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"The whales need us and we need you..." Capt. Paul Watson

"We should really leave those people alone." Musician Ralph Towner, referring to the whales

"We all know the Japanese whalers are EVIL, right? We all know that, in essence, the responsibility for enforcing the "sanctuary" aspect of the
Southern Ocean Sanctuary lies with the governments of Australia and New Zealand who are FAILING MISERABLY in their duty. Here I am in full agreement with Paul Watson...But Watson and Sea Shepherd are day by day becoming more and more like those who they hate...AND THIS IS WHAT I DON'T LIKE. This is why I no longer support Sea Shepherd...all of this hoopla about whaling is totally neglecting the bigger picture, the REALITY of what the threats to ALL WHALES ARE: naval LFA-sonar and other "non-lethal" weapons systems; disruption of habitat and noise pollution; and ocean toxicity from chemical and radiological pollution, including POP's (persistant organic pollutants) and ED's (endocrine disruptors)...So WHO is doing all this, in an astronomically bigger way than the Japanese? HUMAN INDUSTRIAL CIVILIZATION, of which we all are a part; but more specifically, the military-industrial complex and the trans-national corporations who the Pentagon works for...In the Watsonian paradigm, the root of all problems afflicting the whales is Japanese; this is not true by a factor of light-years!" But it makes for great tv!


In the videos below, first you see footage shot on board the Ady Gil moments before the "ramming." The crew are "waving goodbye" to the Bob Barker, and moving at significant speed, as you can see from the foam trail behind them. In the distance you can clearly see the Japanese ship approaching, already in motion. In subsequent footage you see the two boats "collide" but relative motions of the vessels is unclear; obviously, the Japanese boat is moving at speed, and the Ady Gil was moving at similar speed only seconds before.

Two HUGE "discrepancies" between Paul Watson's "version" and what the video footage shows: 1) The Ady Gil was NOT sitting there "stationary" like Watson said, and 2) the Japanese boat didn't "suddenly start up its engines and ram the Ady Gil. The Ady Gil WAS in motion, on a heading close to that of the Jap boat, AND the Jap boat had been visible for a long time, and can be seen in the footage to be coming up behind the Ady Gil. They were both moving at similar speeds on similar courses.

In the footage below, shot from the Japanese security vessel, you can CLEARLY SEE that the Ady Gil was IN MOTION on a heading that would cross the path of the Jap boat; as the video progresses, it looks as if the Ady Gil is actually INCREASING in speed, as you can see from the increased foam trail behind her.

Watson's "version" of what happened is a fabrication, a lie. Sea Shepherd's own footage contradicts his 'story.' The Ady Gil was NOT sitting there motionless; it was actually on a heading to cross the path of the Jap boat. And they saw it coming for a long time.

And EVEN IF the Jap boat appeared to be "aiming" for the Ady Gil, wouldn't you think that any skipper who was awake and paying attention would go "Hey, she's coming a bit in our direction!" THEN use those extremely powerful engines...which were ON...otherwise, we wouldn't see the foam trail from their forward get SAFELY OUT OF THE WAY? They had plenty of time to do this...UNLESS the plan was to LET THEMSELVES BE HIT, even to PLACE THEMSELVES in the path of the Jap boat.

It seems to me as if BOTH SIDES WERE WORKING TOGETHER ON THIS. The Jap boat comes from behind towards them, JUST AS THEY ARE 'WAVING GOODBYE' to the Bob Barker; the Ady Gil seemingly pays no attention to the Jap boat looming up on them, until the "final seconds" when they move directly into the path of the Jap boat, at speed.


Most significantly, there JUST HAPPENED TO BE another boat..Sea Shepherd or Animal Planet people...who JUST HAPPENED to in the PERFECT POSITION to photograph/film the "moment of impact"...WELL BEFORE IT HAPPENED.

All this adds up to BULLSHIT, in particular when you examine the recent history of Sea Shepherd's joint venture with Animal Planet and the completely unbelievable 'dramas' that have "afflicted" Watson and that were "captured on film" by Animal Planet.

Season Four of Animal Planet is already a GUARANTEED HIT!!!

Interestingly, I wrote at length about all this BEFORE this "ramming" incident, as I could already smell the odour of the rotting carcass of 'truth' concerning all this. Read it here:

" 'Bad Actors': Sea Shepherd, Animal Planet, 'Sea-lebrities' and Endocrine Disruptors"

Within hours of the "ramming" incident, the Sea Shepherd web-site had a brand new "DONATE NOW" screen across it! And Watson's "cries of bloody murder" went out across the land, web and airwaves. His New Year's editorial reads like a story-book pseudo-romantic fantasy of good guys and bad guys laced with "tele-nvironmental" rhetoric with themselves as the foci of attention. Check it out...

Here at least Watson has remembered to talk about the whales themselves a little instead of just the "clearly evil Japanese" and the clearly heroic "eco-warriors."


"The whales need us and we need you and together we are all achieving solid results and together we are making a real difference in helping to defend and protect our oceans from the greed of those who are ignorantly and arrogantly intent upon destroying life in our oceans." These are the closing words of Watson's editorial. But who is he talking about?

We all know the Japanese whalers are EVIL, right? We all know that, in essence, the responsibility for enforcing the "sanctuary" aspect of the Southern Ocean Sanctuary lies with the governments of Australia and New Zealand who are FAILING MISERABLY in their duty. Here I am in full agreement with Paul Watson.

If the Australian and New Zealand governments would simply fulfill their international legal responsibility to make sure that the whales here are in no way disturbed, then none of this stupidity with Sea Shepherd, boats getting sunk, fake "made for tv' dramas, etc, etc...none of this would be necessary.

This is not happening, AND Sea Shepherd was doing a great job of being "eco-warriors" UNTIL tv became part of the picture, and the consequent big money interests came into play. Since then, Sea Shepherd's approach has been "made for tv" with unbelievable stuff like the bullet on the badge, the "ramming" of the Ady Gil, etc.

Watson is OBSESSED. They act like that. It's SAVE THE WHALES NO MATTER WHAT...even if it means distorting, lying, and/or staging fake reality for tv. For all I know, Watson may even BELIEVE his own lies.

All this criticism of of the GIANT Watson BY NO MEANS means that I support the Japanese; they are EVIL. But Watson and Sea Shepherd are day by day becoming more and more like those who they hate...AND THIS IS WHAT I DON'T LIKE. This is why I no longer support Sea Shepherd.

Right now, the onus of burden lies with the Australian and New Zealand governments to enforce the reality of the Southern Ocean Sanctuary.

Finally, all of this hoopla about whaling is totally neglecting the bigger picture, the REALITY of what the threats to ALL WHALES ARE: naval LFA-sonar and other "non-lethal" weapons systems; disruption of habitat and noise pollution; and ocean toxicity from chemical and radiological pollution, including POP's (persistant organic pollutants) and ED's (endocrine disruptors).

