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original posting: 7 Feb. 2002



As planets go Saturn is one that doesn't get too many wraps. It frequently brings the more testing moments to our lives and asks us to dig a little bit deeper into that well of self-sufficiency. In the long term Saturn can be quite helpful in the manner of a stern and disciplinary father, but in the short term it is usually the vaccination shot that we would rather avoid. Where Saturn falls in our birth horoscope is usually where we feel fearful and indecisive. Yet it is through attacking this apprehension that we develop our strengths - strengths that never leave us. Overcoming fear is understanding Saturn.

On April 21 2001 Saturn moved into a new sign of Gemini and changed its filter of statement. Saturn is always the planet of stark realities and limitations and Gemini represents communications, commuting and conveyance of information. Saturn motivates by blockages and restrictions - it is the internal and external critic. By addressing initial difficulties in these Gemini areas long term improvements may result.

The recent crisis in America and the world has brought into our awareness a realisation of hard, cold reality and is presenting some tough times for all of us. We have all become aware of the threat of global conflict and financial instability, and in our own lives, our own personal reality structures are being tested to the limit.

Saturn in Gemini and Pluto in Sagittarius have been playing their part in this global and personal drama, and this influence will be intensifying until it reaches a peak in the first day or two of November. This means that these planets will be making an exact opposition (180 degrees) angle to each other in the zodiac and in astrological understanding, the energies of Saturn (structure, limits, boundaries, rules, law and order) will be opposing the energies of Pluto (pressure, intensity, one-sided fanaticism, death, transformation, re-birth). Saturn and Pluto combined brings discipline into our lives, intensifies our focus, compels us to be serious, and in extreme situations can lead to martyrdom and violence.

Saturn has been in retrograde motion since September/October and will remain so until it goes direct in February next year. This means we will all have to go over old ground again and need to learn or re-learn from our past mistakes and experiences. By this time, most people should be aware of certain issues that must be attended to. This may include letting go of certain things and making sacrifices where necessary. Personal and global issues not addressed between now and February 2002, will be dealt with in one form or another. It is essential, therefore, for everybody to take control and personal responsibility now, by streamlining your lives and letting go of unnecessary clutter that is impeding your progress.

Saturn and Pluto's influence brings hard work and demands that we focus, learn and pay attention. This is a time for knuckling down and focusing upon our true potentials, and letting go of negative feelings of fear, loss or resentment. If this is done, the transition will be smoother and the rewards for perseverance, patience and hard work will be greater.

Once Saturn and Pluto join again in the last week of May 2002, all issues of separation and letting go of the old structures should be at conclusion. Many sacrifices will be necessary under this configuration and if done so, record achievements of the highest calibre can be achieved along with heightened spiritual and mental growth.


Keeping in mind that Saturn will motivate by being the internal and external critic here are some of the possibilities and probabilities. Communication companies may feel the restrictions of government legislation. Initial transport problems, delays and/or strikes are on the cards, though regulatory bodies will ensure an overall correction to the industry. Newspapers, reporters and broadcasters will be more accountable for their words. Conferences may encounter protester resistance; international dialogue will be of an increasingly serious nature or hindered by dogmatic attitudes. There may be a slowdown in the computer industry and more control exercised over the Internet. In short all of those area of life of a Gemini description will undergo a reconstruction of sorts.

In an individual's horoscope Saturn in Gemini also brings ideas and concepts to a structured form. Orson Welles who wrote, produced, directed and starred in the critical expose of a media mogul - Citizen Kane, had this placement. Welles was also responsible for scaring the hell out of Americans with his realistic radio drama 'War of the Worlds' which led to changes in the broadcasting act. Producer George Lucas pioneered both the 'Star Wars' and 'Raider's Of The Lost Ark' series. A Gemini Saturn is mental discipline exemplified in world chess grandmaster Bobby Fischer who won his first title at fourteen. However the earthier side of Saturn in Gemini can be seen in the sleazy publications of Larry Flynt or writings of Madame Xaviera Hollander.


