Friday, May 11, 2012

"KANDINSKY'S ASTRONOMY LESSON in Lemuria" Jeff Phillips Mural


                This painting is a mural approximately 2.5 by 8.5 meters, done with acrylics and correction/technical pens on custom board, using drafting instruments adapted to the large scale.  Only my human biocomputer was used, with advanced creativity enhancement algorithms.  Photography of the completed image was accomplished using a Rolleiflex 6x7 with Kodak asa 400 color negative film;  three negatives were drum-scanned and assembled using Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.  This image is very close to how the original painting looks, minus the seams between the individual wood panels.
                   Kandinsky was a Russian painter of the early 20th century;  many of his works used discrete geometrical shapes floating in mathematical array. Many of my paintings have been compared to his, but mine are more “high-tech” and 21st century-looking.
                   There’s a lot of astronomy in this image, beginning with the arc of the Milky Way spanning the horizon. The dark center is very river-like, and very Aboriginal looking, I am told, probably because of the huge number of dots representing stars.
                   Lemuria was a semi-mythical continent/civilization which flourished somewhere between 20,000 and 100,000 years ago;  supposedly Australia, the south island of New Zealand, and Easter Island were part  of it. I read recently that the statues on Easter Island are the only existing artifacts  of Lemurian culture.
                   “Neshen” is the pronunciation of the Egyptian hieroglyphics for “grand solar eclipse.”  The “moment of Neshen” window would be a relatively brief interval of time in which one experiences the total eclipse – a very magical portal into an expanded multi-dimensional consciousness;  the “eye of God” looking down upon us!
                   The point of view of the participant/observer in this image is directly within the path of totality, at a terminus which is also a vortex of “no-time” within a higher-frequency template of the Great Pyramid.  Two shafts align with two stellar energy sources, and an expanding wavefront of phi-based (phi is a universal proportion, the Golden Mean, or 1:1.618) harmonic modulations emanates from the sun, transmitting diverse meta-continuua of cosmic creativity and rippling through the very fabric of space-time.  Ahau, the Mayan deity of the solar mind, and guardian over passages in cycles of time relays this spectrum of energies whose source is the Hunab Ku, the center of the galaxy.  In the year 2012AD the precession of the Earth’s axis brings it into perfect alignment with the galactic plane, thereby generating an upward frequency shift, or ascension of our reality into a higher vibrational domain of the implicate and explicate holomovement.
                   Essentially, this image is a visual representation of the meta-harmonic substrate of an objectifiec planetary “reality-matrix”, an exploded vision of simultaneous relationships connecting time, space, consciousness, sacred geometry and the “music of the spheres.”
                   In the upper left corner is, of course, the primary control panel, which is activated by the master metaharmony algorithm (mamal) and modulated by complex keys consisting of spoken words, sung sounds, intoned phonemes, mimicked memes, visual contact and tactile transference.  Once the mamal is fully activated, broad-band thought synthesis begins and the participant/observer “enters” the painting.  At this point, one may “dial into” the evening sky at any time on any date in any calendar from any location on any planet in any star system in any galaxy, at any frequency or wavelength, real, imaginary, probable or impossible.
                   In the lower right is the “indigenous wisdom” panel, with Ahau at the bottom;  next up is “fu”, hexagram 24 of the I Ching, which represents “the turning point” or “crisis as opportunity”;  above that is the djed pillar, an ancient Egyptian symbol of Earth stability (literally, Osiris’ backbone);  then we have the kokopelli, a native American fertility symbol;  and on top is an egg-like eclipsed amoeba…universal symbol of fertile bio-luminescent micro-organisms!
                   In the upper right corner is a representation of the Southern CrossGuthrey cloud, a recently discovered super-cluster abundant in super-conducting bio-nebulae and other improbable manifestations of cosmic creativity, including thousands of planets where previously unknown forms of golf are played. (crux australis) seen at the 21cm wavelength.  Myriad galaxies, quasi- and completely-stellar objects, radio anomalies, and planetary bodies populate the Milky Way river;  in the region just above where the Milky Way meets the horizon on the right is the
                   The same cosmic intelligences who create crop circles (and with whom the whales are in direct and continuous communication) are at work in this image, conveying information on the dynamic processes of our minds as creative holons of the cosmos in conjunction with holographic thought-algorithms attuned to quantum-relativistic noo-cybernetic synergies.
                   When the average homo sapiens awakens to the fact that they ARE the ultimate technology, then the doors of perception are cleansed, revealing a universe of immense and unbelievable beauty…of which we each are an integral part!

This painting is dedicated to the whales, to the elohim, and to indigenous artists of all dimensions.

Thanks to Peter Guthrey and Philip Kennedy for making this possible;  to Moira Timms for hieroglyphic translations and cosmic inspiration;  to Samuel Miller for photographic assistance and digital image processing;  and to the Great Spirit for  creating such a wonderful universe for us to live in!


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