Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Hi! Here are a few photos from one of the nicest sunsets I've ever seen in Australia . Liesbet and I had just arrived at Cole's Bay in eastern Tasmania back in May, so we could do a three-day trek around the peninsula in Freycinet National Park . If you've been to Tasmania or seen photos, you are likely to have seen Wineglass Bay , a top "beauty spot" on the island...this is behind and to the east over the hills from where we are in these photos. We had just jumped off that shuttle and hadn't even put our gear down when we spotted the light show underway. I stood there with my huge backpack on my back for probably 30 minutes, afraid to take it off as I might miss something! I've never seen such hues of red, plus the "window" formations were very unusual. Our whole visit there was quite enchanted, and on our third day when we were on top of Mount Freycinet we had an amazing view of a huge cloud bank approaching from the east, illuminated by the rays of the setting sun...and surrounding the shadow of the mountain-top where we stood, projected onto the clouds, was a bright circular rainbow, as if the nature devas were saying "Hey, nice to have you and here's a little present from us to you!"

Shot with asa 400 print film, Nikon F5, 24mmf/2.8 and 28-300f/4.5 zoom, scanned at 600 dpi.