Saturn is the planet that says "no" but means "yes." The no comes from Saturn showing us what isn't working, sometimes in the form of frustrating blockages or delays. But these help us see where we need to put in effort to make concrete changes. Saturn says "yes" as the planet of crystallization that brings energy into matter.

Saturn's presence in a sign of the zodiac shows us where we are likely to meet limits and how to construct something useful. Gemini is primarily about communication, so problems in this area are more likely now, both on personal and collective levels. This suggests that we each may be challenged to examine how we gather and transmit information, and to question the very ways in which we think. Public issues associated with speech, the Internet and other media should grow in importance during this period.

Ideally, Saturn in Gemini may solidify new forms of communication like the Internet, as well as new bodies of information. Perhaps we'll all be speaking the language of DNA by the year 2003.

Saturn in dualistic Gemini can engender duplicity on one hand and support flexibility and choice on the other. The basic lesson of any Gemini cycle is to remember that perceptions change, that truth depends on where one stands and that there is more than one right answer for most questions.

Since Saturn stays in a sign for more than two years, it does not reveal personal patterns with the same detail as the faster moving planets. However, it does describe tasks and limitations for wider groups of people.


Saturn Enters Gemini! No, you’re not seeing double. Yes, this column recently discussed the energies of Jupiter moving into Gemini. Seeing double can sometimes be what you deal with when working with Gemini’s energies. Just as Taurus spent time earlier this year experiencing the dual presence of Saturn and Jupiter, now it is Gemini’s turn. Saturn moves much slowly than Jupiter, on average it spends 2.5 years in a sign, and it will take two years and 10 months to move through Gemini, departing in June of 2003. It is entering Gemini on 9 August, at 4:25PM HST.

So what does this added planetary influence in Gemini bring? Especially since it is rather opposite in its energetic focus from Jupiter. Where Jupiter is expansive, Saturn constricts. Where Jupiter has humor, Saturn can be pessimistic. For the next year, these two disparate energies are going to kick Geminis right in their most challenging points -- integration of their different sides, holding a focus, and being clearer with expressing themselves in verbal and written communication.

Saturn really works well in the earth signs. Saturn loves to be in solid ground, which is Taurus’ territory. It makes wonderful plans and patterns, builds foundations so that the structures, patterns, and designs may be built upon them. Other areas of Saturn’s forte are: stability, caution, defensive, experience, moderation, discipline. Builder of crystalline forms and the destroyer of outdated ones. Some of the negative traits are: fear, suppression, miserly, revengeful, bitter, rigid, limited, selfish, narrow-minded. The fear aspect of Saturn is what most people must deal with on a regular basis.

Also, it is one of the gateways to determining past life data in the chart. It is especially easy to delineate that other life information if there is a conjunction with another planet, or other strong and narrow orbed aspect.

Now it is entering an air sign, and it is going to bring its ‘solidity’ to an element that cannot be seen. We can feel air as the wind blows it by. We can remove air and make a vacuum. How do you "pin a cloud down" as the nuns sang in "Sound of Music" is part of the question of this transit.

Gemini’s Basic Qualities

As I mentioned above, Gemini is an Air sign and the quality is mutable, which means changeable. A perfect match -- as air is always changing, moving, flowing. Blowing tree leaves, grains heads bobbing, tossing that tumbleweed across the street as you drive down, and throwing the spindrift back up into the wave. All of these are just some of the ways we see the variable quality of air. Its keywords are "I think" and this energy is here to communicate in all forms. Singing, writing, speaking, and so on.

Creativity is at the forefront of positive Gemini energies. Versatile, open-minded, active, mediator, sensitive, alert, restless, responsive, good with their fingers are other traits that are possessed by the first air sign. Worrisome is at the top of the list for the troubles of Gemini. Indecisive, superficial, nervous, impatient, talkative (with very little content), into the thick of thin things are some of the other words to describe how Gemini energies can manifest.

