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"It has been suggested that the contents of the initial message received will contain instructions for avoiding our own self-destruction, a possibly common fate of societies shortly after they reach the technical phase." Carl Sagan
ABOVE: my original sketch made at moment of 'transmission'
NOTE FROM JEFF: The Graham Hancock article below was sent to me by Stella Wheildon shortly before she terminated communication with me, apparently because I was asking her what she knew about...get this...COMETS!?
Hancock makes some excellent points, but is still locked into the 'ancient humans as over-lords' belief which I do not buy into. Himself a Freemason, he worships 'civilization' ('living in cities' and founded on 'digging precious things from the land' = war on Mother Earth) as the only mode of long-term existence on this planet, to the exclusion of the vastly more advanced 'internally technological' spiritual cultures of indigenous people of land, and in particular of the sea.
That cetaceans are a 'true extra-terrestrial intelligence' is acknowledged by anyone who knows them and/or me. That they possess and/or have access to vast reservoirs of knowledge and wisdom is similarly acknowledged by indigenous people the world over, primarily in the 'whale-dreaming countries' of southern and eastern Australia (the Mirning, Ngawarakwal, Bundjalung, Darkinjung and Gumaroi, for example).
What I am touching on now is the topic for another show and another in-depth article, but I am certain that cetaceans as a whole possess not only a vast reservoir of knowledge and wisdom pertaining to right living on Mother Earth, but also high-resolution and comprehensive memories, possibly in the form of holographic mind-maps, in addition to internal technologies unknown to us enabling them to detect and perceive real-time and future processes and events in the domains of what we think of as astronomy and astrophysics.
In other words, they are acutely aware of and attuned to what is happening in spatio-temporal proximity to the current helio-cosm; they have a sort of 'inter-planetary/inter-stellar cosmic weather channel'.
Cetaceans are also well-known not only for being highly telepathic but also for their ability to transmit images or pictures. Drs. John C. Lilly and Carl Sagan, both of whom I knew/met, talked and wrote about this form of information transfer.

This is precisely what happened with me in early November: a pod of dolphins with whom I'd been spending time gave me an image of a head-on view of a comet.
"It has been suggested that the contents of the initial message received will contain instructions for avoiding our own self-destruction, a possibly common fate of societies shortly after they reach the technical phase." Carl Sagan
TO SUM UP: we have been warned and offered guidance for a very long time, but as a whole we have not only refused to re-navigate the human process away from destructiveness, we have put the 'pedal to the metal' on the accelerator of the HSMV (Homo Sapiens Macro-Virus) juggernaut.
You be the judge, but I feel that our window of renavigation has long past and that a cosmically-orchestrated 'day of purification' scenario will very soon be upon us.

