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"As I look out the window this morning I see the top of Mt.Titiroa covered with a massive snow-fall from the night before. It’s the middle of summer here in New Zealand, and even though we are at a southerly latitude, such a snowfall is very unusual for this time of year. Then I reflect on all the ‘global warming’ insanity





"Visiting a Sacred Mountain: A Message from the Heart of the Earth"

“We are ALL on a journey through the unknown. Life and the Earth have gone through similar ‘windows of change’ before, but each time is unique. Humans must realize that as a whole they are waging an unconscious war against their very home and mother; as a whole they are insane with respect to the ‘reality’ of global indigenous wisdom. If humans as whole woke up, questioned what they are doing, and renavigated their process, most importantly by greatly reducing immediate damage to the Earth, her eco-systems and life-forms, they will astronomically increase their own chances not only for ‘survival’ through these ‘Earth changes’ but may find themselves included once again with a place in the coming ‘new creation’.”


GREETINGS from Fiordland on the South Island of New Zealand. The 'Nu year' is upon and within us as 'nu-ness' predominates with a perceptible increase in the frequency (symbolized by the Greek letter "nu") of everything.

In recent months Liesbet and I seem to be oscillating back and forth between two 'realities', the REAL 'reality' of the world of nature and undisrupted Mother Earth (rare windows of time, increasingly difficult to access), and the artificial 'reality' of 'civilization' within which the mind-set and life-energies of most people are largely constrained.

It’s not a ‘black & white’ polarity by any means, and each has elements of the other; in our experience, however, not only are the two ‘domains’ becoming increasingly separate, but a curious asymmetry exists as well: we are hurting the Earth but she is still trying to nurture us. We require the Earth for our existence but she by no means requires our presence.

No one that’s actually alive can ever be totally cut off from nature…even if their ‘mental operating environment’ is diametrically opposed to anything natural being of intrinsic worth much less having a right to exist (what I call the “Wasichu” world-view)...their bodies are nevertheless composed of living cells, living mitochondria, living bacteria, made of water, DNA, and materials which were originally rock and soil, the ‘body’ of the Earth. And even though the ‘trans-humanists’ are hard at their agenda for the transformation of biological life into nano-synthetic replicant technologies, they still have a long way to go before they can claim success, i.e., that they will ‘live forever.’ Would they, in fact, be ‘alive’ and exactly how long is ‘forever’?

Mother Nature, on the other hand is not doing any ‘attacking’ or ‘transforming’ of her beautiful creations into anything stupider, uglier and more dangerous than what we have already done to ourselves. She, moreover, is the target of an astronomically incomprehensible world-war we are waging against her in the name of ‘progress’ and ‘civilization’, a true jihad or ‘holy war’ in the name of money and human megalomania.

A fine line exists between this ‘curious asymmetry’ and the paradoxical contradictions plaguing the human endeavor which are indicative of a species psychosis. These essentially psychological and spiritual issues cannot be resolved from the level of ‘mentality’ that is creating them; the first steps towards ‘regaining your brain’ are those towards undisrupted wilderness.

As I look out the window this morning I see the top of Mt.Titiroa covered with a massive snow-fall from the night before. It’s the middle of summer here in New Zealand, and even though we are at a southerly latitude, such a snowfall is very unusual for this time of year. Then I reflect on all the ‘global warming’ insanity that reasonably intelligent people are STILL believing, pretty much everywhere really, particularly in Australia, the first nation on Earth to have enacted a ‘carbon tax’ based, yes, on the ‘global warming’ and ‘demonization of carbon’ hoax. Do people campaigning for a ‘Carbon Free’ world realize that this also means ‘free of life’ as we know her now? And people do exist who would in fact argue that, yes, ‘global warming’ can cause snow-falls in summer!

I continue to be amazed at how many leaders of highly visible ‘environmental organizations’ seem to be functioning as ‘party-line’ advocates for the ‘global warming’ agenda AND at the same time as ‘global radiation deniers.’ In reality, as we know, it’s not ‘globally warming’; the U.S. Navy is the biggest threat to cetaceans, NOT the Japanese; HAARP can generate all the effects attributed to ‘global warming’; and, most significantly, the global radiation scenario is about to spike because the spent fuel pool at Building Four of Fukushima is disintegrating.

After visiting Wilpena Pound in the Flinders Ranges of south Australia in December, our next nature destination was Mt.Titiroa, which we consider to be the most powerful place in New Zealand, sister to Castle Hill in Canterbury. Shortly after arriving in New Zealand we experienced first-hand the anomalous twin-quakes in Christchurch just before Christmas and recognized these as the synthetic events they were.

On January 3 we began our third trek to Mt.Titiroa after trying to ‘second guess’ the weather, and what a fantastic excursion it was! Even though Mt.Titiroa is clearly visible from Te Anau, it’s NOT a ‘tourist destination’ because of the extreme rigour required to get there.