Looking back to the prior two transits of Saturn in Gemini, we find it was last present from June 1971 to August 1973, and prior to that was May of 1942 to June of 1944. Cultural history reminds us that the early ‘70’s saw a continuing of student unrest on college campuses in the USA -- protests and ‘sit-ins’, with communications (magazines and radio) becoming more ‘liberated’ in design and content. The prior cycle was during the early years of W.W.II where communications became quite critical -- "loose lips sink ships", coding and decoding messages for the war effort. Where there was necessary restraint in the 40’s, the opposite was true in the 70’s. These are the two faces of the duality of Gemini. Here we are in the beginning of the new decade, century, and millennia with a new cycle beginning. How shall we balance these messages this time around?

Debatable Areas

Are we going to be able as a people to hold a new pattern of communications? There seems to be quite a thrust with many who are no longer willing to hold their tongue and be the doormats they have been in prior times. The first blurbs coming out are not particularly pretty or pleasant, yet these people are expressing their truth. Saturn is asking to re-pattern the mode of communications by being creative and releasing those old forms. A new form of ‘perfection’.

Also, there is an overwhelming amount of ‘information’ available now via this Internet. Will there be another way of working with all this knowledge? A new application of it? A new way of filing it all? Perhaps so... and we will see this created here on this amazing electronic ‘net’ that links the world instantaneously.

Perhaps there will be a new thrust for Esperanto, the language created from several other languages, as a "universal" communications tool?

Ponder these concepts for yourself. What do you think may happen during the next three years in the world of communications -- personally, inter-family, community, country, and world? Just for grins, jot a few Saturn in Gemini style ideas down and see how close you are three years from now.

Basic Cycle

Saturn’s transits create patterns over its 28 to 30 year progress around the signs. Every time it conjuncts with one of your planets, it begins a cycle that will bring regular challenges at the squares (at seven and 21 years), and either rewards for your focus and work, or more confrontations at the oppositions (14 years from the conjunction). A commitment to a job, project, or a marriage sets up a "Saturn Cycle" -- and this is where the ‘seven year itch’ phrases comes from.

Saturn’s shift into Air, the element of the mind, will bring up some mental fears for all of us. If you are familiar with my writings, you know that I urge you to face your fears and, if it is necessary, to have help doing so. We are swiftly moving ahead from old ways of thinking, communicating, and sharing thoughts. This transit will show us how and where, on a very personal level, we each need to let go of these old ways. During this passage, I’ll be addressing Saturn’s impacts to each sign in the horoscope column that appears here at InnerSelf.

May we all walk in beauty.


Maybe the most significant cycle of this weekend, was Saturn moving into Gemini. A new 2 1/2 yr cycle beginning, and taking us into a whole new perspective and awareness. Saturn in Gemini will influence our writing and communication. But most importantly, we are given the chance to "change our mind." Is Gemini energy fickle ? Saturn surely isn't. So it must be the awareness that we can change our whole world simply by changing our mind.

DesCartes said,"I think, therefore I am." We can take that to heart and adjust our awareness to understand. This is the beauty of Saturn in Gemini. Adding lightheartedness to Saturn, and adding structure to Gemini. The importance of our words will become more than apparent on many levels. We are responsible(Saturn) for what we think, believe, say, write, learn, and teach (Gemini).

Our awareness and learning was opened with Jupiter's 1 year cycle through Gemini (which will end in July). Now Saturn follows through, builds on, and structures what has been opened. The idea(Gemini) that we have a choice in our world is EMPOWERMENT.

Many think of Saturn as restrictions, however, when we make the choice, it is freedom. Our world is colored by how we perceive it. If we perceive negativity, it is all around us. If we perceive beauty, it is all around us. When we simply make the choice, to perceive joy and love, our world is painted in colors of awakening. This is the message of Saturn in Gemini, and on the heel of a Venus retrograde, our self analysis and evaluation of love is significant.

Do we perceive love, filtered through fear and insecurity ? Or do we feel love from within ? Love is all around us, its a matter of our PERCEPTION whether we feel it or not.

When we feel others don't show us enough love, is it that we are not feeling enough love inside? Ever wonder why some days things upset you more than others? Maybe, just maybe, we need an internal love boost.

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