Sure the Japanese whaling fleet and the butchers of Taiji, as documented in The Cove, ARE the brutish, blood-thirsty, murderous barbarians...and all the other demonizations, too...that Watson constantly bellows. WE ALL KNOW THAT ALREADY. They are easy targets, however; their actions, no matter how gruesome, in reality affect only a tiny percentage of the global cetacean population. It's OURSELVES that we refuse to examine.


The systemic, global threats mentioned above affect EVERY SINGLE CETACEAN ON THE PLANET. And most of us as well. Yet where have you ever heard Paul Watson addressing these issues? Indeed, they are the REALITY yet are totally ignored by the Sea Shepherd people. Why? Because it's too BIG of an issue? Remember, Watson tells us in his editorial that "taking on the might of an entire nation" is not a problem for them. But how about if that nation is Amerika, Inc? In the Watsonian paradigm, the root of all problems afflcting the whales is Japanese; this is not true by a factor of light-years!

" defend and protect our oceans from the greed of those who are ignorantly and arrogantly intent upon destroying life in our oceans." So WHO is doing all this, in an astronomically bigger way than the Japanese? HUMAN INDUSTRIAL CIVILIZATION, of which we all are a part; but more specifically, the military-industrial complex and the trans-national corporations who the Pentagon works for. Trans-continental shipping, military vessels and their noise and chemical pollution; seismic testing and exploration for oil and minerals; indiscriminate dumping of wastes; toxic river run-off from pesticide-laden agricultural lands.

THESE are much more difficult to "taget" as the "enemy"...because it is US...the people watching "Whale Wars" on tv, the people who are donating millions of dollars to Sea Shepherd.

As I understand it, the governments of Australia and New Zealand have decided to send a team of scientists down to "study" the whales. This sounds good at first, as it gives the impression of a "concerned" government...but think again. It's really little more than "PR" designed to deflect attention from the glaring fact that IF the governments of Australia and New Zealand REALLY CARED about the whales, they would stand up to the Japanese and fulfill their duty under international law to uphold the "sanctuary" created in the Southern Ocean to give the humpbacks a safe haven.

That they refuse to do this, yet pretend to care by sending a 'research vessel' is blatant hypocrisy. It seems like EVERYONE is wrong, or going about 'good' things in increasingly wrong ways.

Watson and Sea Shepherd may actually be making things worse than ever for the whales, not only by further angering the Japanese "hornets" but also by contributing more than their share of fossil fuel consumption, noise and now chemical pollution from the Ady Gil, into the Southern Ocean.

We need to "leave those people alone", in the words of Ralph Towner. The Southern Ocean Sanctuary should be totally free of human activity, whether it's whalers, eco-warriors, or scientists.

I read recently that some scientists are declaring that cetaceans now be defined as "people." When you look at what we do to ourselves, this could be the LAST thing the whales need.

And you're right, Captain Watson..."The whales need us..." LEAVE THEM ALL ALONE.


Sunday, January 03, 2010


This is my most recent effort as part of an on-going 'investigative journalism' project to determine what's really going on with the booming 'save the whales' 'reality-media' industry. It's all been smelling a bit "fishy" for some time now; this may shed some light on "non-profit environmentalism for-profit." 'Bad Actor' is a classification for the absolute WORST pesticides, that are acutely toxic, mutagenic, and carcinogenic. It also describes the 'heroes' of the 'save the whales' television blight. It's 'business as usual' with a new twist; and the public continues to be exploited and distracted from far more lethal threats to life as we know it.


Jeff Phillips

“This is Eric Blair, your host for Oceania Today...Stay tuned for Season Four of Whale Wars...William Shatner makes a guest appearance as the Geriatric Capt. James T. Kirk, traveling side-ways in time and beaming aboard the Steve Irwin just in time to arm the intrepid eco-warriors with the latest iPhaser technology before the Japs get theirs from Con (played by Peter Garrett, who also appears as the lead singer of Midnight Whale Oil, performing on the deck of the Steve Irwin as a “psy op” intended to terrify the Japanese whalers; alternately to be played by Al Gore, appearing as hamself, climo-fraudology guru and host of An Inconvenient Harpoon). This season brought to you by Coca-Cola. [no this isn't a joke, Coke has seriously considered advertising on Animal Planet...and why the heck not. Business is business]

“Coke may join anti-whaling bout”

“Whale Wars follows a masterful chess match at the far end of the globe as both Sea Shepherd and the Japanese whalers engage in an environmental showdown that could cost millions of dollars - all while drawing global attention to the practice of whaling.”

Very interesting words from the Animal Planet web-site. As I write now this “masterful chess match” is unfolding for its third season in the Antarctic ocean, and it's all smelling a bit...fishy. I've noticed the odour for quite some time, but it's becoming over-powering. This “showdown” is generating many more millions of dollars than it's “costing”; and the attention being drawn is far more to Watson and his “sea-lebrities” than it is to the whales, who linger beneath the waves, maybe a little bit amused, but not surprised, by the on-going and increasingly necrophilous circus of “homo sapiens.” “What's all this got to do with US?”

I believe that what we are witnessing with Whale Wars is a new order of 'reality-fraud' being perpetrated by (possibly/formerly) good-intentioned “environmental” activists who in recent years have mutated into (distr-) actors employed by mainstream media, engaging in orchestrated “battles” designed simultaneously to boost the ratings of the television shows whose producers are directing it all, to fill the coffers (tax-free, of course) of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and to facilitate the implementation of even less thinly-disguised agendas (cf. “green police”) relating to the UNESCO Earth Charter and its parent organizations.

I stopped subscribing to Sea Shepherd's newsletter a few weeks ago, out of disgust in receiving postings that were little more than thinly disguised marketing directives and solicitations for “donations.” In the last one I got, the first thing I saw wasn't a cute sea mammal, or even Watson, but a picture of a Sea Shepherd coffee-mug!

Watson and crew were my biggest heroes for a while...until I met them in person and felt what bad energy they have; then, when I offered to help them with an “expanded media vision”, as they still to this day have never produced any 'media' of their own...AND, most interestingly, started asking questions about why Watson fails to address the truly global threats to whales that FAR outweigh whaling...threats coming from oil exploration, shipping, whale “watching”, marine toxicity, and U.S. Navy lfa-sonar...THEN they cut me off! See, I was stupid...I somehow actually believed that they really CARED about the well-being of the whales!

I smelled a carcass then, and I smell an even more rotten one now. Whale Wars is the best thing that ever happened to Animal Planet, and therefore to its parent corporation, Discovery Communications.

WHALE WARS Catapults Animal Planet to Top Ten Ranking

Series Delivers More Than 1.1 Million Viewers and Best Friday Telecast in Five Years

(Silver Spring, Md.) Animal Planet's WHALE WARS stormed audiences on its second voyage delivering more than 1.1 million viewers (1.153M P2+), the network's best performing Friday primetime telecast in five years. The momentum for the series grew in its second week garnering a 0.9 household ratings (812,000 homes), an 80% increase compared to the Planet's year-ago November prime average (0.9 vs. 0.5), and +13% increase from the series November 7th debut (0.8 HH).

