Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Greetings and welcome! It's been a long time coming...and here it is: synth-blog! I am trying this as experiment in sharing my e-group "synthaissance cryobenthics" with more people, as well as a way to provide access to the archive of previous postings. I will now post all synthaissance messages to this blog, as well as to the e-group; as I learn what I am doing with this and have time to do so, I will gradually post the entire synthaissance archive, from Feb. 2002, into the archives on this blog site. Feedback and posting materials welcome...the more the merrier!


Jeff Wefferson said...

Jeff here...I am figuring this thing out little by little...postings from the original "synthaissance" e-group are in the "archive" section to the right here...cheers!

Unknown said...

Just went through all 6 of your blogs and your sound cloud. You're eyes are truly open to world and its atrocities. We need to meet, the time has come. Mother earth's temple is open, and her embrace is sweet and pure. The first dove flies at dawn. I'll be waiting where the red snake meets the blood aurora.

-A believer