NOTE: It’s funny, here in the back-packer where we are staying I was just over-hearing a conversation in which an American chick was skyping with someone and complaining about how their helicopter dropped them on top of a mountain, then it rained cats and dogs and they had to stay in their tent for 23 hours and hoped the chopper would be able to get them the next day. YAY! I’m pretty sure which mountain this was! We’ve heard of ‘new age gurus’ taking people up there by chopper on ‘spiritual quests’…and who knows how many thousands of dollars they paid to do it. It’s impossible actually connect with a truly sacred place, or any natural environment anywhere, if you are instantaneously deposited and removed by artificial means. On foot, you move gradually and your energy fields have time to recalibrate and entrain with the natural rhythms.

Approach from any direction requires at least one or two days of walking, with a net elevation change of several hundred meters; after that, the track ends and to ascend to the ridge requires climbing at least a kilometre through extremely dense scrub and dense forest with under-growth, so steep in places that it’s like climbing a ladder. This is particularly tough going if you’re carrying 30 or more kgs of camping and photo gear, as we each were.

Our efforts paid off, however, and Mother Titiroa gave us some of the most spectacular views, one of the freakiest ‘sky days’ we’d ever seen, and some of the most uplifting inspiration to be found anywhere! Throughout our full day of exploring the ridge, an arc of cloud energy remained directly over us; to the west was blue sky, while over-head was a constantly shifting and transforming region of unusual cloud formations. And to the east were dark stormy-looking clouds which morphed into strange beings resembling the precursor to tornado funnels.

As our day on the ridge progressed, the wind began to rise from occasional gusts into what became a constant gale-force westerly at maybe 70 to 90 kms per hour. This started kicking up a lot of sand and made it hard to stand still at times. The light and colours were shifting beautifully and we kept waiting for ‘the sun to come out.’ As Taiowa (Hopi name for the sun) crept lower and lower, he seemed to be hiding himself behind a band of cloud that seemed to be covering him on purpose! We decided to head back down to our camp-site before becoming hypo-thermic and on the way down, he burst out in a display of golden warmth. Even after we got back down, another awesome display of clouds and sky-colours went on until dark.

Liesbet and I both had a profound experience that day, of chaos and turmoil resolving into a state of well-being and harmony, as if Mother Earth were telling us that, indeed, it’s all going to be all-right in the end….but that we still have a LOT of work to do to make this happen!

It rained some during the night, which provided a much-needed drink of moisture for the forests and plants, but shortly after we got up, the sky cleared and we had THE most beautiful day anyone could possibly imagine. The whole time we were there I felt as if my mind had merged with the mind of the Earth. I think that once this connection has been established, it’s always there even when you think it’s not, like when you’re surrounded by ‘wi-fi’ signals and ‘people pollution.’

SO…here we are, back to ‘civilization’ and all that means. The last time we returned from Mt.Titiroa, after three days Christchurch was destroyed by a quake then the Fukushima thing happened three weeks later. This time we had the Christchurch quakes BEFORE we went; but now we’ve got the Iran-nuclear war scenario to contend with AND the on-going Fukushima disaster which is almost certainly going to worsen to another order of magnitude any day now.

Remember…WE are the soldiers in World War 3. What we SAY doesn’t matter…it’s how we ‘live’, what we DO and DON’T DO that actually forms the nature of our relationship with Mother Earth.
This is the work before us: how to inspire people to care about what is happening around us and within us, how to motivate people to understand that they DO matter, that what they do and don’t do DOES matter in the grand scheme, how to get people to use the best knowledge we already have and to MAKE CHANGES in how we live that reflect a true love of life and the Earth, not just talking about it.

New Zealand is a 'battle ground' of global importance right now: Aotearoa is experiencing the latest in full-spectrum imperial mobilization since the Christchurch quakes have enabled a '9-11' type response on the parts of government and industry. Transnational mining and energy extraction entities are salivating over her previously untapped 'resources' which have suddenly been made available, thanks to the Key administration. An intensive 'green-washing' public relations campaign will ensue in which the powers that be will do their best to persuade everyone in New Zealand that mining is a good thing, that off-shore drilling is a good thing, that using 30% of south island rivers for dairy irrigation is a good thing, that even more tons per year of 1080 deployment is a good thing. See, New Zealand is 100% CLEAN AND GREEN, just like those glossy spreads in National Geographic tell us! 'Global warming' is the problem...not mining, not oil-drilling, not radiation from Fukushima! SHUT UP AND PAY YOUR CARBON TAX.

Stay tuned…a lot is coming at us fast right now. I’ll close with an excerpt from the introduction to an old 70’s sci-fi series, The Invaders:

“The Invaders, alien beings from a dying planet. Their destination: the Earth. Their purpose: to make it their world. David Vincent has seen them. For him, it began one lost night on a lonely country road, looking for a shortcut that he never found. It began with a closed deserted diner, and a man too long without sleep to continue his journey. It began with the landing of a craft from another galaxy. Now David Vincent knows that the Invaders are here, that they have taken human form. Somehow he must convince a disbelieving world that the nightmare has already begun.”

Substitute “Wasichu mentality” for “The Invaders” and “people of one heart” for “David Vincent.” Somehow WE must convince a disbelieving world that the nightmare has already begun and that OUR 'mental operating environment' IS 'the invader.'

16 JANUARY 2012