Saturday, February 18, 2012


GREETINGS from CASTLE HILL. We've been helping our dear friends Barry Brailsford and Cushla Denton to create some new blogs to get the word about on their extremely important work. We're going to help them produce a short video, as well as paint a chair for our friend in New Plymouth. The world of internet radio has been calling on us recently to get the word out about what we do and about important global issues affecting life as we know her...

Listen to my in-dept interview on the "Up Over Down Under" radio show on 9 February with Joy Mahurin and Rose Burell of

Interestingly, we experienced an absolutely massive amount of what we were sure was electromagnetic interference/cyber-attack which caused numerous technical malfunctions...just as we were discussing topics like Anadarko Petroleum's use of technetronic weapons disguised as geophysical exploration systems, and the U.S. Navy being the greatest threats to the whales and dolphins. After a lot of extra time and work on everyone's part, here's the show:

Rose has decided to have a break from the demands of doing this show and to go 'off-line' for a few weeks for healing purposes; I volunteered to be co-host and/or regular 'guest' for as long as necessary.

Join us tomorrow, Monday 20 February at 1:00pm New Zealand time for the live broadcast of "Up Over Down Under". On this show I'll be talking about the concept of 'geo-terrorism' and New Zealand historian/author Barry Brailsford

will be special guest as well. Here's the link for the intro to the show:

MONDAY 20 FEBRUARY LIVE @ 1:00pm New Zealand time:

Here is the link to listen to our radio debut a couple weeks ago when Liesbet and I were interviewed by our lovely friend Irenka on PlainsFM in Christchurch:

"Our programmes are about allowing the voices of peace advocates, musicians and artists tell their stories in the hope of inspiring others until we reach the 'critical mass' required for peace to conquer the current cruel and unnecessary wars. This is our hope for a peaceful world. We DREAM BIG at Radio Bridge."

Irinka Britnell and Eve Walker
Co Producers

Irenka wants to have us back on the show again soon.

Finally, here is the link to my interview with comedian-infotainment specialist Vinnie Eastwood.

For entertainment purposes, here is the first of three somewhat abusive emails Vinnie sent me after the show, thanking me for 'bad-mouthing' him and giving me shite for NOT calling anyone 'scumbags' and denouncing their evil ways.

"Thanks for badmouthing me, keeps me honest and will help me improve as a radio show host, sometimes I need to shut the fuck up a bit.

You censored yourself more than the FCC did by not talking about certain things, which is really lame, I would have loved to have heard more from you.

Maybe when you are hosting your own radio show I could come on as your guest and you can show me how it's done?"

Well, Vinnie...all of a sudden I AM the co-host of a radio show with around 45,000 listeners world-wide. Maybe we WILL 'invite' you on the show AND 'show you how it's done" bro.

I told him that, not knowing how much 'talking' I'd actually be able to get in, I chose to focus on THE most important 'issues', which I deemed to be the human creative process and how our 'mental operating environment' is the problem FAR MORE than any specific 'other' people or groups we like to point the finger at.

OVER AND OUT...and stay tuned