Sunday, September 03, 2006

RUCAPILLAN VIEW (aka "Villarica" volcano) PUCON, Chile

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"Stupa-fied in Pucon/Climbing Volcan Rucapillan" JEFF PHILLIPS

GREETINGS! My visit to southern Chile is coming to a close, as I prepare to head to the far north in about three days, to experience the high altiplano around San Pedro de Atacama.

I have been living here in Pucon for about three has been an EXTREMELY productive and spiritually enchanted time for me. The town is actually on the outer lava-flow perimeter of the Villarica volcano, or "Rucapillan' as it is called by the indigenous Mapuche peoples from here, meaning "house of God." She is the most active volcano in South America, and the third most active in the world.

From the beginning I could feel the spiritual power of this wonderful place; then I started hearing from people that many regard this area as one of the most powerful spiritual vortices on the Earth right now. I can feel it.

I learned that some Tibetan Buddhist monks built a huge stupa about 25 kms out of town, because they understand the power of this area. Last weekend my friend Paola and I went to the stupa three days in a row, to meditate, to be with the stupa and the trees and energies there; and I did some radically cool photography, not only of Rucapillan in the distance but also some time-exposures of the Milky Way, and one of the Hunab Ku (Mayan for the center of the galaxy, can be seen as a bright patch between the tail of Scorpio and's almost directly overhead in the skies here just after sunset) and the silhouette of the stupa! In the warmer months the monks come and live there; right now, some people come to meditate on the full moon, but other than that, it's just sitting there all alone, bringing down cosmic healing vibrations into a very special place on Earth!

Yesterday I finally got to climb Rucapillan, and it was fantastic. It's about 14 kms of walking over snow and ice, climbing about 1500m on foot. The day was warm but at the higher elevations (the crater rim is at 2847m, or 9340 ft) the wind was high. I think we all got noticeable wind-burn!

We couldn't see any lava, but the sulfuric smoke was constant, and at one point a bunch of ash came flying out, resembling a flock of bats!

I love volcanoes. They are very special places in terms of the Earth. And they are very powerful places, geologically, geomagnetically, and spiritually. Chile has well over 2,000 volcanoes, and 55 of them are classified as active.

Chile has around 10% of all the volcanoes in the world! Almost all of them are stratovolcanoes, and the highest one is Ojos del Salado at 6887m, or 22,600 ft. Its last major eruption was around 1000 years ago. It is almost as tall as Aconcagua, the highest mountain in South America.

Anyway, these photos are not my own, as I am waiting until I return to NZ to get my film processed. One and five are from the web, and the center three are post-card scans!

During my time here I have felt immensely loved by Mother Earth; in my meditations at the stupa, with the Hunab Ku, with the sacred Auracaria trees, the waters, the Gondwanaland energies, and in my relationship with the lovely and powerful volcanoes and the double rainbows, I have given many thanks for the gift of life we all share, and I have asked for guidance and inspiration to do all that I can do here in the final days of industrial civilization...and I have asked for my fellow humans please to wake up before it's too late. Extreme Earth changes are already upon us, and what are we doing?


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Electric universe theorist Michael Armstrong told me that "
Stupas were originally the inverse image of the polar configuration in the sky, correct in detail as to scale and even color...The original stupas were reverse-oriented scale models of the planets lined up as they were presented in "Remembering" [...the End of the World"] Saturn was a large golden hemisphere as the base with a narrow pyramid with the blue-green Venus on top with another pyramid with a red Mars on top of that. Looking at it from the top down you would see what the ancients saw in the sky. This is what we call the "polar configuration". The originals also had the 56 bright Birkeland current spots encircling the whole arrangement, which were represented by 56 pillars surrounding the structure. What with 3 million stupas in the world today, the later builders have lost the original significance, and the design has "drifted" from the precise original form because the builders have lost the knowledge of what they represented. However, the basic elements of the form are always included. Many domed capitol buildings have the same form with a collonade of pillars and Venus atop a pyramid.

for more information see and