue hijacked planes by intervening into the computer piloting [automatic pilot system]. This theory says, this technique was abused in this case. That's a theory....

Q: Which sounds really adventurous, and was never considered.

Von Buelow: You see! I do not accept this theory, but I find it worth considering. And what about the obscure stock transactions? In the week prior to the attacks, the amount of transactions in stocks in American Airlines, United Airlines, and insurance companies, increased 1,200%. It was for a value of $15 billion. Some people must have known something. Who?

Q: Why don't you speculate on who it might have been.

Von Buelow: With the help of the horrifying attacks, the Western mass democracies were subjected to brainwashing. The enemy image anti-
communism doesn't work
any more; it is to be replaced by peoples of Islamic belief. They are accused of having given birth to suicidal terrorism.

Q: Brainwashing? That's a tough term.

Von Buelow: Yes? But the idea of the enemy image doesn't come from me. It
comes from Zbigniew Brzezinski and Samuel Huntington, two policy-makers
of American intelligence and foreign policy. Already in the middle of he 1990s, Huntingon believed, people in Europe and the U.S. needed someone they could hate--this would strengthen their identification with their own society. And Brzezinski, the mad dog, as adviser to President Jimmy Carter, campaigned for the exclusive right of the U.S. to seize all the raw materials of the world, especially oil and gas.

Q: You mean, the events of Sept. 11--

Von Buelow: --fit perfectly in the concept of the armaments industry,
the intelligence agencies, the whole military-industrial-academic complex.
This is in fact conspicuous. The huge raw materials reserves of the former
Soviet Union are now at their disposal, also the pipeline routes and--

Q: Erich Follach described that at length in {Spiegel}: "It's a matter
of military bases, drugs, oil and gas reserves.''...

Von Buelow: I can state: the planning of the attacks was technically
and organizationally a master achievement. To hijack four huge airplanes
within a few minutes and within one hour, to drive them into their targets,
with complicated flight maneuvers! This is unthinkable, without years-long
support from secret apparatuses of the state and industry.

Q: You are a conspiracy theorist!

Von Buelow: Yeah, yeah. That's the ridicule heaped [on those raising
these questions] by those who would prefer to follow the official,
politically correct line. Even investigative journalists are fed propaganda and
disinformation. Anyone who doubts that, doesn't have all his marbles!
That is your accusation.

Q: Your career actually speaks against the idea that you are not in
your right mind. You were already in the 1970s, state secretary in the
Defense Ministry; in 1993 you were the SPD [Social Democratic Party] speaker in
the Schalk-Golodkowski investigation committee--

Von Buelow: And it all began there! Until that time, I did not have any
great knowledge of the work of intelligence agencies. And now we had to
take note of a great discrepancy: We shed light on the dealings of the
Stasi and other East bloc intelligence agencies in the field of economic
criminality, but as soon as we wanted to know something about the
activities of the BND [German intelligence] or the CIA, it was mercilessly
blocked. No information, no cooperation, nothing! That's when I was
first taken aback.

Q: Schalck-Golodkowski mediated, among other things, various business
deals abroad. When you looked at his case more closely--

Von Buelow: We found, for example, a clue in Rostock, where Schalck
organized his weapons depot. Well, then we happened upon an affiliation
of Schalck in Panama, and then we happened upon Manuel Noriega, who was
for many years President, drug dealer, and money launderer, all in one,
right? And this Noriega was also on the payroll of the CIA, for $200,000 a
year. These were things that really made me curious.

Q: You wrote a book on the dealings of the CIA and Co. In the meantime,
you have become an expert regarding the strange things related to
intelligence services' work.

Von Buelow: "Strange things" is the wrong term. What has gone on, and
goes on, in the name of intelligence services, are true crimes.

Q: What would you say determines the work of intelligence services?

Von Buelow: So that we don't have any misunderstandings: I find that it
makes sense to have intelligence services....

Q: You don't think much of the earlier proposals by the Greens, who
wanted to dismantle these agencies?

Von Buelow: No. It is right to take a look behind the scenes. Getting
intelligence about the intentions of an enemy, makes sense. It is
important when one tries to put oneself into the mind of the enemy. Whoever wants to understand the CIA's methods, has to deal with its main tasks, {covert
operations}: below the level of war, and outside international law, foreign
states are to be influenced, by organizing insurrections, terrorist attacks, usually combined with drugs and weapons trade, and money laundering. This is
essentially very simple: One arms violent people
with weapons. Since, however, it must not under any circumstances come out, that there is an intelligence agency behind it, all traces are erased, with tremendous deployment of resources. I have the impression that this kind of intelligence agency spends 90% of its time this way: creating false leads. So that, if anyone suspects the collaboration of the agencies, he is accused of the sickness of conspiracy madness. The truth often comes out only years later. CIA chief Allen Dulles once said: In case of doubt, I
would even lie to the Congress!

