Sunday, December 25, 2011


PHOTOS: top two are from Great Barrier Island NZ, 13 June 2011; the other sky photos are from Linwood, Christchurch, between 10am and 4 pm on 23 December 2011; the oily sun with band is from about 30 min. before first quake

Greg Lake

“They said there'll be snow at Christmas

They said there'll be peace on Earth

But instead it just kept on raining

A veil of tears for the Virgin's birth
I remember one Christmas morning
A winters light and a distant choir

And the peal of a bell and that Christmas Tree smell

And their eyes full of tinsel and fire

They sold me a dream of Christmas

They sold me a Silent Night
And they told me a fairy story
'Till I believed in the Israelite
And I believed in Father Christmas
And I looked at the sky with excited eyes

'Till I woke with a yawn in the first light of dawn
And I saw him and through his disguise

I wish you a hopeful Christmas

I wish you a brave New Year
All anguish pain and sadness

Leave your heart and let your road be clear
They said there'll be snow at Christmas

They said there'll be peace on Earth

Hallelujah Noel be it Heaven or Hell

The Christmas you get you deserve.”

"The picture that is shaping up is that Christchurch is being used as a state-of-the-art experimental laboratory for all the new ‘non-lethal weapons’ technologies that have come on-line in recent years, not only for ‘testing’ but to clear the people out of the way for resource extraction and the transformation of Canterbury into a New World Order stepping-stone to Antarctica."



25 DECEMBER 2011

Greetings from Fiordland in the deep south of New Zealand. We’ve been here less than 24 hours after spending three full-on days in Christchurch, where we’d arrived just before the solstice after flying from Melbourne. We were near the (former) cbd of Christchurch for the twin quakes of 23 December (5.8@1:58pm/6.0@3:18pm) and personally experienced them as much as anyone would have; significantly, over the 24 hours or so before the quakes we were observing and cataloging “atmospheric anomalies” which are associated with man-made earth-quakes. During the several hours of the morning of the 23rd and right up to the quakes themselves, we were photographing massive chem-trail spraying directly over the epi-centres as well as oily “stain-bow” clouds in front of the sun. During this same 24 hour period we also experienced the bodily sensations of radio-frequency weapons systems being activated or amplified, which includes feelings of uneasiness, head-aches, agitation, being drained energetically, and a sense that ‘something is very wrong’ with the local environment in general.

The ‘coincidence levels’ were heightened by two phone conversations I happened to be in the middle of precisely when the two quakes occurred. When the first quake struck I was talking with Iain Kerr, the CEO of Ocean Alliance, a Massachusetts-based organization founded by Dr. Roger Payne, the paragon of whale-researchers; I rang Iain when I discovered that Payne happened to be in Christchurch and I wanted to make contact.

When the second quake struck I was talking with Christchurch equestrian-turned-activist Penny Hargreaves about the earlier quake; we’d spent several hours with her the day before discussing her on-going research and activism relating to the reality of ‘technetronic’ (the ‘new generation’ of geophysical weapons based on electronic ‘Tesla technologies’ that have rendered ‘traditional’ atomic weapons obsolete) warfare, the negative health effects she’s endured on herself and her horses due to radio frequency emanations from transmitters near her farm, and the connection between localized earth-quake damage, the transmission beams from these antennas, and numerous other anomalous phenomenon surrounding the Christchurch earthquake scenario, many of which I’ve described in my ‘geo-terrorism’ postings over the past few months.

As you may or not be aware, depending on how well you know us, in recent months humanity’s war on the Earth and on ourselves as a whole has seldom been off our personal ‘radar screens’, not even on remote islands or isolated mountain-tops. We’ve come to see that what we vainly refer to as ‘civilization’ is actually NOT how the vast majority of people live or have lived on this planet, now or in the history of homo sapiens; industrial civilization is fundamentally a product of human geo-engineering which is little more than an acceptable-sounding euphemism for the all-out full-spectrum war we have been conducting against the Earth, and therefore against ourselves and life-as-we-know-her, for the past 5000 years.

