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'AIHE TOHORA WANANGA' Our New Whale & Dolphin 'Beyond Film" Trailer


‘The Knowledge and Wisdom of Whales and Dolphins’

A ‘Beyond Film’ by Jeff Phillips & Liesbet Verstraeten

'Along the rainbow bridge, 
do dolphins touch the sky?
Their songs travel to the stars
They're leaping out of waters high
The mountaintops, covered in snow
The waterdrops, falling from clouds below
feeding the flowers, lavender sweet
necar for bees, a dance complete.'


GREETINGS FROM ‘DOWN UNDER’!  A powerful conjunction of processes and events is occurring for us individually and for humanity as a whole.  Thanks to our wonderful friends John & Peggy-anne Garlick, Liesbet and I have just completed a wonderful seven-week stay on Aotea, or Great Barrier Island, one of New Zealand’s most special places and best kept secrets, a land of ancient volcanos, pristine beaches undisrupted by human activity.  There we were constantly nurtured by the sounds of ocean and bird-song, and in our last few days completed not only our first major piece of art for public display on the island, but, even more importantly, the ‘trailer’ for our ‘beyond film’ about who the whales and dolphins are as fellow sentient beings, as well as the real global threats to their health and well-being.

You can watch it at the youtube link above.  “Aihe Tohora Wananga” is ancient Maori for “the knowledge and wisdom of whales and dolphins.” I won’t go into too much detail here, but this ‘trailer’ is just the tiny tip of the HUGE ice-berg that our full ‘beyond film’ will be…an ice-berg that is destined to ‘sink the Titanics’ of humanity’s species-specific ‘superiority complex’, as well as our delusions about the REAL global threats to cetaceans…and ourselves, but most importantly, to celebrate the existence of the best friends humanity ever had, to ‘plumb the depths of awe and mystery, blend with a vast spiritual consciousness, at once intimately familiar and immensely incomprehensible.’

The whales and dolphins have been guiding this whole process, ever since I first encountered them in 1981, and first came ‘down under’ to the aquatic hemisphere of Gaia.  The connection has deepened and gone to next levels several times over, especially when three dolphins approached Liesbet and myself as we were swimming off Great Barrier in 2010.  We were transformed by that meeting of minds, and we came away with a huge sense of urgency, a warning, if you will, of impending danger of a global nature.  A few months later the Fukushima catastrophe began, which is by far the largest ecological disaster of human origin ever to occur.

Around the transit of Venus a couple weeks ago the cetacean connection went to another level, and we felt as if the collective group-consciousness of the planetary whale and dolphin community was right there with us, guiding our every move.  And right when Dr. Rosalie Bertell passed away, we saw the brightest double-rainbows that we’ve ever seen, filling the whole sky with an amazing golden glow.  SO much inspiration from ‘Aniwaniwa’ and the whales.

I will write about our ‘beyond film’ in greater detail in subsequent posts for our cetacean and film blogs, but for now would like to extend extreme gratitude to our friends who have contributed audio and video footage and given us permission to use it in our film.  The ‘trailer’ has no credits, but all will be fully documented in the full film.

As I write this, a class-5 super-typhoon looks as if it’s going to clobber Japan, and a lot of people are saying that this could deliver the ‘final blow’ to Fukushima’s Reactor 4 building that’s been teetering on the brink of collapse for over a year.  Who knows what the ‘powers that be’ have up their sleeve, having witnessed the enormous amount of ‘doomsday hype’ already placed on this;  with anomalous earth-quake activity in the Fukushima area AND a class-5 super-typhoon aimed right there, it looks like some good old HAARP-strings might be getting plucked up in the ionosphere.  The London Olympics seem to be the stage for an ‘alien invasion’ sponsored by Starbucks Coffee and Stephen Spielberg, and a fleet of Russian war-ships is en route to Syria to off-set the massive U.S. and NATO naval presence in the Strait of Hormuz.  ‘Dooms-day 2012’ anyone?

Who knows what the immediate future holds for homo sapiens, ‘man, the wise.’  One thing, however, is for sure:  the whales and dolphins have been here for tens of millions of years before our ancestors could even think about thought…and regardless of what we inflict on them or the Earth, they will still be here, in the protective multi-dimensional womb of the ocean, guardians of life and sentinels of a true ‘extra-terrestrial’ intelligence.  Will they remember us as a brief transient of disruption and anomalous presence on Mothership Earth?