Animal Planet renews 'Whale Wars' reality series for a third season

Overall, Whale Wars' second season was the second-best performing series in the network's history, averaging 1.08 million total viewers per episode.

“Sea Shepherd not just creating awareness” Andrew Hughes, Australia National University

"Australian National University marketing lecturer Andrew Hughes said it was not just awareness Sea Shepherd had created. The organisation was generating "a lot of money" by linking its powerful images, blog updates, and promise of instant action to online donations.”

When you actually take even a slightly analytical look at Whale Wars and the way it's unfolded, it all seems JUST LIKE IT WAS MADE FOR TV. Not just kind of, IN A BIG WAY. Just like Krudd, Garrett, Robama and 9/11!

The way it's been portrayed all along as a “showdown”, a purely “black and white” “cowboy and Indians” “good guy-bad-guy” thing...EXACTLY LIKE THE OLD WESTERNS. The “good” Sea Shepherd crew and the “clearly evil” Japanese whalers.

Look at the kinds of things that have happened to Watson, for example, getting “shot” by an unidentified (Japanese?) sniper...and the bullet hit him PRECISELY on the metal “sheriff's” badge he had beneath his Kevlar vest! Fired from someone on a moving boat hundreds of meters, right? What is the probability of this being genuine?

http://mpegmedia. 80/news/audio/ audio/200803/ 20080307- paulwatson- news.mp3

Capt. Paul Watson 'shot' by Japanese Whalers

The Captain of the Sea Shepherd anti-whaling ship, the Steve Irwin, claims he has been shot by Japanese whalers during a confrontation in the Southern Ocean.

Paul Watson says members of his crew threw stink bombs aboard the whaling ship, the Nisshin Maru, and the Japanese responded by returning flash grenades.

He says one of his crew was hit by a grenade and received minor injuries.
Mr Watson says he then felt a thud in his chest and found a bullet lodged in his bullet-proof vest.

"... but it also came through and I have this badge and it hit the badge and bent that too so it just left a bruise really on my chest - so it could have - if I wasn't wearing the vest it could have been pretty serious," Mr Watson said.

Then, Watson gets handed an envelope full of “white powder”, just like some members of Congress received just after 9/11. They thought it was anthrax spores, but it was laundry detergent or something!

Skipper sent white powder

Then, Sea Shepherd's video tapes get confiscated by the Australian Federal Police when they arrive in Hobart...because of the power of the “evil Japanese” over the Australian government?

All this was last year. NOW observe how the DRAMA is escalating to higher and higher levels. (Watson says when he speaks that his main objective is to “give the media what they want”, with emphasis on “drama”...yet in the same paragraph confides that “the media is the biggest source of pollution on the planet.” Does this include Whale Who...I mean, Wars?) These articles are from the past week. Note the hype.

Whalers, activists play out a dangerous game

“After an exchange of spray from water cannon, Japan's Shonan Maru No.2 is said to have used a long-range acoustic device to fire an intense sonic burst at a Sea Shepherd helicopter, threatening its pilot.

In turn, the Japanese said that the activists directed a high-powered laser at the whaling ship's crew from the Steve Irwin, risking eye damage, and trailed a line that threatened to entangle in Shonan Maru No.2's propeller and rudder.

Each side has also fixed defensive apparatus to their vessels to prevent boarding - the Shonan Maru No.2 has nets scaling its decks and spiked poles fixed outward, and the Steve Irwin is bristling with a row of spikes around its deck.”

Japan deploys military against Sea Shepherd: Captain Paul Watson

“JAPAN has deployed military personnel on two security vessels sent to protect its Antarctic whaling fleet from intervention by the Sea Shepherd conservation group's flagship, Steve Irwin, its skipper Captain Paul Watson said earlier today.

Speaking by satellite phone, Captain Watson said his ship was being followed by the Japanese security escort Shonan Maru 2 which was employing "military-style” tactics.

This year, the Japanese fleet comprised nine vessels including one factory ship, four harpoon boats, one spotting vessel, one supply ship and two security escorts.

It is authorised to catch 935 Minke, 50 Fin and 50 Humpback whales.
Captain Watson blasted Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett for his empty rhetoric threatening legal action against the Japanese.

'Peter Garrett promised before the (2007) election he was going to take Japan to court, he was going to send a boat down here.'

Sea Shepherd's hi-tech weaponry to harass whalers

The high seas battle between Japanese whalers and Sea Shepherd conservation group has gone hi-tech with the use of a military grade laser, a stealth ship and sonic cannons.

The crew of the Sea Shepherd conservation group's second vessel, the futuristic 90km/h trimaran the Ady Gill, have used a laser called a photonic disruptor to try to blind the crew of a Japanese security ship.

It's all become a bit of a high-tech grade-B "super-hero" kind of thing, with shades of Clint Eastwood and Mel Gibson, not to mention "product placement" for the latest in non-lethal weapons systems manufactured and marketed globally by "defense" contracting anyone with enough money. Isn't it very interesting, to say the least, that BOTH Sea Shepherd and the Japanese whalers have identical state-of-the-art weapons systems to use on each other?

For a long time now it's looked as if both sides of this highly profitable "equation" are being manipulated by the same "orchestrators" or directors. What a convenient opportunity to capitalize on the apathetic public's hero-worship of "eco-warriors" who are "out there doing something" instead of watching "save the whales" letting the public SEE THEM ON TV! What a fantastic opportunity to take the idea of "reality tv" to new dep...I mean, pitting the HEROIC "eco-warriors" against the CLEARLY EVIL BARBARIAN Japanese whalers and by constantly elevating the "conflict" to new levels each season. What a great way to distract the "environmentally conscious" viewing public from REAL THREATS to their health like mobile phones, endocrine disrupting chemicals, and the 'war on independent thought."

The trick is to keep it all going on, to maintain the 'mind-share' momentum; both sides have to be equally matched in sonic artillery, laser disruptors, boat-spikes and virulent rhetoric. I'm pretty sure that NEXT SEASON both sides are going to have actual phasers, just like in the original Star Trek, plus maybe Rush Limbaugh or Oliver North as official spokes-persons. “If it drains, it gains.” You know, I wouldn't be surprised if William Shatner even made a guest appearance on the Steve Irwin next season!

And there WILL BE a "next season." IN NO WAY are the producers of Animal Planet and the Watsonian "sea-lebrity" entourage ABOUT to let this extremely lucrative and highly publicized "conflict" find a harmonious conclusion!!! NO WAY.

Who, you might ask, would be in a position to "orchestrate" this kind of thing from behind the scenes? Well, the producers of Animal Planet and Paul Watson would be logical places to look first. When you're talking money this big, you might consider consultation from "PR" organizations like Hill & Knowlton (known to be affiliated with TAO's, or 'trinary acronym organizations'), for example, who specialize in "fake news" for governments and corporations.

Beyond that, I've discovered some very interesting "common ground" shared by Discovery Communications and the Japanese whaling fleet. It seems that the common link is the Bank of New York and a person by the name of John C. Malone. In recent years he's been one of the top 500 wealthiest people on the planet. He is the CEO of Discovery Holding Company, and is on the Board of Directors of BNY. He also donated several million $ for a new electrical engineering building at his alma mater, Yale University, which is heavily involved in projects for the Pentagon, not to mention being a haven for electronic mind-control research. I have no idea who developed ELRAD technology...but what if it was there?

