Thursday, July 16, 2009

"NUCLEAR AUSTRALIA: in Support of Cancer, Terrorism, and Depopulation" JEFF PHILLIPS



Today is the 64th anniversary of the Trinity test in New Mexico, the first atomic explosion; three weeks later the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were obliterated in what geoscientist/nuclear researcher Leuren Moret tells us were termed "tests two and three." The implication is that these genocidal attacks, using a destructive technology of astronomically greater power and lethality than previous ‘conventional’ weapons’, were not actually the "military response to Japanese aggression" the public was led to believe, but were in truth performed as a way of testing nuclear weapons on populations of living human beings, something that could not ‘legimately’ be done, except as an "act of war."

Yesterday the Australian government announced that it had officially over-turned its long-standing "three mines" position regarding the extraction of uranium and that a new, fourth mine was now slated for the immediate future, even as the Olympic Dam mine at Roxby Downs is being expanded to become the largest open pit mine in the world, atop her largest single deposit of uranium.

The move to expand Australian uranium mining began in the last days of the Howard administration, when the nuclear juggernaut was unleashed; the Rudd administration, starring luminary "actician" Peter Garrett, has performed well in their real job as public relations functionaries for the forces of imperial globalization who employ them, like Rupert Murdoch. Their mission: look believable, seem genuinely concerned, and say anything the public wants to hear, as long as it doesn’t draw attention to real issues or to real aspects of issues that the public is ignorant of.

The people of Australia, not to mention the world, should by now be aware that recent "regime rotations" here and in America are that and only that: new faces on the same rotting corpse of "democracy" and "public service". The transition from Bush and Howard to Obama and Rudd is an exact repeat of the transition from Bush 1/Quayle to Clinton/Gore: "scary monster/moron" to "likable guy with nice hair/quasi-ethnic." Rudd and Obama are truly little more than new "genetically modified" forms of puppet whose "strings" are not cotton or nylon but cords of reward from the New World Order: money, power, prestige, a guaranteed berth in the "Doomsday bunker" of choice, free state-of-the-art anti-radiation/nano-technology "immortality" drugs, and ‘special privileges’ on their micro-chip implant. Did I mention free make-up?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Rudd and Garrett campaign on a platform of "no more uranium mines", not to mention "stopping the Japanese whalers"? Yes and no…surely they gave a powerful impression that this is where they stood; this is exactly what the public wanted and needed to hear. But if we go back and analyze their exact words, we would find it to consist of very slippery lawyer-speak. In other words, it’s perfectly clear that it doesn’t matter what they say; the same wheels of corporate globalization are grinding on behind the scenes. Whales are still getting speared and giant holes dug in the ground…but Kev and baldie keep on smiling! "You see, I take this job SERIOUSLY!"

The people of Australia and the world should be aware of this…but are they? Based on the cross-section of people who I know or am in touch with, I’m not so sure. I used to think that as a whole, people were waking up, but these days I regret to report that the opposite seems to be the case: it’s my impression that people as a whole are sinking ever more deeply into a kind of trance-like "unreality" not dissimilar from The Matrix. And it’s not so much that the people don’t or can’t understand, it’s that they don’t actually want to know or understand!

Astronomer/anti-nuclear activist Carl Sagan noted the irony of a world so dominated by "technology" yet inhabited by people who as a whole are almost totally ignorant of even the most fundamental scientific knowledge. You don’t have to be able to explain what ionising radiation is or does to know that it’s bad for you, in my "reality", at least. In a phone conversation with Australian film-maker David Bradbury two years ago, he said that not only are the people ignorant, they want to "stay ignorant." His words, just after the release of his extremely important film "A Hard Rain", which details the reality of the Australian/global nuclear scenario…NOT the Orwellian/Murdochian candied disinformation being spoon-fed into the public mind.

Interestingly, yesterday’s uranium mine announcement on ABC News was directly preceded by a story on how Greenpeace and Al Gore have "officially confirmed" that "global warming" is now PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE…ousting Osama bin Laden and swine flu! A few months ago I was told by an Australian researcher that a "scientific consensus far greater than that on Newton’s laws" exists on "global warming." This was interesting, as any real scientist knows that Newton’s laws are not valid in the quantum universe!

