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6 AUGUST 2006

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“It’s a viciously worsening cycle of what would appear to be unquenchable blood-thirsty slaughter in the service of pathological madness on the part of a tiny group of powerful “leaders” accompanied by the passive acquiescence of a dumbed-down public.”

Today is the 61st anniversary of the Hiroshima nuclear detonation. On this day in 1945 a B-29 called the “Enola Gay” dropped the “Little Boy” atomic bomb on a large Japanese city which was both a strategic military outpost and a major population center. Over a hundred thousand people were instantly incinerated and the entire area was reduced to radioactive rubble. Three days later another Japanese city, Nagasaki, was similarly destroyed. The “success” of these attacks thus began what Jose Arguelles calls the “age of atomic terror.” 1

As of now, six decades later, no other population centers have been destroyed by atomic bombs. On the surface, we seem to have been spared the fate of nuclear annihilation. “Mutually Assured Destruction” and the Dr. Strangelove scenario have failed to materialize.

But in the same way that lethal levels of ionising radiation are undetectable by our biological sensory systems, the actual nuclear scenario has metastasized exponentially beneath the “radar” of our collective awareness 2. Moreover, our entire worldview has been manipulated so thoroughly that what we think of as “reality” bears little resemblance to what is actually going on.

As nuclear weapons were coming into being, so was television, which psychological warfare experts called “the atomic bomb of the mind.” With the age of “atomic terror” came a new paradigm of socio-political control, what researcher Christopher Simpson refers to as a form of “mental genetics”, focussing on creating a whole generation of “consumers” feeding on the “American dream”; advertising and psychological warfare fused to create a monstrous “hallucination engine” designed to distract and manipulate our minds, under the guise of “information” and “entertainment.” The system was designed from its inception to indoctrinate people into uncritical assimilation of its “truth”, so that, when the time came, the people as a whole would readily accept a completely fabricated “reality” with no questions asked. Hence 9/11…a textbook “psychological operation” on the order of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the “trigger” event to launch the implementation of a global “scientific dictatorship” by the illegally-installed and Zionist-influenced “neo-conservative” Bush administration and its “new world order” hydra. Who is their “enemy”? Communism? Islam? Extra-terrestrials? No…the REAL enemies are the Earth and the people…US.3

Since this new “reign of terror” began, we have witnessed and continue to witness repeated “wars of aggression” based on premises which are known to be completely false and/or fabricated, and which are also known to have been planned for years ahead of time. “Wars of aggression” are war crimes under the protocols of international law. In this same period, we have experienced and are experiencing unprecedented levels of infotoxicity 4 in our mental environment…a full-spectrum attack of cognitive phlegm and incredulous hyper-propaganda that would probably make Goebbels die laughing, were he here to witness it.

Today we watch in what may not be “horror” so much as it is “psychic numbness”, as a military-industrial juggernaut calling itself “America” wages “silent genocide” on the people of Afghanistan and Iraq in the form of DU. “Depleted uranium”…an Orwellian euphemism for a form of radiological warfare which distributes thousands of tons of highly radioactive dust into the environment, causes cancer and genetic damage in anyone who comes near it, and remains at carcinogenic and mutagenic levels for tens of thousands of years. It is quite literally warfare against life as we know it.5

And at this exact moment, the world grows angrier by the minute at another rogue terrorist state calling itself a “democracy”…Israel…as its military leaders order the deployment not only of even more DU weaponry but also prepare to use “bunker buster” missiles, which are essentially DU-based tactical nuclear weapons.6

Lebanon and Israel share a geographical border; they are next-door neighbours. Unlike “America’s” use of DU in Iraq and Afghanistan, where the highest concentrations of radioactive materials are released thousands of miles from the “fatherland”, Israel’s use of DU is literally in their own back yard. The military decision-makers have to know this; the direct and immediate result is that air- and water-borne DU released in Lebanon will rapidly make its way into Israel, to create an epidemic of cancer, birth defects and “Gulf war syndrome” just like in American and Iraqi veterans and civilians.7

This marks a new level of warfare: genocide that is simultaneously suicide. That the use of DU is not the equivalent of, but a level of technological innovation beyond, the ovens of Auschwitz and Dachau cannot be denied; that it is being deployed by decision-makers who share a heavy Zionist influence is pathologically ironic.

Israel is unofficially recognized as the fourth or fifth largest nuclear power in the world. I was not there to witness the “holocaust”, but I believe it happened; I have not witnessed a nuclear explosion, but I believe these weapons are real. I think it wise to consider that decision-makers who release DU in their own back yard would not hesitate to precipitate a nuclear first-strike.