Check out the letter below, from a Japanese woman who holds "an executive position in a large Japanese bank associated with the fishing industry." This letter was originally written to the editor of a Melbourne-based alternative paper, The Strategy. Another version was written to the editor of the New Zealand Herald.

“On 20 November, 2007, your Prime Minister, Helen Clark, criticized Japanese for “deception” for sending our whaling fleet to the southern ocean last Sunday headed by ship Nisshin Maru.

Nisshin Maru is owned by Kyodo Senpaku Company, 32 per cent owned by Nihon Suisan (Nissui). Nissui owns 50 per cent of New Zealand’s biggest fishing company, Sealord.

As at March 31, 2006, the seven principal shareholders of Nissui were:

The Master Trust Bank of Japan Ltd (20,559 shares),
Japan Trustee Services Bank Ltd (17,711),
Mizuho Corporate Bank Ltd (13650), Mellon Bank as agent for Mellon Omnibus US Pension (Standing proxy agent: The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd)(4719),
Bank of New York GCM Client Accounts EISG (Standing proxy agent:
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ)(4074),
J.P. Morgan Chase Bank 385067 (Standing proxy agent: Mizuho Corporate Bank Ltd) (4030), Goldman Sachs International (Standing proxy agent Goldman Sachs (Japan) Ltd) (3960).

All these banks are not Japanese owned, but are exclusively Anglo/American controlled from the City of London Corporation, a separate banking kingdom in London that now controls the world, that was first setup as a Masonic “Christian” (first Roman Catholic, and after the Reformation, Protestant) ecclesiastical corporation following the conquest of William the Conqueror in 1066 AD.For example, the biggest shareholder in Nissui is The Master Trust Bank of Japan.

As at October 2005 this bank was owned by: Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation (56.5 per cent), Nippon Life Insurance Company (33.5 per cent), Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company (10 per cent). Prior to these banks purchasing The Master Trust Bank of Japan shares, the shares were previously owned by British-controlled Deutsche Bank, the same bank that brokered the sale of 50 per cent of the New Zealand Sealord shares to Nissui from Brierley Investments in January 2001.

Founded in Berlin in 1870, Deutsche Bank became the leading Fascist bank of the Nazis, and under Hitler, it financed much of the construction of Auschwitz concentration camp among others. Under Hitler’s and Mussolini’s dictatorships, Fascism was simply described as “the merger of Christian socialism with corporatization,” or “big business working in collusion with socialist government.” In 1999, Deutsche Bank was forced to negotiate survivor claims as a precondition for its $10.1 billion takeover of Bankers Trust, when at the time it became the world’s biggest bank with total assets of $800 billion. Today it is Germany’s biggest bank and is controlled by the City of London Corporation.

Bankers Trust Australia Ltd is one of the major shareholders in John Fairfax Holdings Ltd, one of Australasia’s biggest media monopolies, that just happens to also own The New Zealand Herald.

Previously, in 1992, when Nelson-based Sealord Products was put up for sale, your government provided your Maori tribes with $150 million, a part of which was used to buy 50 per cent of the Sealord company.

All of the fishing quota transferred to Maori is owned by Aotearoa Fisheries, the holding company of your 52 Maori tribes which hold shares in Aotearoa’s controlling shareholder, the Te Ohu Kaimoana Trust.

Presently about 30 per cent of your entire commercial fishery quota is owned by Aotearoa, and in 1989 your government stated it wanted to transfer at least 40 per cent or more into the company by 2010. In the fishing industry, banks provide loans primarily on the security of quota - not buildings and vessels. It is not hard to see that if Sealord were ever to get into financial difficulty, the banks which hold both the shares in Nissui and debts of Sealord will, in all likelihood, deviously disenfranchise the New Zealand public and indigenous Maori people of their fishing quota, just as they have already done to our small local fishermen and fishing companies here in Japan.

The Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group in Japan is the world’s largest bank by assets with approximately $US1.7 trillion or more. It is one of the largest shareholders in Toyota and acts as the proxy agent for the Bank of New York. The Bank of New York is the oldest bank in the United States, founded in 1784, and was the first corporate stock traded on the New York Stock Exchange when it was founded in 1792. The bank was founded by a Jewish lawyer and banker, Alexander Hamilton (real name Levene) who was an agent of N.M.Rothschild and Sons Ltd in London, and who also became Secretary of the Treasury in George Washington’s first cabinet. He also was responsible for creating and chartering the Bank of the United States in 1791, and for getting Congress to pass the Coinage Act, which established the mint and prescribed the decimal system of coinage which Americans have today.

Another more recent descendant of Alexander Hamilton and the Levene family in London (who also control the Unilever Group, the biggest consumer packaged goods company in the world formed in 1930 as the result of a merger between Britain’s Lever [Levene] Brothers and Holland’s Margarine Unie. In 2005 Unilever generated over US$50 billion in income and had over 350,000 employees) is a gentleman by the name of Peter Keith Levene or better known as Baron Levene of Portsoken. Baron Levene has previously been vice chairman of Deutsche Bank, chairman of Bankers Trust International, and senior adviser at Morgan Stanley-Wasserstein. He is a an Alderman and Magistrate of the City of London Corporation, served as Sheriff from 1995-96 and served as Lord Mayor for the year 1998-99 during which time he promoted London as the chief international financial city of the world.

This program started by him is now being coordinated by the International Financial Services Group London (IFSL) of which he is Chairman. He is also the current Chairman of Lloyd’s, Chairman of General Dymamics UK Ltd, on the board of Haymarket Group Ltd, on the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Borse, China Construction Bank and is a director of Sainsbury Plc.

In all, there are presently over 90 of the City’s biggest and most powerful banks that are members of the IFSL, including the Bank of England and the City of London Corporation itself. The trustees of IFSL are presently Lord Levene, Sir Edward George, and Peter Mimpriss (Allen and Avery).Others are to be added in the future.

The Bank of New York in 2005 had 23,451 employees. It is controlled by a number of giant British banks, has a huge branch in London, and is an affiliate of The Royal Bank of Scotland International.

On December 4, 2006, the Bank of New York (through its Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) agents, Goldman Sachs, Lazard and UBS Investment Banks (all Rothschild / City of London-controlled)announced its $16.5 billion merger (takeover) of the giant U.S. Mellon Financial Corporation in July 2007.

In October 2007, following the Royal Bank of Scotland-led consortium’s EUR 70 billion takeover of Holland’s biggest bank, ABN-Amro, Sir Fred Goodwin head of RBS replaced David Baron de Rothschild on the ABN-Amro Supervisory Board. Currently ABN-Amro alone has over 96,000 employees, over 3,000 branches in 60 countries and assets of EUR 881 billion. The former New Zealand Minister of Finance, Sir William Birch, serves on the ABN-Amro Australia and New Zealand Advisory Council.