In this my second show since my bicycle accident on 11 November, I share and reflect on a 'transmission' I received in the window of time just before my accident, a time during which I was in close psychic communication with a pod of dolphins. The 'transmission' took the form of an instantaneous flash of a picture and idea simultaneously: that of a front or head-on view of an approaching comet. The intensity and vividness of this 'transmission' really hit me quite hard, as if it were intended to really get my attention, and maybe the attention of humanity as a whole!
'Burndilla' is the Mirning (indigenous whale-dreaming people from South Australia) word for 'comet' or 'meteor' shared with me by Bunna Lawrie. This whole thing is all the more interesting because it was on this very same beach that my former partner Liesbet Verstraeten and I encountered some dolphins in 2009. This very close encounter left us both feeling exhilarated but we also both felt that the dolphins had conveyed or transmitted to us a very deep and profound sense of urgency, or perhaps a warning, about a major planetary-level catastrophe or cataclysm that was coming soon but not even on the radar of humanity. When Fukushima happened a few months later we wondered if that was what the warning was about, but the further we go, the more certain I am that this warning concerns something many orders of magnitude greater, that has not yet happened but is not far off.
I could speculate at length on the implications of all this; suffice it to say for the time being that it's highly likely that the ancestors of both modern-day humans and modern-day cetaceans did in fact see a frontal or head-on view of a comet. The difference is that the cetaceans remember it and know about it, whereas OUR ancestors were so thoroughly traumatized psychically that they and WE have totally obliterated any memories of this catastrophe. This is one of Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky's central ideas.
I urge you to reflect on what it would mean if we were able to look into the sky and see a large glowing disc growing larger and brighter hour by hour, visible by night and day. Have you heard the expression 'E.L.E.'?
My own feeling is that this may indeed be the scenario by means of which the 'Day of Purification' as foretold in the Hopi prophecy, will be fulfilled, to cleanse and heal Mother Earth of 'koyaanisqatsi', or 'life out of balance'. The 'people of one heart', a tiny group of spiritually pure beings beings who have not deviated from the true path of the Great Spirit, are prophesied to survive to be the 'seeds' of the new creation. Only the Great Spirit knows how many, if any, human beings might qualify as true 'people of one heart'. I feel that EVERY whale and dolphin qualifies, as well as every individual of every species of life.
We have been warned for many decades but absolutely refuse to renavigate our merciless destructiveness against all of life and Mother Earth herself. As far as I can reckon, our time as 'planetary over-lords' is over and our thoroughly parasitic and technogeneously metastasizing military-industrial civilization is long-overdue to be taken out by vast cosmic healing forces far beyond not only our control but our imagination.
Unfortunately, the forces of cosmic purification are totally indiscriminate with respect to what lives may be lost or saved; millions or even billions of totally innocent beings may die and/or face immanent extinction because of OUR failure to live correctly. This destruction, according to the Hopi, is the price exacted from all life as we know her on Mother Earth for our, that is, human, chronic and sustained mis-use of our divine creativity, our deviations from and violation of the true path of the Great Spirit.
In 1986 I met Hopi elder Thomas Banyacya in Flagstaff, Arizona. He made it clear that in no way could we avoid or avert the 'day of purification' but at that time we still had a chance to 'lessen its severity.' That was almost 30 years ago. Looking at the sum total of human behaviour since then, my guess is that we are doing our best to manifest a purification of unprecedented intensity.
From "Is a comet about to destroy Earth? Best-selling author GRAHAM HANCOCK argues that a cosmic explosion will soon strike Earth – triggering epic floods?"
"Around the world, from Alaska to Indonesia, more than 200 ancient myths tell of a human civilization brought to an end by flood and fire...

Compelling scientific evidence, which began to emerge only in 2007, indicates that these stories, such as the tale of Noah and his Ark, are based on hard fact.
A cataclysm rocked our planet 12,800 years ago, causing mass extinctions of large animals such as the mammoth and sloth bears, and all but wiping out our own race. An entire episode in the human story was rubbed out, a chapter not of unsophisticated hunter-gatherers but of advanced technology.
All the signs are that remnants of this civilisation struggled on, sustained by a few individuals who knew the secrets of the former age. To their primitive contemporaries, it appeared that they possessed magical, holy powers — they were what I call the Magicians of the Gods.
These Magicians left a message for us — not a metaphorical, spiritual message, but a direct and urgent warning. What happened before can happen again; what destroyed their world can destroy ours.

Those warnings have gone unheeded for millennia. Now, we have the scientific evidence to decode them, but it is almost too late.
Within the next 20 years, Earth faces a catastrophe a thousand times worse than the detonation of every nuclear weapon on the planet — a collision with the remnants of a comet big enough to end all life as we know it.
To understand what that could mean, we need to look back at the tumultuous epoch between 10,800 BC and 9,600 BC, which geologists call the ‘Younger Dryas’.
This was a time of extraordinary shifts in the world’s climate. But the most devastating change of all came when the ice caps suddenly collapsed, dumping all the water they contained into the oceans and unleashing a tsunami that swept across continents.
As we’ll see, all the evidence suggests this was the result of a comet crashing into Earth.
Many Native American tribes describe the devastation in tales passed down through the generations.

The BrulĂ© people of the Lakota nation in modern-day South Dakota have a vivid legend of a ‘fiery blast [that] shook the entire world, toppling mountain ranges and setting forests and prairies ablaze . . . Even the rocks glowed red-hot, and the giant animals and evil people burned up where they stood’.

After the fiery destruction came the floods: ‘The rivers overflowed their banks and surged across the landscape. Finally, the Creator stamped the Earth, and with a great quake the Earth split open, sending torrents . . . across the entire world until only a few mountain peaks stood above the flood.’

