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SYNTH-ARCHIVE#16: Activist Kit...What YOU can do

original posting: 25 feb. 2002

A very powerful networking tool...chech this activist's kit...

Activist Kit - What YOU can do.
Thanks to William Douglas for the Email addresses on this page

As you’ll see journalists and academics worldwide have put massive effort into this Activist Kit freely given to you and activists worldwide. Please honor this work by USING THIS WELL, and encouraging all you know to use it well and then pass it on, and on.

[Note: Not all internet servers allow emailings of larger address book type listings. You may want to set up a separate email account on one of the free serves like Hotmail, etc. One activist noted the convenience of such an account for his own mails, which allows up to 50 blind cc’s to be sent per email, and several hundred can be sent per day, enabling activists to stay
in touch with many other activists.]


Was there a CIA connection to 9-11, and is the US media suppressing it?
Below are mainstream European media reports w/URL sources, that beg for a full investigation of this. Please read the 9 summary reports below, then act!

The SUCCESS of this effort depends on EACH of us dedicating ourselves to this for the next few weeks at least, and URGING others we pass this Activist Kit onto to do the same! US is media is suppressing this information. It can only get to people through the efforts of you and I.

1) Fax and email out THE MESSAGE marked as such below to all the contacts.

2) THEN network this entire Activist Kit out as far and wide as you possibly can, to churches, activist groups, etc. etc. (use internet search engines, yahoo, google, msn, etc. to find more and more and more contacts of such activist groups and institutes of conscience to send this to and ask them to act and to spread the word).

We must create a ROAR of demand for this to be fully investigated, or the media and congress will never have the courage to do so. Spread the Activist Kit out to get hundreds of others to use it, and then use it and the FAX and email numbers to get the below message out yourself.

Free thinking writers are too frightened to speak up. Democrats are afraid too. They need us to flood them, the media, and institutions worldwide with this information to give them the courage to do what they can do.

Activist Kit (Message to send out below, followed by contact lists):

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