In the loan week, September 28 - October 4, 2007, Finance announced that Sealord Group on September 27, 2007, signed for a three year NZ$176 million revolving loan through The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd, the same bank which is the Standing Proxy Agent for Mellon Bank as agent for Mellon Omnibus US Pension, the third biggest shareholder in Nissui, which owns 50 per cent of Sealord shares and 32 per cent of Kyodo Senpaku Company, which in turn owns the whaling ship Nisshin Maru.

In the 1961-62 whaling season, when Japan’s pelagic whaling was at its peak, three fleets were operated by three of Japan’s largest pelagic fishing companies, which included 86 catchers, 14 refrigerator ships, seven tankers, 36 freighters and 10,200 seamen. Not surprisingly, Nihon Suisan (Nissui) was one of those three companies.Nissui is now possibly the largest fishing company in the world. It also controls Gorton’s Seafood Products, the biggest seafood supplier and distributor in USA, which incidentally, it purchased off Unilever in October 2001.

It is not so surprising then to see that it is the very same British-controlled Fascist banking pirates in London that own Nissui, who also own your highly controlled and censored media such as The New Zealand Herald, and that also are the ones who continue to publish lies and propaganda about the Japanese whaling issue. Isn’t it about time these hidden facts were exposed to your people?

Only Employees

Japanese people are only employees, and do not control or own the ship Nisshin Maru, or Nissui Company, and are not responsible for the destruction of the world’s whale populations and global fisheries at all as your media deceptively claims. The real culprits are the money-hungry, immoral, British, American and New Zealand Fascist bankers and businessmen in collusion with compliant politicians.Your Parliament has previously been severely criticized for its duplicity in this matter over Sealord and Nissui, although the shareholders of Nissui, of course, have never been mentioned.

I have visited your beautiful country and found kiwis very nice and friendly, especially in Tauranga, but I have also found, as the result of your highly controlled and censored media, many people are excessively ignorant and poorly informed.

Japanese politicians and businessmen are not perfect either, but unlike Japan, you arrogantly claim to be a Christian country eschewing evil and promoting truth, while your parliament is opened with Christian prayer.

Didn’t the apostle Paul in your New Testament write to Timothy and warn him against immoral puppets like your aligned media who, “speaking lies in hypocrisy,” carry out the spin of wealthy businessmen and bank’s for whom “the love of money is the root of all evil”?

(Miss) Fumiko Morinuki 4/7 Ishikawa -Apt 7, Minami 6JO Higashi 2 Chrome Abashiri-S Hokkaido, 093-0006 JAPAN

The basic story is that the Japanese whaling fleet is at one level owned in part by companies in New Zealand and Australia, but at a higher level is owned by banks in London, Germany, and New York. John C. Malone is the “common ground” between one of these banks, BNY; the Japanese whaling fleet; and Animal Planet/Discovery Communications.

All of this information could be verified and elaborated on by someone with a lot more time and interest than me, and of course it's all just “intelligent speculation.” But the smell of the disingenuous “eco-warriors” battling the “evil Japanese” with increasingly state-of-the-art military-industrial complex weaponry is a bit much to swallow, along with all the “made for tv” “dramas” afflicting the gallant Sea Shepherd sea-lebrities!

And the sheer absurdity, if not hypocrisy of it all boggles my mind. Sea Shepherd has not only brought down into the southern ocean “sanctuary” an ear-shattering “bat-man” speed-boat that is so loud that its crew has to wear ear-plugs, they are now using against the Japanese scaled-down versions of EXACTLY THE SAME KIND OF 'NON-LETHAL WEAPONS SYSTEMS' that the U.S. Navy uses against the whales!!! What kind of sense does this make?

From the perspective of people who actually care about the whales, it makes no sense whatsoever; but from the perspective of people who've become enamoured by their own delusions of grandeur and corrupted by their desire to suck as much money as possible out of the naïve, apathetic and remotely-programmed television-slurping public...IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE.

“This is Eric Blair, your host for Oceania Today...Stay tuned for Season Four of Whale Wars...William Shatner makes a guest appearance as Geriatric Capt. James T. Kirk, traveling side-ways in time and beaming aboard the Steve Irwin just in time to arm the intrepid eco-warriors with the latest i-Phaser technology before the Japs get theirs from Con (played by Peter Garrett, who also appears as the lead singer of Midnight Whale Oil, performing on the deck of the Steve Irwin as a “psy op” intended to terrify the Japanese whalers; alternately to be played by Al Gore, appearing as hamself, climo-fraudology guru and host of An Inconvenient Harpoon). This season brought to you by Coca-Cola. [no this isn't a joke, Coke has seriously considered advertising on Animal Planet...and why the heck not. Business is business.]”

BACK TO REALITY I: A Curious Symmetry

MEANWHILE...back here in reality...the whales in general are in no better shape than they were before Watson signed his contract with RIVR Productions and the Lizard Trading Company. Certainly a few hundred or hopefully thousands of whales have been “saved” by their I've made clear many times before...WHALING ISN'T EVEN CLOSE TO BEING THE BIGGEST THREAT TO WHALES. In the EXACT SAME WAY that “global warming” or “carbon dioxide” is NOT the BIGGEST THREAT TO HUMANITY.

I think I'm uncovering a psy-op modus operandi here called “truth is our weapon”...of course, whaling IS a real threat to whales, but not the biggest; other threats are of a different and higher order. “Climate change” IS a real threat to humans, but not the biggest; other threats are of a different and higher order. But mass-media is used to manipulate the public's perception of these issues, to amplify the low-order variable to the exclusion of the high-order variable. The “low-order” culprit, the “make-believe enemy”, is people, ourselves; the “high order”, or “real” culprit is the military-industrial complex, human industrial civilization itself, and the corporations who comprise it...the same corporations who today own and control global media systems. Yet, paradoxically, they, too, consist of people...comments, Mr. Icke?

And all of this only clarifies the fact that whales and people alike are FAR MORE ENDANGERED at the fundamental biological level by endocrine disrupting compounds than we are by “whaling” or “climate change.”

Did I mention that Discovery Communications also hosts the Military Channel? Maybe this explains why Watson is so reluctant to speak out about the U.S. Navy's low-frequency sonar that explodes the inner ear of cetaceans...and so willing to be armed with the same technologies himself? The last record of a Sea Shepherd representative making a public statement about LFAS is in 2005...the year Watson negotiated his first television contract? Soon on the Military Channel maybe we'll see Capt. Watson personally endorsing the latest model of the ELRAD long-distance ear-exploder..”for Japs only.” Along with Min. Peter Garrett endorsing new military-grade “Clean Green Whale Oil…a SUSTAINABLE resource!”

"Lethal Sounds: Deadly Sonar Harms Whales"

Navy Sonar and Whales

Whales Still Largely Threatened

“While commercial whaling is what first put cetaceans at risk—the IWC’s 1982 moratorium greatly reduced stress on many species—other threats loom larger than ever: Whales the world over withstand ship strikes, habitat deterioration and declining prey. And the smaller cetaceans (dolphins, porpoises and small whales) often drown in huge fishing nets that trawl the ocean scooping up everything in their path.”