We'd also like to extend some immense cosmic gratitude to our wonderful friend Douglas Webster of Hawaii who has made our main web-site possible and continues to support us in every way.  Like ourselves, Douglas is a cetacean in human form.  

In honour of Liesbet and I having been together for five years, here is our updated 'mission statement' on our recently updated site:

"For five years we have been on a unique and wonderful journey, travelling together, creating and honouring life on Mother Earth.  Our visual art, photography, film-making, music and networking combine into a synergetic whole dedicated to carrying the torch of a true spiritual vision based on sharing and love.  We have hitch-hiked extensively around Australia and New Zealand, connecting with the land and the people; our inspiration comes directly from the land, sea and sky; the Earth, moon and sun; our fellow beings both human and non-human, the cosmos, and eternal consciousness.  We are of the P.O.O.H. tribe, the 'people of one heart.'

What we are really about is creativity in harmony with our highest spiritual path.  Our mission as crew members of Mothership Earth is not only to honour the beauty and power of nature, but to create awareness of the ways that humanity is destroying our planet through ways of ‘living’ that are incompatible with life and to re-navigate our overall process towards a more conscious and coherent reality in which lethal contradictions have been resolved, in which mitakuye oyasin, ‘all our relations’ can truly flourish.

Together we’ve painted several thousand rocks and hundreds of paintings and murals, made tens of thousands of photos and four films, play heaps of music and share the fruits of our creativity with friends all over the world.  We have very deep and special connections with indigenous people of land and sea, in particular, the native Americans, the Australian aborigines, and the whales and dolphins.

Jeff is a native of the Carolinas and hitch-hiked over 150,000 miles all over North America before coming ‘down under.’ His back-ground is in interdisciplinary science, mainly physics, zoology, and psychology. He has recorded several cd’s of original music and had articles published in several magazines, part of on-going ‘information activism.’

Liesbet is a native of Belgium and holds a degree in film-making.  She plays native American cedar flute, has a brilliant photographic eye and artistic sensitivity, and is also a specialist in nutritional and culinary creativity.  She is very much a dolphin in the form of a lovely human being."


18 JUNE 2012

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

"VENUS TRANSIT AWAKENING CELEBRATION" Jeff Phillips & Liesbet Verstraeten

"MAKING SMOKE" with sage
At the edge...of what we know,
The problems of our current show;
To find solutions that we seek,
Improve the human drama bleak.

We must acquire humility,
A sense of the futility
Of human power and control:
We aren't the makers of our soul.

We're each unique, a special part
Of the total whole, the cosmic art;
The gift of life, together we
Can walk into eternity."

Greetings from Great Barrier Island, New Zealand.  Yesterday was a wonderful and remarkable day.  The cloud cover broke somewhat around the beginning of the Venus transit and we were able to get a glimpse of the disc, as well as some video footage, using layers of old x-ray film as a 'filter.'  

We went back to see the huge grandmother pohutakawa tree at Harataonga, and sat where we camped before.  Liesbet played some flute and we had a wee jam.  We REALLY felt that power of this amazing tree, and as we were leaving I felt a very tangible 'communication' not only from the tree, but from the 'nemeton' of which she is a part.  'Nemeton' is a Greek word used by ancient Druids for 'a sacred grove of trees.'  

Liesbet and I both felt extremely inspired and uplifted.  The whole day seemed to be alive with vibrations of people around the world not just 'waiting for something to happen' but actually 'making something happen' each in their own way.  Maybe this was just our own projection, but we hope it was a perception of something real.  We came home and made this little video.  As the sun was going down, we saw 'Aniwaniwa', a beautiful rainbow, and the western sky was glowing with a golden warmth.  And in the night we even had a visit from the thunder and lightning beings.

We realized that the single greatest thing that we must work toward as human beings is to resolve the tragic contradictions between what we know to be true and real, what we say we should do, on the one hand, and how we actually live, act, and relate to our fellow beings, human and non-human and to our planet, the home of all life we know.

You don't have to wait for a transit of Venus or an eclipse to have 'cosmic consciousness.'  Every minute of every day the cosmos is going off in all its amazing power and beauty, within and around us...we have only to open our eyes and hearts and awaken to the improbable awesomeness of being here now as part of the family of life.

We are ALL fellow travelers in space, time and consciousness, the passengers and crew of the most magnificent 'home-craft' that could possibly exist, Mother Earth.

OUR MAIN SITE with RECENT UPDATE including our 'mission statement': 





7 JUNE 2012