Q: The American journalist Seymour M. Hersh, wrote in the {New Yorker,}
that even some people in the CIA and government assumed, that certain
leads had been laid in order to confuse the investigators. Who, Herr Von
Buelow, would have done this?

Von Buelow: I don't know that either. How should I? I simply use my
common sense, and--See: The terrorists behaved in such a way to attract
attention. And as practicing Muslims, they were in a strip-tease bar, and,
drunken, stuck dollar bills into the panty of the dancer.

Q: Things like that also happen.

Von Buelow: It may be. As a lone fighter, I cannot prove anything,
that's beyond my capabilities. I have real difficulties, however, to imagine
that all this all sprung out of the mind of an evil man in his cave.

Q: Mr. Von Buelow, you yourself say that you are alone in your criticism.
Formerly, you were part of the political establishment, now you are an

Von Buelow: That is a problem sometimes, but one gets used to it. By
the way, I know a lot of people, including very influential ones, who agree
with me, but only in whispers, never publicly.

Q: Do you still have contact with old SPD companions, such as Egon Bahr
and former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt?

Von Buelow: There are no close contacts any more. I wanted to go to the
last SPD party congress, but I was sick.

Q: Can it be, Mr. Von Buelow, that you are a mouthpiece for typical

Von Buelow: Nonsense, this has absolutely nothing to do with
anti-Americanism. I am a great admirer of this great, open, free society,
and always have been. I studied in the U.S.

Q: How did you get the idea that there could be a link between the attacks
and the American intelligence agencies?

Von Buelow: Do you remember the first attack on the World Trade Center
in 1993?

Q: Six people were killed and over a thousand wounded, by a bomb

Von Buelow: In the middle was the bombmaker, a former Egyptian officer.
He had pulled together some Muslims for the attack. They were snuck into
the country by the CIA, despite a State Department ban on their entry. At
the same time, the leader of the band was an FBI informant. And he made a
deal with the authorities: At the last minute, the dangerous explosive
material would be replaced by a harmless powder. The FBI did not stick to the
deal. The bomb exploded, so to speak, with the knowledge of the FBI. The
official story of the crime was quickly found: The criminals were evil Muslims.

Q: At the time Soviet soldiers marched into Afghanistan, you were in
the cabinet of Helmut Schmidt. What was it like?

Von Buelow: The Americans pushed for trade sanctions, they demanded the
boycott of the Olympic games in Moscow....

Q.... which the German government followed...

Von Buelow: And today we know: It was the strategy of the American
security adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski, to destabilize the Soviet Union from
neighboring Muslim countries: They lured the Russians into Afghanistan,
and then prepared for them a hell on earth, their Vietnam. With decisive
support of the U.S. intelligence agencies, at least 30,000 Muslim
fighters were trained in Afghanistan and Pakistan, a bunch of good-for-nothings
and fanatics who were, and still are today, ready for anything. And one of
them is Osama bin Laden. I wrote years ago: "It was out of this brood, that
the Taliban grew up in Afghanistan, who had been brought up in the Koran
schools financed by American and Saudi funds, the Taliban who are now
terrorizing the country and destroying it.

Q: Even though you say, for the U.S. it was a matter of raw materials
in the region, the starting point for the U.S. aggression, was the
terrorist attack which cost thousands of human lives.

Von Buelow: Completely true. One must always keep this gruesome act in
mind. Nonetheless, in the analysis of political processes, I am allowed
to look and see who has advantages and disadvantages, and what is
coincidental. When in doubt, it is always worthwhile to take a look at
a map, where are raw materials resources, and the routes to them? Then
lay a map of civil wars and conflicts on top of that--they coincide. The same
is the case with the third map: nodal points of the drug trade. Where this
all comes together, the American intelligence services are not far away. By
the way, the Bush family is linked to oil, gas, and weapons trade, through
the bin Laden family.

Q: What do you think of the Bin Laden films?

Von Buelow: When one is dealing with intelligence services, one can
imagine manipulations of the highest quality. Hollywood could provide these
techniques. I consider the videos inappropriate as evidence.

Q: You believe the CIA is capable of anything, [wouldn't stop at anything].

Von Buelow: The CIA, in the state interests of the U.S., does not have
to abide by any law in interventions abroad, is not bound by international
law; only the President gives orders. And when funds are cut, peace is
on the horizon, then a bomb explodes somewhere. Thus it is proven, that
you can't do without the intelligence services; and that the critics are
{nuts,} as Father Bush called them, Bush who was once CIA head and
President. You have to see that the U.S. spends $30 billion on
intelligence services, and $13 billion on anti-drug work. And what comes out of it?
The chief of a special unit of the strategic anti-drug work declared, in
despair, after 30 years of service, that in every big, important drug
case, the CIA came in and took it out of my hands.

