Sunday, November 16, 2008

"MUNAMADANY DREAMING (seascape)" Jeff Phillips/Liesbet Verstraeten Mural is the second of the two murals we just finished...this one is inspired by the local sea-life! You see the Great Barrier Reef on the horizon, and Snoetje and Teddy beneath an umbrella there, with an eskie of Coopers. I won't try to describe the myriad of life-forms you see here, but down on the bottom is an extremely rare "platygong", a cross between a platypus and a dugong. The whale is getting some marine Reiki from the crabs (Munamadany crabs have long been known to possess innate Reiki abilities) and the rainbow eel is preparing to discharge a 2 million ampere/80 giga-Gauss magnetic rainbow across the whole local ocean watch out!

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