While we have been busily building bigger houses, driving bigger cars and acquiring limitless wealth and possessions, the Earth and all of her children have been suffering in direct proportion to our greed and ignorance. We have not noticed the gradual transformation of our beautiful natural environment into a planetary waste-land because, as a whole, we are no longer in touch with the Earth as we are embedded in an artificial environment, a “matrix”, consisting of house, car and television, agendas of financial gain and property acquisition. We have become deaf to the cries and screams of our fellow beings, our planet.

Our perceptions have been managed, our consent engineered, our reality manipulated very successfully, to become precisely what the forces of global fascism, literally, “a complete merger of state and corporate power” 8 have long sought: we have become their product.

And like any product, planned obsolescence is inherent. We have served their purposes of functioning essentially as voluntary slaves to the mega-machine for decades, working to build their industrial and weapons systems thinking it was just our “job”, and enriching their coffers not only with the fruits of our own sweat and blood, but also the health and existence of the Earth and all children, ours and hers. We have bought into the paradigms of greed and denial, and now our time has come.

From the perspective of the “powers that be”, not only are “we, the people” no longer necessary, we are actually an impediment to imperial mobilization.9 Our numbers are too large; we are not only consuming precious resources and taking up space that could be “redeveloped”, we wield far too much power…mentally, physically, politically, spiritually. Now we must be destroyed utterly and completely, through sheer elimination or mutogenesis into something we cannot imagine.

The “wars” in Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon, as horrific as they are, are more about strategic control, psychological impact and long-standing cultural animosities than they are about large-scale devastation; that this could be looming on the horizon cannot be written off as “doom-saying.”

For a long time, moreover, the “new world order” has been administering “non-lethal genocide”, using advanced “safe and clean” weapons systems with harmless-sounding acronyms like DU (depleted uranium), GE (genetic engineering), HAARP (High-Altitude Auroral Research Project) and TV (television). The chemical and pharmaceutical industries play a big role, as well. Although each of these has been well-documented as the weapons systems they truly are, they remain essentially invisible in the public eye. You cannot sense DU; you cannot feel the electromagnetic fields from a HAARP transmission; you cannot taste GE food; and we think that TV is entertainment, and mobile phones are convenient. Sadly,many people shrug this information off as “paranoid conspiracy theory rambling.” 10

And when “we, the people” start waking up a little and catching on to the next level of what is actually happening, whether it be, for example, another dimension of the weaponization scenario, election fraud, carcinogenic food or revelations on “9/11 reality”…they go to the next step in their “master plan” by staging or committing another atrocity to capture our attention, “shock and awe” us, sap our will, make us cower in fear. Good old “blowing stuff up”…you know, “traditional” warfare, with artillery, tanks, bombs, missiles, destroyed infrastructures, bodies to dispose of, environmental devastation…accomplishes this pretty well, especially when it all is broadcast 24-7 on mainstream tv.

It’s a viciously worsening cycle of what would appear to be unquenchable blood-thirsty slaughter in the service of pathological madness on the part of a tiny group of powerful “leaders” accompanied by the passive acquiescence of a dumbed-down public.

And this is just what man-“kind” is doing to himself. We often forget…indeed, it’s almost not in our “reality” any more…that we…you know, homo sapiens, “man, the wise”…are not the only form of life on the Earth who matters.

Chief Seattle said that “what we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves.” We are all inter-connected in the web of life…bacteria, molluscs, aardvarks, hippopotami, condors, oak trees, kelp…ALL life is part of one huge exquisite living system. Some call her Gaia.

“What comes around goes around.” We reap what we sew, and are responsible for the consequences of our choices and actions. This is the essence of the spiritual concept of karma.

And Spaceship Earth and our solar system do not exist in a cosmic vacuum; indigenous wisdom tells us of long-term cycles…”seasons” on inter-stellar and galactic levels based on spatio-temporal as well as energetic variations and radiations.

As I see it, what we are experiencing now is a convergence of these three dimensions: our existence as a threat to the health of the larger living system we are a part of; the summation of the karmic consequences of our actions/inactions, our choices, our denial, our ignorance; and our location in larger cosmic contexts of cyclical and energetic influences.

It might be “human nature” to be experiencing all of this, but it’s not by any means the full spectrum of who and what we are; on the contrary, we find ourselves at a major cross-roads, a global “day of reckoning”…but it is ultimately a planetary initiation for “man, the wise.”

We are quite literally at what Fritjof Capra calls “the turning point.” Which way it all goes is up to us…we are not mere observers of a grand drama, we are each participants, co-creators of “reality.”

In part two I will look at what “war” actually is, psychologically, socially, and ecologically, and in part three I will offer some ideas concerning what we can do about it.

To me, the overall scenario is not as dire as it may seem; it’s just that we have to act NOW.

6 AUGUST 2006


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