Dolphins, Mercury and Toxic Seafood

"Mercury builds up in ocean life through a process called bioaccumulation, in which repeated exposure to low-level toxins builds up to problematic levels over a lifetime.

Oceans become polluted with mercury when atmospheric emissions from coal and industrial plants are transported into the sea. Groundwater contamination is also a source of oceanic mercury

Water samples in a 2006 USGS study showed a 30% increase in ocean mercury levels from 1990s levels

A United Nations study in 2003 states that through the burning of fossil fuels, like coal and cement plants, mercury is rising in the environment at the rate of 1.5 – 3% per year"

Perhaps the greatest TRUE HERO of protecting whales and all life in the sea is Dr. Roger Payne, who is known to many people as the first to record the “songs of the humpback whale.” In recent years he has headed the Ocean Alliance and has just completed a five-year survey to study toxicity levels in cetaceans and oceans globally.

Testimony of Dr. Roger Payne
President, Ocean Alliance

“I am Roger Payne, co-discoverer that humpback whales sing. I am founder and President of Ocean Alliance, in Lincoln, Massachusetts, an organization dedicated to ocean conservation through research and public education. I direct a 32 year, on-going study of the biology of 1500 known Patagonian right whales—the world’s longest continuous study of a whale species based on known individuals.

But I am here today to speak about another Ocean Alliance program called “The Voyage of the Odyssey.” It is aimed at quantifying a serious threat to ocean life from synthetic compounds known collectively as POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants). They include such compounds as DDT, DDE, PCBs, aldrin, endrin, dieldrin, dioxins, furans, etc. Their other name, Endocrine Disrupting Compounds, describes their greatest threat to humans—that some of these compounds are hormone mimics which even at concentrations as low as a few parts per billion can upset fetal development, cause reproductive disorders and malformation of sex organs, compromise immune systems, do neural damage, and, in young children, diminish their ability to concentrate and learn..."

BACK TO REALITY II: Life as we know her

With the mention of endocrine disrupting compounds we now begin to dove-tail with another large body of “activism awareness” I've been dealing with lately, concerning the use of pesticides around the world and the implications/effects of its persistence and concentration in the biosphere and in our bodies.

For now, I leave you with these words, and I challenge ANYONE to explain to me how “whaling” and “global warming” are even remotely as dangerous to life as we know it as this:

“Most people are not aware of the thousands of pesticides and their formulations that are in use today, some of them in huge volumes and on huge acreages worldwide. They comprise acaricides, algicides, antifoulants, avicides, bactericides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, molluscicides, nematicides, piscicides, rodenticides, virucides, and the related plant and insect growth regulators; chemosterilants; bird, mammal and insect repellents, insect pheromones and other attractants. Product formulations may contain more than one active ingredient, as well as synergists, “safeners”, and other ingredients formerly known as “inerts”.

Our particular concern about pesticides is that they have been designed to disrupt biological systems, causing death to target organisms, such as insects or plants. Some actually work by acting on the endocrine systems of insects. The problem is that the biochemistry of most living things is similar enough that humans, wildlife and plants can also be adversely affected by pesticides.”

Rachel...are you with us?

Jeff Phillips
Lyttelton New Zealand

3 December 2010


“Sea Shepherd & Orwell: Ady-Gil/Earthrace Speedboat = Acoustic Nightmare for Whales” Jeff Phillips

“Whale Whores”
South Park recent episode (free torrent download...THIS IS BRILLIANT!

"Unlocking Language in Space and on Earth":

“...boat noise was impacting the communication. The humpbacks were having to 'shout' above the noise, repeating and simplifying their calls to each other, much like humans trying to converse above the din of a noisy party. 'We detected an information decrease of about 28 percent in the presence of boat noise,' says Doyle. “

In the limited visibility environment of the ocean, humpbacks rely upon vocalization for their social behavior, which includes feeding. Shipping traffic was disrupting their communication, and by inference, their social activities."


"In order to identify a "most toxic" set of pesticides, Pesticide Action Network (PAN) and Californians for Pesticide Reform created the term PAN Bad Actor pesticides. These pesticides are at least one of the following: Known or probable carcinogen, as designated by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), US EPA, US National Toxicology Program, and the state of California's Proposition 65 list. Reproductive or developmental toxicants, as designated by the state of California's Proposition 65 list. Neurotoxic cholinesterase inhibitors, as designated by California Department of Pesticide Regulation, the Materials Safety Data Sheet for the particular chemical, or PAN staff evaluation of chemical structure (for organophosphorus compounds). Known groundwater contaminants, as designated by the state of California (for actively registered pesticides) or from historic groundwater monitoring records (for banned pesticides). Pesticides with high acute toxicity, as designated by the World Health Organization (WHO), the US EPA, or the US National Toxicology Program."

FOOTNOTE: I'll send a free dvd of our upcoming film The Chronicles of Balarnia to anyone who tells me the significance of the name "Eric Blair."

Friday, January 01, 2010


Annual Transition Greetings from Lyttelton New Zealand! Here we are on the brink of another year...and what an amazing most-recent cycle of "Earth's-revolution-around-Sun" it's been!!! We began 2009 in Tasmania, and thanks to Holly, Josi, Jonathan and Michelle, we were able to create our very first film,
Cryo 2008, in early January. This was a huge accomplishment for us, and a very exciting one! As well, I'd just replaced my first-ever digital camera (that got stolen in Amsterdam) with an even better one, and my button-finger was itchin' for some action!

Then we went to Flinders Island Tas to visit our friend Arni Balarni, and stayed there for several weeks, living in "semi-permaculture" style with almost no electricity, right next to the sea. Here we first discovered the legacy of Rachel Carson, and her spirit has been with us ever since. At 'Balarnia' we created a massive amount of art, first for Arni then for Jay & Jacki, who also made a lot of things possible for us! We were at Arni's when the bush-fires raveged Melbourne, but didn't know about it for a few days. We returned to mainland Tas and house-sat for our friend Jo in Deloraine, where we finished up our film and began to distribute it in our network of friends. And I have to thank Kim Clark for having us at Jackie's Marsh, as it was there that I first discovered that my D700 could actually photograph the Milky Way!

In May we returned to mainland Australia and made our way west along the Great Ocean Road, and experienced the enchantment of the Grampians, or
Gariwerd, for the first time. Then we headed for the Flinders Ranges, and experienced the magic and power of Adnyamanthaha country. In this area we had nice visits with plasmocosmic researcher John McGovern and our friends Bob & Sue Tulloch.

