Monday, January 06, 2014


 Two 'space mates' from the same galaxy :)

The New Year has created a very lovely conjunction of two new friends who are from the same distant galaxy. The path of conscious spiritual development and responsibility that Bailey has embarked on is very powerful for her at the individual, as well as a guiding light for the path and inner work that the universe is calling on us ALL to do:  get in touch with, realize, become who and what we REALLY are as true human beings during this very sacred moment in time, that is, NOW.

This is a posting from Facebook yesterday. Bailey recently completed a 10-day Vipassana meditation course and shared her experience.

A BEAUTIFUL, POWERFUL and RELEVANT SHARING OF INSIGHT FROM A LOVELY NEW FRIEND. Read this and share Bailey's recent transformative inner work that has given her a

"...feeling of confidence [that] feels unwavering, and now through continued practice I feel I can truly be an instrument for peace, understanding, unconditional love and compassion. For only when we TRULY love and accept ourselves, can we love and accept others..."

What Bailey has just accomplished and embarked on is a TRUE spiritual path, of self-awareness, self-responsibility, the right use of creativity and the 'ultimate technology' that we each truly are. Through meditative practice of controlling her own mind she has begun to attain a level of self-mastery and awareness that we are in fact 'creating realities of our own.' Understanding oneself, going within, constantly re-creating who and what we are is the essence of a true SPIRITUAL path.

What is so powerful and significant about Bailey's experience and accomplishment is not only that is has helped her at the individual level, enabling her to be and become an ever-more-awesome expression of cosmic love and creativity, but also that by doing this in her own life, by exerting this effort AND having the motivation and insight to SHARE this with her fellow beings, is quite literally making it both possible and easier to OTHERS to do the same thing.


"I share my experiences with human beings in hopes that we can truly look at ourselves and how our actions and beliefs about ourselves may be crippling us and therefore the world."
SUCH a powerful message for humanity at this this critical cross-roads.

Bailey's message is precisely the same as my own: We are all being called on by the Great Spirit, by Mother Earth, by all the powers of love, truth and beauty, to ask more of ourselves, to be and become the highest expressions of the beautiful gift of life that we have been given. To become aware of and to honour our unique identity, our unique powers of creativity on a true spiritual path, to walk in beauty and compassion, to ask not our planet can do for us but what we can do for our planet.


Please take the time to read and listen to the words I write thoughtfully, and in them we may see, a part of ourselves yearning to be freed.

I would like to share insights from my experience of a ten day Vipassana meditation practice that helped to shape the view of the world as I see it now, an experience that allowed me to see what pain kept out, an experience that eradicated many self defeating beliefs, doubts, and fears that dwelled deep below the surface level of mind. During a ten day vipassana course, one practices mediation for ten hours a day and totaling a little over 100 hours in the week. 

One practices sitting, breathing, and being with the Self. Sitting through the discomfort of physical and emotional pain, sitting and breathing through it,not moving to react or flee from discomfort, anxiety, anger, sadness, etc...One truly sits and looks deep within themselves...where the source is... the source of our capacity for unconditional love and the compassion...these qualities dwell deep within, and to bring about and live in these qualities one must eradicate self defeating thoughts and behaviours, desires, cravings and aversions. So what came up for me? 

The heavy weight I was carrying of attachment, fear, greed, and sadness. I saw within myself all of the times I had felt hurt...hurt by the violence of another's words, hurt by another's actions in which I felt anger and resentment. Then I realized they did not hurt me, I hurt myself, all of these actions had to do with the pain I inflicted on the Self, sorrow and self-pity is self created; may I ask, when we shed tears for ourselves or another, is it love? Crying because we feel lonely, because we have been left, because we are no longer powerful, complaining of our lot or environment, always 'us' in tears? If we see this we understand that sorrow and Self-pity are Self created by thought and the outcome of time.“ He left me, now I am lonely, I am aching, there is no one whom I can look to for comfort or companionship, and it brings tears to my eyes” Tears of Self-pity. We can see this happening inside of ourselves only if we look within, watch closely. We can see that the whole structure of 'me', my tears, my family, my nation, my belief, my religion-is all inside us, and this separates us, causing violence, hate, and wars. When we see this with the heart, not the mind to be intellectualized, we then see the ugliness in it all, the key to end our own sorrow, and that no one else can hurt us but ourselves. 

For example, a loved one of mine tried to commit suicide, at first I felt angry “ How could you do this to ME”, then I felt shame and guilt “ Did I do something wrong” then self-pity “What did I do to deserve seeing another in misery” then I looked within, my sadness was about me...i looker deeper and found a profound depth of compassion “Ah, it is not just about you and your misery, I see now the whole world is suffering and in misery..this is no longer about me”. I have came to realize all of the selfishness and greed I had been living, the desires I had, desires that are still to be mindful of to not let arise. For desire leads to craving, craving leads to attachment, and attachment leads to hurt. Whatever we are desiring is not the actual object..not a person or place to travel, it is the feeling of satisfaction we get when we attain that desire, and when we dont we feel dissatisfied and hurt. May I ask you what is your ultimate goal in life? Some may say to help the world, to raise a family, to be successful..whatever it may be whether you believe it is selfless or not, is for your own satisfaction...even the goal to help the world is for the satisfaction one feels from helping others. We are selfish beings by nature, this is neither wrong nor right, no condemning or justifying, it just is. 

I realized during the course where my desires stemmed from, from need of acceptance, attention, and loss. Three years ago I decided to have an abortion, out of this decision I then created sorrow for myself, I felt empty and didn't believe I deserved to ever be truly loved or happy again ( might I add this is all deep within, rooted beliefs, one as myself may think on the surface level of the mind that all is well, intellectually I did not believe this about myself, I was ignorant to my own dysfunctional thinking ) this reflected in the relationships I sabotaged, always thinking the other did not truly love me or was capable of doing so. 

Realizing that these were my own self sabotaging beliefs! And how could anyone ever be capable of truly loving me if I didn't let them or allow them in!? Unconditional love and compassion then came flooding in, a true understanding and unapologetic acceptance for myself, this is security, this is confidence. Being able to look at oneself without fear and judgement, being able to sit through the pain, accept the reality for as it is, not as I wish it to be, accepting me for who I am, not who I wish to be or who I wish to look like. 

This feeling of confidence feels unwavering, and now through continued practice I feel I can truly be an instrument for peace, understanding, unconditional love and compassion. For only when we TRULY love and accept ourselves, can we love and accept others. Only when we can admit to ourselves and others, not hiding any part of us for fear of being accepted or not. I share my experiences with human beings in hopes that we can truly look at ourselves and how our actions and beliefs about ourselves may be crippling us and therefore the world. All of the change in the world starts and ends within. I share to let all know that we are not alone through these trials, yet will always be alone inside and must make peace within. 

This is the real me, not some illusion, facade, or false identity.

I share ME, pains, sufferings, and experiences fearfully.

This Facebook page is not one of superficiality..take a long hard look at me and see you, see we.

See what we are and what we can do.

This is the only moment and love is always we can do.

This is the reality.

Flowing straight from the heart for all to wake up and see.