Q: Do you criticize the German government for its reaction after Sept. 11?

Von Buelow: No. To assume that the government were independent in these
questions, would be naive.

Q: Herr Von Buelow, what will you do now?

Von Buelow: Nothing. My task is concluded by saying, it could not have
been that way [according to the official story]. Search for the truth!


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SYNTH-ARCHIVE#12: Canadian Newspaper Exposes 9/11 Lies

original posting: 25 feb. 2002

Also archived at:

Canadian Newspaper Exposes 9/11 Lies

Ian Mulgrew
Vancouver Sun
Saturday, February 23, 2002

"The right wing benefited so much from September 11 that, if I were
still a conspiratorialist, I would believe they'd done it." - Norman Mailer

When the paladin of Camelot joined the fray, I knew 9/11 had become the
Kennedy Assassination of the 21st century -- a real-life X-Files episode
occurring before my eyes. Like those X-Files accounts of aliens living in
oil deposits, this was a story with such staggering implications the
mainstream media are loath to go near it. The question isn't who killed the
president -- it's who piloted the airplanes that slammed into the World
Trade Center towers, the Pentagon and the Pennsylvanian countryside.

Just as there remains lingering doubt that Lee Harvey Oswald fired a
burst of fatally accurate shots from the Texas Book Depository, so there is
skepticism that cells of Islamic terrorists secretly coordinated and
simultaneously commandeered four commercial jetliners. The culprit
responsible for the Sept. 11 attack is now rumoured to be the same one who
lurked behind the grassy knoll: the oil-dependent U.S. military-industrial

Not everyone is ready to accept this -- a substitute teacher in North
Vancouver's Sherwood Park elementary school has been called on the mat
for suggesting to Grade 5 students the Central Intelligence Agency might
have been involved in 9/11.

And at last count, there were a dozen U.S. Congressional Committees
investigating the tragedies and how such an intelligence and security
breakdown was allowed to occur.

But President George W. Bush and his right-hand man, Vice President Dick
Cheney, have taken the unprecedented step of trying to restrict those
investigations, pouring fuel on the simmering conspiracy theories being
propagated in alternative publications, on wingnut Web sites and among
some serious media outlets.

In Germany, a former minister of technology, Andreas von Buelow, made
headlines when in an interview he dismissed the U.S. government's
explanation that Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida network is responsible for
the attacks. His own explanation implicated the White House. "I wonder why
many questions are not asked," von Buelow said. "For 60 decisive minutes,
the military and intelligence agencies let the fighter planes stay on the
ground; 48 hours later, however, the FBI presented a list of suicide
attackers. Within 10 days, it emerged that seven of them were still alive."

In Britain, a flight engineer has published a detailed paper asserting the
U.S. took the joysticks out of the pilots' hands using a method of remote
control developed by the American military in the 1970s.

In the U.S. and Canada, independent publisher and editor Mike Ruppert
(a former LAPD cop who hates the CIA) has drawn huge crowds to his
two-hour lecture in which he states baldly that the U.S. government was
complicit in the attacks and had foreknowledge. He opens his documentary
presentation with an offer of $1,000 US to anyone who can prove any of his sources
were misrepresented or inauthentic.

A former U.S. government agent also has given interviews claiming the CIA
has been dealing with Osama bin Laden since 1987.

According to those who do not believe in The Lone Gunman, the truth is as
plain as the nose on your face: Sept. 11's terrorist acts were planned and
paid for by the CIA to enable the Bush Administration to "legitimately"
bomb Afghanistan into submission on behalf of the oil industry.

After all, everyone knows the Bush family has strong and long acknowledged
ties to the oil industry, as do other senior members of the administration.
Cheney until recently was president of a company servicing the oil patch.
National Security adviser Condoleeza Rice was a manager for Chevron.
Commerce and Energy Secretaries Donald Evans and Stanley Abraham worked
for Tom Brown, another oil giant.

Follow the money, as they say, and you'll find the smoking gun.

Under this scenario, conspiracy theorists say a pliant Afghan regime was
essential because of plans to pipe central Asian oil across Afghanistan.
And there is a harvest of coincidence and contradiction to feed such

Consider first that the intelligence breakdown that led to 9/11 appears
to have been a consequence of the Bush Administration telling the Federal
Bureau of Investigation to back off on its investigation of Middle Eastern
terrorism. A senior FBI investigator resigned from the agency, noisily
claiming its main obstacle in the investigation was Big Oil's political
influence. In an ironic twist of fate, the agent died in the World Trade Center.

(Fox Mulder, was that you? Is that why they cancelled the series?)