We traversed the Nullarbor by thumb and made our way to Albany WA where Gus, Julie, Petrol and Kurty-kurt had us for several weeks, where we again got heaps of creative projects done, as well as making major headway on our second film,
The Chronicles of Balarnia, about our time at Arni's on Flinders Island. On Gus's tv on July 15 I witnessed on ABC news first that Greenpeace "officially declared" "global warming" to be THE major threat to know the story...THEN following immediately was Australian Minister of the Environment Peter "do the" Garrett, verifying that the Rudd administration "officially declared" that more uranium mines could be opened/expanded. You might remember Garrett as the skeletal lead-singer for Midnight Oil, whose every song conveyed warnings of environmental destruction and CIA manipulation of Australian government affairs. He's not the most popular person in Australia these days. All this prompted me to write an article called "Nuclear Australia: In Support of Cancer, Terrorism, and Depopulation." Last week I learned that Greenpeace redacted their 15 July declaration as a falsehood.

After Albany we visited Pemberton, the "Tasmania of Western Australia", visited some friends in Perth, and then headed up to visit Martin & Ellen in Kalbarri, our lovely friends for whom we'd done a major mural two years before. We had amazing wilderness experiences at the coastal Red Bluff cliffs and the Murchison river gorge before we headed north to visit Karijini National Park in the Pilbara.

At Denham in Shark Bay, we experienced the
Aquarush fiasco. This was where we thought we were going out on a catamaran to see some whales but it ended up being a military-grade speed-boat that was quite literally a "meat-grinder" as well as an acoustic nightmare. We witnessed the operator plowing through flocks of birds and driving the boat at speed while looking through binoculars. The one whale that was spotted fled the area to keep from being harassed by this "eco-tour." We felt extremely endangered by how this guy was operating the boat, at speeds that were totally irrational and dangerous, especially in shallow waters teeming with life-forms, and in a World Heritage area. When we got off, we told him that we didn't think he should be allowed to operate a boat like that there, and asked if he'd ever hit anything. "Not that I know of" was his instant response. A couple weeks later I received an email from a Denham resident informing us that the boat operator had actually hit and killed a snorkeler around Christmas of 2008. Not only had he killed someone, he lied about it AND was still operating unfettered by any kind of government investigation or enforcement. Not only because Liesbet and I, and all the other passengers were put at serious risk, but also because EVERY DAY THAT GOES BY this guy is endangering not only his passengers and any wild-life in or near his path, not to mention himself, and ALSO because this kind of thing is happening all over the world, whereever speed-boats are allowed to operate in areas rich in shallow--water sea-life...because of all these things I have filed a complaint with first the premier of Western Australia, Colin Barnett, who then "passed the buck" to Minister of Tourism/Education Elizabeth Constable, who then "passed the buck" to Minister of Environment Faragher and Minister of Transport O'Brien. Fremantle-based Center for Whale Research scientists Curt and Micheline Jenner state in their doco Whalesong that whale-watching is by far the most serious threat to the well-being of cetaceans in the entire Kimberly region. So what happens when there's no one left to "pass the buck" to? Maybe we can get the Sea Shepherd team, which now includes New Zealander Pete Bethune's 'wave-piercing' Ady Gil speed-boat (it's so loud that crew has to wear ear-plugs, and it's sound levels are amplified by under-water physics in the whales' hearing range), along with the now-permanent Animal Planet tv-crew, to sneak up on Gregg Ridgely on the Aquarush and blast him with motor noise even greater than his own!!! Would this be "fighting shite with shite" or what? Or, more likely, if these guys ever met, they'd probably have to have a RACE in honour of all the testosterone floating about!!! This "battle of the blasters" would make GREAT TV...but LOOK OUT WHALES!!!

After Shark Bay we headed north to Karijini and had an awesome time there thanks not only to the beauty of the Rainbow Serpent but also to Mike and Jana, a lovely couple from Czech who invited us to join them as they traveled around Karijini. Because of their coolness we were able to visit a lot more of the extremely remote areas than we would have if we were hitching; Hammersley gorge proved to be the most fantastic of all...the dream-time is alive and well there! Plus, in the Pilbara we had about three solid weeks of warm sun and blue skies, something we'd seen precious little of since Flinders Island in February. Our moods were elevated along with our vitamin D levels.

Now that we were within our final month in Australia for this visit, we had to become a litlle more "time-conscious" than we had been in the profoundly
time-less Pilbara, reckoned by top Aussie "rupistemologist" Robert Bednarik to be the most powerful region on the planet This didn't mean that we had to freak out about 2012...only that we had to be in Melbourne before our flight on September 23rd.

After a lengthy consideration of everything, we decided not to hitch-hike back across the Nullarbor, but to take the "no-longer-mighty" Indian-Pacific train from Perth to Adelaide; then we hitched out of Adelaide and re-visited our belovely Gariwerd (Grampians) for a couple days before arriving in Melbourne, to visit Rachel, Ian and Josh. Rach took us to visit (still-legendary-but-not-spooky) Hanging Rock, which we found to be very enchanted. Most Australians know of "the rock" because of the early-70's Peter Weir film Picnic at Hanging Rock, in which several school-girls "disappeared" into the rocks. The film made it look like something weird happened, maybe even 'foul play.' But I learned from a Philip Adams essay that in the novel on which the film was based, the girls reappear unharmed a few weeks later, just as mysteriously as they had vanished.

Our flight from Melbourne to Auckland was delayed a little from Sydney, but later in the day from our friends' place in Takapuna we learned of the unprecedented major dust-storm that had raged across south-eastern Australia, and shut down airports all along the eastern seaboard. Our flight was one of the very last ones to be able to leave that day.

And we were even more stunned to learn that most credible scientific people in Australia were acutely aware that this dust-storm, the likes of which hadn't been seen in Aus in over 70 years, was bearing radio-active materials, ranging in strength from low-level mining tailings to high-level plutonium lying on the ground at the Maralinga nuclear test site. the nuclear scenario had not yet even come into existence the last time a storm like this hit Aus. This was a MAJOR wake-up call to Australians, not to mention the world, about the environmental mobilization of highly toxic materials made possible by irresponsible human activity. We felt as if the Rainbow Serpent had whisked us out of the way just in the nick of time. Thanks, Baime.

Safely in "green and clean " New Zealand, we journeyed immediately to Great Barrier Island, where, courtesy of John and Peggy-Anne, we were able to spend the next ten weeks in one of the most wonderful, productive and enlightening environments ever, in our own little house two-minute's walk from the beach, with full active & passive solar hot-water/power, broadband internet, and rain-water. Here in this magic womb we really became attuned to "bird consciousness" and, much like at Arni's on Flinders Island, we were constantly in touch with the rhythms of the sea. Swimming in the ocean became second-nature, especially to Liesbet who sometimes went several times per day! We planted heaps of veggies and flowers, and nurtured them from seed to half-a-meter in some cases...huge silver-beet was edible long before we left, tomatoes were bearing tiny ones, sun-flowers were soaring and pumpkin a'spreading, too...SO wonderful to have a wee garden!

The spirit of Rachel Carson was with us all the way, and it was on Great Barrier that I first heard of Clyde and Steve Graf, the hunters-turned-film-makers who had made a doco called
Poisoning Paradise, about the on-going widespread use of 'super-toxin' 1080 all over New Zealand. 1080 is so dangerous to humans that for this reason it's use is banned in almost every country in the world, yet 4 tons, or approximately 85% of all that is manufactured yearly, is deployed by DOC in New Zealand. The stated purpose is to control the population of possums, imported from Australia in the late 1800's, which allegedly is running out of control, defoliating forests and eating bird eggs everywhere.