This posting is by no means an in-depth look at what is happening; this will come later as we have time to get our feet on the ground in Aotearoa. I am working on my first ‘geo-terrorism update’ since July, including information concerning the on-going contamination of the planetary biosphere from Fukushima radio-activity, especially the Pacific ocean. This whole scenario, by FAR the greatest anthropogenic ‘disaster event’ ever to occur on this planet in recent aeons (the Atlanteans emulated Fukushima at least once, but details are hard to come by; the radio-biological implications of Fukushima dwarf chem-trails, GMO’s, endocrine disrupting chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs put together), has become almost totally invisible on all mainstream media; even in the few alternative media who strive to keep awareness alive, mis- and/or dis-information is rampant, due to both scientific ignorance and the fact that all ‘official’ and almost all ‘environmental’ organizations either work directly for or have been co-opted by the elite power-brokers who control international banking (and therefore all money everywhere), the Pentagon, the president, and ‘all things nuclear.’ The result is that when you see a largish-sounding number representing how much radiation has been released from Fukushima, you can be sure that the REAL figure would have between three and 12 additional zeroes, to the left of the decimal point, regardless of the unit of measurement in use.

I was disturbed by Dr. Roger Payne’s recent “letter to humanity” describing Ocean Alliance’s on-going work to map chemical toxicity of the global ocean towards “saving the whales.” I find it difficult to understand why a scientist of Payne’s calibre would totally omit any mention whatsoever of the immense levels of radio-nuclides spreading throughout the terrestrial and aquatic biospheres of the Earth from Fukushima as constituting MAJOR threats to the health of all oceanic life-forms. Nor has Payne or Ocean Alliance ever made any reference to the on-going threats to cetaceans and all marine life-forms from the activities of the U.S. Navy, which include LFA-sonar, which explodes the inner ear of whales; disposal of highly toxic/radio-active wastes anywhere with no environmental over-sight; weapons testing and ‘war games’ all over the world; and, most interestingly, the fact that the U.S. Navy is the prime owner-operator of the H.A.A.R.P. installation in Alaska, which is the single largest and most powerful of the 20+ known ‘technetronic’ weapons facilities on the planet.

Payne does, however, mention that the (clearly evil) Japanese whaling fleet is, yes, once again returning to the Southern Ocean…with a massive military escort this time (it's ok to mention Japanese military stuff 'cause it's evil, you see, as opposed to American military stuff that's, well, "good")…and lets us know, just in case we might feel like donating some hard-earned money, that our old friend Captain Paul Watson, a.k.a. Sea Shepherd, will be there, as usual, for the filming of yet another season of Whale Wars, a lucrative ‘reality tv’ project selling a lot of Coca-cola and run by Discovery Communications, who also happens to host the Military Channel. Are you getting the picture now: Watson is a Coast Guard employee, just like Adm. Thad Allen, U.S. 'national incident commander' for both Katrina and BP-Gulf disaster; Psihoyos from National Geographic, a very 'right wing' publication supporting nuclear power and the 'war on terrorism'; Payne was a fellow at Rockefeller Uninversity for many years.

I have already documented at length the fraudulent activities that Sea Shepherd has been involved with, for example, the sinking of their own boat, the Ady Gil, whose skipper, kiwi Pete Bethune, testified in New Zealand maritime court that Captain Watson ordered him to sink his own boat…because it would be ‘great publicity”! Watson, who I used to believe in, has proven himself to be a misanthropic supporter of UN/NWO agendas, “radical reduction in the human population” and an architect/participant of on-going media fraud, all in the interest of obtaining donations for his non-profit ‘environmental’ organization and diverting public attention from more serious issues. Sure, whaling is barbaric but the reality is that the U.S Navy constitutes an astronomically greater threat to the health of ALL cetaceans, ALL marine life than does the (clearly evil) Japanese whaling fleet, who, even if allowed to proceed with their grisly task unimpeded, might kill a few hundred or thousand whales, whereas the Navy has been granted a permit to ‘take’ over 11 million marine mammals over the next five years. Correct me if I’m wrong, but 11 million is a lot more than a few thousand, right? And this is what they’ve been legally allowed to do, which is only a tiny % of the real impact.