This is not an isolated myth. The Cowichan of British Columbia, the Pima of Arizona, the Inuit of Alaska and the Luiseno of California have similar stories. But it is the Ojibwa, people of the Canadian grasslands whose legend seems the most credible, almost scientific, today.
"Long-Tailed Heavenly Climbing Star"
Their storytellers remember a comet called Long-Tailed Heavenly Climbing Star which swept low through the skies, scorching the Earth and leaving behind ‘a different world. After that, survival was hard work. The weather was colder than before.’ And the Ojibwa believed this was just a foretaste of an apocalypse to come.
They spoke of a stark prophecy, foretold by their medicine men: ‘The star with the long, wide tail is going to destroy the world someday when it comes low again.’
It was not until the 20th century that scientists even began to consider the possibility that ancient American myths might be based on real events...
The explosive power of the Younger Dryas comet was in the order of ten million megatons, two million times greater than the biggest nuclear bomb detonated and 1,000 times more powerful than all the atomic devices stockpiled on Earth.
As long ago as 1990, well before the discovery of physical evidence that proved the Younger Dryas Ice Age was caused by comet fragments colliding with the Earth, two far-sighted British scientists were sounding the alarm. Astrophysicist Victor Clube and astronomer Bill Napier believe that a giant unseen comet is now careening towards us through space. It is concealed within a cloud of cosmic debris, known to astronomers as the Taurid meteor stream.
This poses a double danger: we could be hit by any one of the millions of space rocks in the stream, or by much larger pieces of the unseen comet itself, if and when it explodes.
And it could explode at any moment. It is nothing less than an interplanetary hand grenade.

Sealed within its thick shell is a seething mass of pitch-like tar, which will gradually build up pressure until, like an overheated boiler with no release valve, the comet will detonate and shatter into fragments, a mile wide or more, tearing through the solar system at tens of thousands of miles an hour.

We cannot guess exactly when that explosion will occur.
It could happen as we re-enter the meteor stream, or shortly before, strewing our planet’s path with hurtling boulders.
All we can know for certain is that, in around 15 years, the Earth will once again cross the Taurid meteor stream, that vast highway of cosmic debris, right at the place where the biggest and most numerous fragments that currently exist are collected.
Some of them are three times the size of the asteroid that hit the planet 65 million years ago, setting off a global firestorm and bringing about the extinction of the dinosaurs. This is when the risk of a collision is most severe. This is when the prophecy of the Ojibwa people is set to come true: ‘The star with the long wide tail is going to destroy the world someday when it comes low again.’

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HAPPY 'AUSTRALIA DAY'!!!  Sending all my love and blessings to First- and Second+Nations friends, family, the oldest and most powerful landscapes on Mother Earth, all the dream-time ancestors and the Rainbow Serpent herself! And my dear friends in Tasmania who are battling out of control bush-fires at this minute!


Like Columbus Day in the USA, the 26th of January is celebrated in Australia in honour of when Capt. James Cook supposedly 'discovered' the land down under, as if there were no one there who knew it existed. Most of us are acutely aware not only of the extraordinary misrepresentation of reality this symbolizes, but that it DOES represent the beginning of what is still an unending full-spectrum war being conducted against the indigenous people, florae, faunae, and land-scapes of 'the lucky country' as some would have it. 

The true story of Australia and my love affair with her will be the subject of one or more films and books that I will create over the next few years;  the good, the bad, the incredibly paradoxical contrasts to be witnessed and experienced there; the awesome beauty and power versus the unbelievable and unrelenting geno- and eco-cide being waged institutionally from all levels of government, bureaucracy and international finance.

The current situation with First Nations Australians is powerfully conveyed in John Pilger's brilliant documentary 'Utopia.'

The 'real people' of Australia think of today as 'Invasion Day' in the same way that native Americans think of Columbus Day:  attempts by colonial imperialists to use 'calendrical warfare' as part of their comprehensive efforts to 'control history' and therefore the modern-day world-view. 


William Ricketts was an ardent friend and supporter of First Nations Australians who lived with central desert peoples off and on for over 30 years. He was inspired to become a sculptor to share the power and beauty of the the real people with the mentality of 'White Australia' who essentially were...and still are...clueless. The William Ricketts Sanctuary in the Dandenong Mountains east of Melbourne is a legacy and testament to the truly angelic nature of the dwellers in the dream-time.


Uncle Bob Randall was the primary custodian of Uluru, a major Australian power spot and to me the red chakra in the body of the Rainbow Serpent. Uncle Bob was a very powerful spokesperson for First Nations peoples and a torch of true spirituality and compassion. I was on my way to the Central Desert to give him the rock I'd painted for him when I learned that he had passed away. When I visit Uluru in a few months I will leave his rock at the rock for him!

Please watch 'Kanyini', an excellent short doco on him and his message:



BOB BROWN, former Tasmanian senator, director of 
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and anti-logging activist 
who got arrested yesterday at Lapoinya

"Brown, who visited the coup with Bob Brown Foundation campaign manager Jenny Weber last week, said that the Turnbull and Hodgman governments are engaged in the deliberate extinction of vital habitats of threatened species including the Tasmanian devil and the world's largest freshwater crayfish, astacopsis gouldi.