I've already covered this whole story in recent weeks; the Graf brothers' film documents in great detail, with in-depth field work and interviews with top scientific minds (who DON'T work for DOC), the reality of what 1080 does to any and all vertebrates, not only possums, but pets, cows, horses, deer and birds, including the native kiwis and keas. And people.

It kills them very slowly as they writhe in a tortuous and convulsive agony; and in the case of wild-life, their poisonous carcasses lie there to rot in streams and soil, and/or to be eaten by other animals, who then concentrate the residue in their own bodies.

Clyde Graf sums it up in the same basic, common-sense way that Rachel Carson did:
what kind of sense does it make to poison EVERYTHING when it's just one target species you're after?

My response was that maybe it's not just the "target species" who's actually the target.

As I began to look deeper into the whole pesticide scenario, things got a lot scarier when I realized that the active ingredient in 1080 is fluorine, the most reactive element on the periodic table, and "cousin" of uranium due not only to its extreme toxicity and ability to induce cancer, but also because of its history with the military-industrial complex and nuclear weapons establishment.

That fluorine is THE mac-daddy of all toxins became very clear; because of its presence in things from pesticides, to pharmaceutical drugs, to agricultural products, to toothpaste, Teflon and CFC's...not to mention 60% of public drinking water supplies in America and New Zealand...chronic fluorine toxicity probably affects more people adversely than does the ionizing radiation from nuclear materials. And its primary source is as waste-products from the processing of uranium and the manufacture of aluminium, steel and computer monitors. Through ubiquity it has attained invisibility.

These revelations were quite profound, and after a lengthy "web-battle" with Australians who didn't want to believe that their dust-storm was radio-active, here was an even bigger battle, with people who believe the "clean and green New Zealand" propaganda and refuse to accept the hard-core reality of what 1080 is and does.

In conjunction with researcher William Engdahl, who authorized me to post extensive excerpts from his book
Seeds of Destruction, I created a new blog dedicated to the "Rachels Carson of Today", in honor of the spirit of life, and to help us all become aware of the results of our actions (or inactions) as participants in the "war on nature" which is what human industrial civilization truly is.

All along Liesbet and I have loved the whales and dolphins, on whose planet we are living. No matter where we are, we feel their presence, their consciousness. All this year we have felt them getting "closer" to us, in mind and spirit. We saw some on the boat to Great Barrier Island; there, Liesbet had several sightings, and then one day while we were swimming, three dolphins came out of nowhere and circled us a couple times, less than a meter away. We were blown away...we felt as if we'd been "treated" with some kind of special energy. And it was as if they had come to say "Keep up the good work...and thanks!" This encounter came pretty much at the pinnacle of our realizations about the connections between 1080, fluorine, uranium, vaccinations, 'global warming' and the global 'depopulation' agenda; the dolphins empowered us deeply, to say the least.

With great sadness we left our "home on Great Barrier" and made our way south to the major volcano complex at Ruapehu/Tongariro. The weather was bad, so we just stayed put for three days working on our film, yet in the embrace of the volcano deities.

We stopped off north of Wellington to visit with 1080 activists Kate Winters and Tony Adamson and their five awesome hound-dogs. Kate woke up to the 1080 thing after being poisoned herself in 1998, and is now one of New Zealand's most vocal activists. After sharing a lot of information, we crossed Cook Strait and made our way to the south island. We gradually caught the awesome vibe here that I love so much, and spent a couple days in Picton and reconnoitering places to visit in the Marlborough Sounds area before visiting picture-esque but tourism-over-run Kaikoura. Here, like in Denham, we were confronted with businesses established to capitalize on tourism at the extreme expense of native wild-life. In Kaikoura were dozens of "Gregg Ridgely's" operating noisy and disruptive "eco-tours" using boats, planes and even helicopters to "watch" whales.

These tour-operators are incredibly stupid; they have no idea that just because a whale might not "flee" from their sonic attack and invasion of privacy, it doesn't meant they
like it or aren't adversely affected by it. Or maybe they know, and just don't care...because there's easy money to be made. Psychologist Erich Fromm called this the 'marketing character', a new development in the make-up of capitalized-man, and a form of what he referred to as the "necrophilous personality."

Dr.Laurance Doyle of the SETI Institute in California reports that..."boat noise was impacting the communication. The humpbacks were having to 'shout' above the noise, repeating and simplifying their calls to each other, much like humans trying to converse above the din of a noisy party. 'We detected an information decrease of about 28 percent in the presence of boat noise,' says Doyle. In the limited visibility environment of the ocean, humpbacks rely upon vocalization for their social behavior, which includes feeding. Shipping traffic was disrupting their communication, and by inference, their social activities."


Also, "by inference", tourism traffic in boats, planes or choppers is equally disruptive to any wild-life it seeks to exploit, whether it's whales, dolphins, or seals.

In Kaikoura the muse of volcanoes beckoned to us once again, drawing us to the lovely town of Akaroa, Maori for "long harbor", where we spent the Christmas week at the best caravan park we've ever stayed at, at least until the 'circus' arrived and set up camp all around our beautiful site, by far the best and most isolated in the park until then. We shifted sites on our last night, which was ok; from our new site we had a much better view of the volcanic crater in which the harbour lies, and on our last morning there we saw the legendary "long white cloud" for which Aotearoa is known...and named!

Now we're "studio-sitting" for our lovely friend Peter Stephen, New Zealand's top luthier and all around great guy! He's gone with his girls up to Golden Bay for a week, while Liesbet and I take care of his garden, paint rocks, bake bread and lasagna, play on the various instruments around, and, yees, write on the trusty lap-top. In the next couple days we will put the finishing touches on our second film
The Chronicles of's at the next level of film-making beyond Cryo 2008. And when Peter returns we are going to start on the state-of-the-art acoustic guitar he is building for me; it's going to have a set of "drone" or resonating strings that cross the sound-orifice, similar to John McLaughlin's Shakti guitar. And soon I'll be recording some new music with wizard Ian McAllister for the first time since 2007, possibly creating new music for our third film! I'm excited...


Writing this brief journale of the past year has made me realize what a TRULY FANTASTIC year it's been...and how much we ALL have to be thankful for.

I see the major themes as clear as ever...the beauty and power of nature juxtaposed against the stupidity of irresponsible human actions...leaving in its wake the carcasses of ecocide, of genocide...of ourselves.

All the damage being done by humans could easily be STOPPED...if we wanted to.

The further we go, the less optimistic I am about this actually occurring; the more I learn, the more the opposite seems to be the case.

But we KNOW that miracles are not only possible, they are all around and within us. And in this "sacred moment of time" we want to say THANK YOU to all our friends and family who continue to make us possible, and to the spirit of life, our guardian angels and the Great Spirit for allowing us to be a part of their amazing art we call the universe!

HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM JEFF & LIESBET (&Snoetje, Teddy & Freddy)