Radiological contamination of the world’s oceans and the destructive activities of the U.S. Navy…which includes ‘technetronic’ warfare affecting all continents and all human populations, specifically and most recently, Christchurch, New Zealand…are not allowed to be discussed by mainstream media or ‘environmental’ organizations, but ‘reality tv’ fraud is openly supported. As I see it, the ‘reality tv’ of Sea Shepherd (and the Japanese ‘whalers’ would be complicit ‘actors’ as well), as well as the activities of Louis Psihoyos, director of ‘The Cove’ (also replete with Japanese ‘bad guy’ actors), and former photographer for National Geographic, serve primarily to distract the ‘sheeple’ population from the real issues, and substitute entertainment masquerading as ‘public education’ to give genuinely caring…but chronically ignorant…people a sense that they know what is going on and are helping to ‘fund’ some ‘environmental activism’, while never questioning the ‘elephant in the living room’ of the U.S. Navy, who is a greater threat by a factor of millions than all other dangers combined! Excuse me, but do ANY of them even bother to mention the whales themselves any more?

Forgive my digression here; this is supposed to be a ‘short version’ Christmas Day posting acknowledging the recent Christchurch quakes, our presence there, and our commitment to helping the people of Christchurch, New Zealand, and planet Earth.

I have to admit, however, that our patience is wearing thin with ‘the people.’ I’ve been hard at this ‘information activism’ thing for decades; indigenous elders from around the world have been trying to inspire ‘civilized people’ to wake up and mend their ways for decades as well. It’s not that we don’t know what to do…or what to stop doing; it’s bringing ourselves actually to do..or stop doing…these things.

Few people are able to get the connection between the stupid and destructive ways in which we continue to “live” (I have a problem with this word, as what we are doing does not really qualify as ‘living’, in the same way that many of us could not truly be classified as ‘people’ in the sense of what it’s meant to be a person for the past few hundred thousand years), in which we over-consume and waste resources, subsidize the murder of our fellow beings, and literally pay for our own elimination…and the increasingly obvious ways in which our most advanced weapons systems are being turned on ourselves. All this can be explained scientifically, spiritually, logically, pragmatically. It’s not “them” who’s doing it all…it’s US.

How much more evidence do people need to motivate them to see what is happening with respect to the man-made earthquake scenario? Is it not obvious that these recent quakes were intended to be acts of ‘geo-terrorism’, of psychological warfare, to disrupt people right in the middle of Christmas shopping (the true ‘spirit of Christmas’…not ‘giving’ but ‘supporting commerce’), just as they were gettng comfortable again after 6 months of calm, and right before what is probably the only day of the year when families are gathered together?

“Right”, unbelievers will say, “so the Earth can’t have natural quakes any more? New Zealand just so happens to be right on a tectonic rift.”

To which I respond, “Sure, bro. Until last September geologists always said that Canterbury was THE most seismically stable region of New Zealand. International officials from the highest levels have been touting ‘tectonic warfare’ for years; a cadre of highly-placed American “terrorism management” officials were present in Christchurch for the February quake. We have personally documented the ‘signature’ phenomenon of man-made quakes TWICE, and BEFORE they occurred, in Melbourne in June and in Christchurch in December, not to mention the same atmospheric and energetic ‘signatures’ over Great Barrier Island DURING the June Christchurch quakes. What do you say to that?"

"Uh, Osama must have been resurrected and he has a wicked new laptop with technetronic warfare software...a Mac, for sure!"

Honestly, I’m not sure how much more of a chance ‘the people’ are going to get. If they…WE…haven’t taken the hint by now, when IS it going to happen? I am almost to the point of saying that I’m not actually doing any of this ‘information activism’ on behalf of human ‘people’ any more…humans masquerading as ‘people’ have had their chance and it’s probably a done deal already…it’s only a matter of time until humans are a thing of the past. Most ‘people’ can’t even be bothered to care about what we relate, much less to research anything for themselves. But when it comes to, for example, some sport, some eating out, some holidaying, some investing of money to gain massive profits, checking into Facebook…EVERYONE has time for that! But researching the reality of man-made earth-quakes…or how the Fukushima ‘problem’ is NOT ‘solved’ but only gathering (radio-active) steam…forget it!

I think the reason I persist with all these attempts at ‘creating awareness’ is for the sake of all the non-human life-forms who continue to suffer and die because of human stupidity.
I would have to say that Penny Hargreaves is New Zealand’s biggest true ‘hero’ in terms not only of doing lots of hard work to understand the nature of strange things that have happened to her, but also in DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT. I will go into much greater detail in my ‘geo-terrorism’ update in a few days; Penny came under attack from radio frequency emanations on her farm around 1996, which coincidentally is the year that H.A.A.R.P. became operational.

She determined that radio transmissions emanating from towers near her farm had been at levels that were hundreds or thousands of times greater than those allowed by law, and that these were the cause of the negative health effects she and her animals were experiencing. Further, with the advent of the Christchurch earthquake scenario, she has determined that the regions where the transmission beams from these antennae cross are the same exact regions where the earthquake damage is greatest. The ownership of these transmitters can be traced to Clear Channel Communications, owned by Texans named Mays; it was recently transferred to an investment group but the Mays people remain on the board. I haven’t had time to do much research into it all yet, but apparently the Mays family has ties to the U.S. ‘terrorism’ bureaucracy AND is believed to be utilizing “silent sound spread spectrum” technologies in its broadcast transmissions. This technology allows “inaudible subliminal information” to be disseminated via its broadcasts in any media.

Hargreaves' evidence suggests that several different experimental technetronic scenarios may be under way in the Christchurch area at this time.
I won’t go into more detail here, but the picture that is shaping up is that Christchurch is being used as a state-of-the-art experimental laboratory for all the new ‘non-lethal weapons’ technologies that have come on-line in recent years, not only for ‘testing’ but to clear the people out of the way for resource extraction and the transformation of Canterbury into a New World Order stepping-stone to Antarctica, which is the only ‘land’ to exist at polar latitudes, allowing direct access to the magnetic fields for technetronic weapons as well as to the vast untapped mineral wealth beneath the ice cap.

I’ve written about this before, and will go into greater detail in future postings, but the “ultimate” uses of technetronic weapons speculated on so far that I am aware of involve “triggering instabilities on the sun” and “debilitating the mental processes of human populations over large geographical regions.”

Because these speculations date from the mid-1960’s, I would say that there’s a very good chance that these things are already happening. With H.A.A.R.P. Phase 2 coming on-line in 2006 with power levels on the order of hundreds of billions of watts, I think it would be possible to create some kind of energetic ‘feed-back loop’ with the sun; the energy from this loop could be constantly circulated through the H.A.A.R.P./technetronic network and modulated as if it were a cyclotron. The effect would be to add energy into the planetary “resonant cavity” and/or man-made electrical grid…energy whose presence would exert behavioural effects on land-based life in particular, energy that could be focused or triggered when an ‘event’ was required.

Be aware that Zbigniew Brzezinski, chief foreign policy advisor to Obama’s White House, is a huge fan of Yale neuroscientist Jose Delgado, who pioneered radio-frequency brain control, and who believes that ‘people’ have no right to think for themselves…that the ‘elite’ should do the thinking on their behalf.

So…the next time there’s an earth-quake preceded by oily ‘stain-bows’ around the sun, strange cloud formations, massive chem-trail spraying and feelings of uneasiness and distress, just go to your Facebook page and ‘like’ Big Brother…because YOU LOVE HIM.

Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS…and think of the 60+ billion animals who are slaughtered for meat annually, and the hundreds of millions of fellow human beings who have been murdered over the past few hundred years just so that we can be here now, eating, drinking, consuming.

Anyone who thinks “peace on Earth” is even a remote possibility while homo sapiens still exists in its present form already LOVES BIG BROTHER.