The obvious purpose of putting the "global warming" story directly before the "uranium mine" story was, of course, 1) to scare people into thinking that "global warming gonna get us" and 2) to accept uranium mining (= all things nuclear) as a "solution."

This is a perfect example of what media analyst Noam Chomsky calls "manufacturing consent." It’s a time-honored mass-media technique of using "experts" and "celebrities" to convince the public to want something they don’t really want or to believe something that is actually quite incredible. Here we have Al Gore, who is both "expert" and "celebrity." Maybe he’s the first in a new line of "exlebrities." Even if you bought the dubious "science" of An Inconvenient Truth, as many have, you should have at least busted him on his attitude towards his "ruined presidency" and 9/11; in the wake of the administrative and constitutional coup d’etat that illegally installed Bush when Gore appeared to have won, followed shortly by the obvious inside-job/psy-ops event of 9/11, instead of being outraged and distancing himself from the over-throw of the government he professes to love so much, he proved himself to be a "player" by simply acquiescing and awaiting his next "assignment", as the guru to launch the "global warming" meme. And if you think that Greenpeace…invariably money-hungry, like all corporations…is not capable of, you know, "fudging the facts" just a little in exchange for a few million dollars of tax-free donations…I’d think again! Remember…George Orwell said that "omission is the greatest form of lying."
All of this is one of many examples of how the public of today has been thoroughly brain-washed through decades of the "mental genetics" imposed by the "global domination" elites using mass-media, a pervasive agenda of mind-control which has bred a lemming-like society of consumers who are not only scientifically ignorant in general, but who have failed to recognize mass-media and specifically television as the "non-lethal weapons systems" they were designed to be.

Albert Einstein foresaw this scenario, and warned in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists in 1952 that independent thought might be extinguished due to the "shrewd methods of psychic and intellectual influence" brought to bear by the concentration of political and economic power into the hands of small elites.
This is one of the most important insights I know of concerning what is happening in the world right now. Our thoughts, beliefs, and information are not our own; our minds are filled with what the largest corporations have sold us. WE are their product now.

Despite increasingly obvious and overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the public refuses to accept the fact that almost ALL leaders, officials, and politicians these days are not only pathological liars, they are also minions of the global organized crime syndicates that disguise themselves as corporations, banks, governments and "trans-national" entities known by "two-or-three-letter acronyms"…UN, G8, FDA, WHO, IMF and so on.
Mass-media in all its various forms is essentially a global propaganda machine owned and operated by a consortium of seven or fewer corporate entities; the faces come and go, as do the trends and styles, and the techniques are constantly refined…but the message remains the same: "We are the authority. Believe what we say, do what we tell you. Trust us, we care. Conformity is cool. Muslims are not. Spend. Sleep. Die." Television has become the ultimate dictator and almost no one can even see it!

Only a public who is totally ignorant could possibly believe that the "global warming" scenario being described could be valid. The technologies of manipulation have been quite effective; "safeguards" are built in, so that, for example, if you question "global warming" then you are labelled as either someone who doesn’t care about the environment or who doesn’t think that what humans are doing to the Earth is bad…very much like if you were to criticize Israel for their genocidal attack on Lebanon, using radiological/DU (depleted uranium) weapons, exactly three years ago now, which I did…then you’re labelled as being "anti-Semitic."

Even IF the "Gore hypothesis", which it really should be called, were true, then we are faced with rising sea-levels, and possibly storms of greater frequency and intensity. But it’s not going to happen overnight, and really, it’s just a lot of water! People might have to move, and learn to build boats, or their houses might get blown down…but it’s not like it’s a poison or something. And it’s certainly not a "catastrophe." A lot of scientists who AREN’T on the "global warming" payroll (or who aren’t trying to capitalize on it) are quick to point out that carbon dioxide is not only NOT a toxin, it’s an essential nutrient for plants…just as essential as oxygen is for us. The Gore-ru’s also fail to mention that water itself is a far more powerful "greenhouse gas" than carbon dioxide! Nor do they mention the other two of the well-known atmospheric "Big 3": acid rain and (stratospheric) ozone depletion.

But by far the most significant thing that the Gore-ru celebriperts fail to tell us is that it’s our closest star, i.e., the Sun, that is an astronomically greater influence on EVERYTHING that happens on this planet than anything humans can do, even at their worst/best!