"Within a day or two, Forestry Tasmania machinery, under the licence of Premier Will Hodgman and Federal environment minister Greg Hunt, will be polluting pristine Maynes Creek which is a nursery for the crayfish and then clear-felling the forest beyond which contains a healthy population of devils and tiger quolls. It is as if the global listing of Tasmania's treasured wildlife means nothing. Many months of appeals to reason by the little community of Lapoiyna is being treated with disdain.

"In terms of ecological wisdom, the Lapoiyna logging is a criminal act in the twenty-first century. It is the ministers, not the residents of Lapoiyna, who should be facing fines and jail sentences," Brown said.

“This destruction is in the service of corrupt-in-Malaysia logging company Ta Ann,” Brown said.


Very interestingly, not far from Lapoinya currently rage dozens of bush-fires ravaging hundreds of thousands of hectares of pristine forest including vast swaths of the Tasmanian World Heritage Wilderness Area.

Even more interesting...and quite that authorities announced several days ago that many these fires ALL STARTED ON THE SAME DAY, which means that they are deliberate acts of arson. A spokesperson for the Tasmanian Fire Service referred to "quite a number of fires that were lit on the same day and there is no natural cause that we can possibly put them down to at this point," he said.


My prayers and blessings have been going out for my lovely mates who live in a small remote community near Cradle Mountain called Lorinna. They have chosen to send their wives and children to safety before the only access road might get closed off, and to stay and fight the fires and protect their homesteads. WOUTER AND BART SENDING YOU HEAPS OF LOVE MY BROTHERS...IF I WERE IN TASSIE I'D BE THERE TO HELP YOU!





In this show, recorded on a beautiful hill-top on my friend's property in north-central Victoria, I talk about why I love Australia. I discuss my deep relationship with the oldest land on Earth, her indigenous people, the oldest surviving human culture, and their relationship with the ancestors of the dream-time, the whales and dolphins, and the Rainbow Serpent, an archetypal energy-guardian being found in the cosmologies and stories of many different tribes here. I mention the art of the Keringke Group, led by Kathleen Wallace, and a powerful synchronicity I have with them; I talk about the work of rock-art researcher/epistemologist Robert Bednarik; I talk about Australia's very unique Gondwanaland florae and faunae, especially the marsupials and eucalyptus trees. I relate the very special connection I've been having with the bird kingdom, especially the parrots since I returned from Hawaii, in particular, the white cockatoos and crimson rosellas. I mention the William Ricketts Sanctuary in the Dandenongs east of Melbourne, and two Tasmanian wilderness photographers, Olegas Truchenas and Peter Dombrovskis, who pioneered nature photography in Australia and used the power of their images to try to inspire people to love Mother Earth and act to protect her. I also discuss the whale-dreaming peoples, in particular the Darkenjung of the central east coast, and the Mirning people of South Australia, as I work to explore their knowledge and wisdom in m on-going work with 'aihe tohora paikea wananga', the 'knowledge and wisdom of whales and dolpins.' The show closes with brief interviews with my travel companions Wally the orca, Teddy the Tambo-Teddy-Koala-sheep-shaped-like-a-tooth, and 'Little Lamb' who lives here at Howe's Creek!




Many thanks to Stella Wheildon for her generous gift of several hours of sharing last week. She is a native of the Byron Bay NSW area who has been close to the Ngarakwal people and highly informed in women's law and dreaming for decades. She is equal parts indigenous liason, environmental activist and, very interestingly, archaeo-astronomer and 'star lore' researcher. Many strands of urgency come together in this interview, relating to the war on Mother Earth and indigenous people of land and sea, our violation of the Hopi prophecy, "If we dig precious things from the land we will invite disaster"; an understanding of the ancient song-lines and dream-time ancestors as expressions of cosmic forces and celestial entities, the awareness that indigenous knowledge and wisdom brings to bear on where we are now in space and time; the impending planetary cataclysm that indigenous people of land and sea are trying to warn us of, the nature of which is not even on our radar at this time. Particularly shocking to me were Stella's revelations about what is known as 'drone mining' which uses robotic technologies to automate every phase of mineral extraction, from digging the holes, transporting the ore, to refining and manufacturing. The Australian government has been investing heavily in these systems and they have been in use by Rio Tinto for over 3 years. This scenario is yet another 'brick in the wall' of the war on water-based life being waged by what Dr. John Lilly called the 'solid state entity' based on silicon and electronics/computers.