There also are recurring reports the CIA station chief in Dubai met with
bin Laden only seven weeks before 9/11 while he was laid up for surgery.
(The CIA denies this, but of course you can't believe anything it says.)

Now think about this for a second: The Independent in London questions
howBush could claim in two public appearances to have seen the first plane
hit the first tower long before any such TV footage was broadcast. The paper
also asks why Dubya continued sitting with elementary school students after
the second tower was hit and he'd been told, "America is under attack."

Very mysterious, when standard procedure for such a situation is to whisk
the president away to safety. Unless -- and here is the nub -- unless he
knew something more than we did that morning. As the Independent asked,
"What television station was HE watching?" This is rich stuff for those who
see Them under the bed, especially since the financial miasma melds nicely
with the already swirling rumour and insinuation.

In the days before the attacks, there was unusually heavy trading in airline and
related stocks using a market tactic called a "put option" that essentially bets that
a stock will decline in value. If you were Osama, buying puts would be a great way
to boost the value of your investment portfolio.

And sure enough, unusually high numbers of put options were purchased
in early September for the stocks of AMR Corp. and UAL Corp., the parents
of American and United -- each of which had two planes hijacked. The U.S.
government is now investigating suspicious trading in 38 companies
directly affected by the events of Sept. 11.

The initial survey of beneficiaries, however, turns out not to include one
tall, dark-haired, olive-skinned, Allah-loving, Saudi- born sheik. Mainly
the profiteers were blue-chip, establishment, red- white-and-blue
Americans, some of whom were tenants in the collapsed twin towers, such
as Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Lehman Brothers and the Bank of America,
major airlines, cruise companies, General Motors Corp., Raytheon and others.
Several insurance companies are also on the 38-name list U.S. and
Canadian financial firms were asked to review and compare with their records for
any unusual patterns.

(Which may say more about who plays the market than anything else, but
why quibble with the quixotic?)

Cynics are also questioning the incredible speed with which evidence in the
WTC collapse is being destroyed. Never in the history of fire investigations, they
say, has evidence been destroyed before exhaustive investigations are complete.

(Say what? Two skyscrapers' worth of debris should be warehoused?)

And then there were the curious developments swirling around the
anthrax public health hysteria triggered shortly after 9/11. Even dullards can
appreciate that anthrax sent to a top Democrat and to the U.S. media helped
unify the nation behind the war effort while literally shutting down Congress --
a remarkably useful outcome for Dubya and his gang.

Indeed, specialists in biological warfare say the anthrax appears to be
a U.S. military strain and the culprit a disgruntled American scientist
who possesses a rare combination of laboratory skills that make him (they
believe it's a man) relatively easy to identify. Hmmm. And who didn't smell
a bad odour two weeks ago when Tennessee driver's licence examiner
Katherine Smith died in Memphis under "most unusual and suspicious"
circumstances. One day before her arraignment on charges she conspired
to provide phoney licences to five Arabs tied by the FBI to the 9/11
attacks, her car crashed into a utility pole. The car was only slightly damaged,
the gas tank was full and intact, but the vehicle was immediately engulfed
in flames.

As one report pointed out, Smith and the car interior apparently were
doused with gasoline, which would certainly qualify in my book as at
least "suspicious."

And Memphis ... Memphis? Wasn't that the same place a noted Harvard
bio-warfare expert "fell" off a bridge in December?


The truth is out there. I know it. You too can help find it.

If you would like an activist kit to get involved in urging a full
public investigation of 9/11 and its aftermath, reply to with "Send kit."

But be warned.

The Pentagon has just established a new Office of Strategic Influence
that calls for the planting of false stories in the foreign press, phoney
e-mails from disguised addresses and other covert activities to manipulate
public opinion.

This could be one of them.



Haliburton: To the Victors Go the Markets
The influence of big energy corporations in the Bush Administration is
no secret. But the story of Dick Cheney and his former company, Haliburton
Co., has received little attention -- and it may be the most important.
Prospects for democracy in post-Taliban Afghanistan appear dimmed by
the bare-knuckled oil services deal-cutting overseen by the victor, the
United States. Last December, the US Department of Defense made a no-cap,
cost-plus-award contract to Halliburton KBR's Government Operations
division. The Dallas-based company is contracted to build forward
operating bases to support troop deployments for the next nine years wherever the
President chooses to take the anti-terrorism war. CLIP - This is a MUST

O.S.I. = Office of Strategic Influence

CIA complicit on September 11?

FAA Alerted Military Immediately On 9.11


TERRORISM / DynCorp / Enron / Herbert "Pug" Winokur DRUGS / HUD / ENRON /
DYN CORP / RON BORWN / PUG WINOKUR Enron embraced U.S. government
agenciesfor $1.2 billion Looking For The Bush-Enron Smoking Gun

`In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary