Friday, October 15, 2010


NOTE FROM JEFF: I don't claim to be a prophet, but I can say "I told you so" on this one. I mean, anyone with eyes could see all this when it happened. At the bottom of this article are links to several things I posted in recent months on the bogus and fraudulent nature of all things Sea Shepherd.

Greetings from Broome in western Australia. When
we went on-line today I saw that Pete Bethune, the former skipper of a Bat-man styled speed-boat called Earthrace who then joined up with Paul Watson, aka Sea Shepherd, and renamed the boat Ady Gil, after the American businessman who financed the project, came out and told the world that Sea Shepherd is, in fact, the fraudulent person/organization I'd been telling everyone about for the past two years. I already knew from personal experience with Sea Shepherd people that they were money-hungry liars who would do anything to get the cheap publicity mind-share. Not to mention that Watson is an advocate of "radical reduction" of the human population. After they became famous on Animal Planet with their bogus Whale Wars series, big bucks came into the picture and their whole operation took a nose-dive. Sea Shepherd's made-for-media "dramas" became quite regular, almost as if they were being orchestrated by behind-the-scenes 'reality engineering' specialists like the CIA-affiliated Hill & Knowlton pr firm, who are masters of news fabrication.

Back in January an encounter with the Jap whalers was concocted and the Ady Gil 'sunk' by the Jap whalers...but only after the Ady Gil, skippered personally by Bethune, had steered itself directly into the path of the Japanese boat. Video footage clearly shows this; and in the footage shot from the Ady Gil, they could clearly see the Japanese boat approaching them from behind. Any thinking person could see that this 'sinking' was intentionally engineered...for publicity and to create fake "drama" in the spirit of Andy Kaufman and Jerry Springer.

Now it's all out in the open; Bethune, who even had body fat surgically removed from his body and mixed with the bio-diesel fuel for his boat as a publicity stunt, is just as much to blame as Watson, as he obeyed bogus 'orders' from Watson and sunk his own boat!!! It really makes the whole Sea Shepherd operation out to be quite cult-like. My question for Bethune is, if Capt. Watson, your "admiral", ordered you to chop off an arm as a publicity stunt, would you have obeyed THAT order bro? THEY ARE ALL GUILTY AND SHOULD ALL BE IMPRISONED FOR FRAUD AGAINST NATURE AND MADE TO RETURN THE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS THEY'VE SCAMMED FROM AN UNSUSPECTING POPULATION OF WHALE-LOVING PEOPLE.

And what jerks would take a speedboat that was so loud that the crew had to wear ear-plugs to keep from going deaf down into the southern ocean to "protect" whales, who are the most acoustically sensitive beings on this planet???

And what is the probability that the portly and rotund Watson, who compulsively insists that all Sea Shepherd crew be total vegans, is one himself? How many fat vegans have you ever seen? And when I see the smiling face of the Dalai Llama on the Sea Shepherd site, I remember being told by someone who knew Tibetan monks that their favourite food is in fact steak; in my mind's eye I can see Watson and "hello Dalai" chomping down on some rump at the nearest beef-palace.

All this bullshit is what the mainstream "save the whales" organizations are doing. Note that Sea Shepherd personnel have not once mentioned the U.S. Navy's LFA-sonar since 2005, and they essentially remained in total silence throughout the entire BP oil organization dedicated to "protecting the oceans." The whales don't even come into the picture any more, except when the fund-raising vacuum hose comes out.

It's almost like all this mud-slinging is just more fabricated "drama" designed to draw attention to the "save the whale" bogosity crowd and to distract everyone from the REAL threats to the whales.

So what about the whales? In terms of actual sound scientific research, Ocean Alliance (, founded by Dr. Roger Payne, remains the leading-edge and is close to completing an extensive survey of sperm whales in the Gulf of Mexico in the wake of the BP oil disaster there (which I have concluded was a new form of experimental military activity, an environmental warfare operation disguised as an industrial accident), and has gathered heaps of data for later analysis. I am certain that they, in fact, will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the oil spill and the Corexit dispersants used, are really bad for all living things there. But couldn't we already say that we knew this? The problem is what to do about it...stop driving maybe? Dr. Payne and Ocean Alliance remain the top researchers with respect to a real understanding of the whales, their "behaviour", their communication systems, their sensitivity to noise pollution, and "who" they are as fellow beings.

As far as I can see, Rosalind Peterson and her new organization,, are the leading edge in terms of defining and publicizing what the real and immediate threats are to the whales and life as we know her in the world's oceans. This would be the U.S. Navy, whose combined operations and experiments totally outweigh all the other threats to marine life put together, including those from seismic testing, acoustic pollution, chemical toxicity, ship strikes, oil spills, drift-nets, and trawling. Whaling, the "cetacean enemy number one" as popularized by environmental organizations, is actually pretty far down the list in terms of real threats to cetaceans. Whaling, however, is conducted by clearly identifiable people who then become clearly-defined "evil enemies" which makes for great tv! Never mind that the Obama administration is on the verge of legalizing commercial whaling in U.S. waters, or may have already done so. Have you ever heard Watson bellow against anyone or any organization that's American? No...that's where most of their money comes from!

Navy administrators admit that their low-frequency active sonar systems can kill "anything that has an air pocket", which is anything alive in the ocean except maybe small plants. They have also stated that their real goal is to clear the ocean of any "bogies" that might interfere with their weapons communications systems: a global ocean devoid of all larger life so that warfare can be conducted more conveniently and efficiently.

The Navy, who like other military divisions, is essentially exempt from any environmental regulations, is also the likely source of the anomalous high levels of chromium detected by Ocean Alliance over the past few years.

The Navy and the military-industry complex in general are in fact conducting World War 3 against life as we know it, including ourselves...and we are paying for it with every tax dollar. If the funding of "terrorist activities" was in fact a crime, every person who pays federal income tax would be guilty, and every researcher and organization receiving funding from the Navy...which would include a lot of environmental organizations and cetacean researchers, not to mention the NOAA...would be fully complicit.


Here is the text of a recent email from Rosalind Peterson:

October 6, 2010 Dear Jeff: Please be advised that the U.S. Navy Warfare Testing in the Gulf of Mexico will do the job permanently in the Gulf of Mexico. When President Obama asked the Navy, of all the government agencies to write a oil spill recovery for the Gulf of Mexico they released their report without letting anyone know that the Navy and the U.S. Air Force will be conducting 5-Year Warfare Testing in the Gulf of Mexico. The Environmental Impact Statements are already online. I have put most of this information on my website over the last 1 1/2 years. See U.S. Navy Section. Respectfully, Rosalind Peterson President Agriculture Defense Coalition Post Office Box 499 Redwood Valley, CA 95470 (707) 485-7520 E-Mail: W

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