An unspoken dimension exists concerning "global warming", one that scientifically literate people have been aware of for many years but the public thinks of as "conspiracy theory." This is an atmospheric heating technology called HAARP, or "High Altitude Auroral Research Project." Based in Alaska, it is euphemistically described as a research tool for studying the ionosphere; what it really is is a microwave transmitter array that heats the upper layers of the Earth’s atmosphere with giga-watt levels of energy in order to influence air and moisture currents for the purpose of weather/climate modification. Decades ago the U.S. Air Force claimed that they would "own the weather" by 2020; HAARP was scheduled to come fully on-line in 2006…just about the time that An Inconvenient Truth came out! It is quite possible that HAARP technology is being used surreptitiously to melt the polar ice caps, not only fuelling the "global warming" hysteria, of "control through fear," but also fulfilling two other "elitist" agendas: depopulation through weather-war, and allowing access to mineral deposits that have been buried under ice. Some people even think that HAARP may have been involved in the Melbourne fires earlier this year, which displayed previously unseen heat-levels and other anomalies; a symposium on "extreme weather" was being held in Melbourne that very week-end, and it is rumoured that both Tony Blair and Rupert Murdoch were in town at the same time…to witness what "the latest technology" is capable of?

"Climate change" is a lot more intelligent and less hysterical way to describe these scenarios than "global warming", which to me sounds like it has elements of "swine flu" and "Osama bin Laden", two media-entities that hardly ever existed outside the tv. Climate change, as any reasonably informed person knows, is a fact of life on this planet; the Earth has undergone and will always undergo climate changes, all fundamentally driven by fluctuating energies from the sun, as well as being affected by the occasional volcanic eruption or asteroid impact. Human-induced climate change is an experiment we’re living in, with almost totally unknown dynamics and outcomes. Global warming, on the other hand, is made to sound as if it could kill us all tomorrow! The reality is that we ARE killing each other and ourselves RIGHT NOW…but it’s not through "global warming."

That human industrial civilization is harming the Earth and all her life-forms is a vast under-statement; au contraire, we appear to be destroying in a few decades what Mother Earth has caringly nurtured for billions of years! Our planet seems to have undergone "mass extinction events" several times since the genesis of life, but this is the first time that such an event has been caused by the actions of a single species. That would be us, homo sapiens, "man, the wise." Yet, the fact remains that we are a part of nature.

Despite the fact that all our "knowledge" of past events, particularly the extremely distant past, is quite abstract…it’s not hard data like measuring the weight of a rock, it’s models and simulations extrapolated from evidence we find here and now…we can be fairly certain that these "mass extinctions" were real; but the time-frame they occurred over is harder to pinpoint. When you’re talking "geological time" then a few tens or even hundreds of thousands of years isn’t very long.

Today, however, through the use of our most advanced technologies, we’re making dozens of species go extinct every day; we’re destroying in weeks habitats and wilderness areas that have been developing for tens of millions of years; here in Australia old-growth forests continue to be clear-felled and uranium mining is expanding to unprecedented levels. In summation, we are rendering the planetary biosphere unfit for life as we know it.
Chief Seattle said, "What we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves." Chief Seattle didn’t speak English, but the point is clear. "Ironic" or "paradoxical" hardly do justice to the fact that it is US…humanity…who have become the only "agent of mass-extinction" to have originated from within the ranks of life herself. And not only are we a threat to the health of all the life-forms with whom we share this planet, as well as to the health of the Earth herself; we are our own greatest enemy. Whether or not this is our "nature" or "just a phase we’re going through" could be the question of the millennium.

This article is not the place for an in-depth discussion of "human nature", nor for a cataloging of devastation, and not even for a foray into the limits of human "knowledge."

But common sense tells us that WE…that is, the totality of all humans…are wreaking inestimable and irreversible destruction on life as we know it and on the Earth…and we ALL are responsible. We are not some kind of alien invader, nor are we as yet a "trans-genic" parasite; we are a unique member of the kingdoms of life, and of no greater or lesser importance than any other species. That we seem to believe differently of ourselves is a testament to the species dementia in whose grip we now flounder on the brink of extinction.

That as a whole we seem to have lost the plot is clear. We are NOT the only species of life that really matters, with everyone else subordinate; the Earth, her body and children are not "resources" for us to consume at will…they are sacred members of the family of life; "global warming", even if it were real as presented by the "exlebrities", is NOT EVEN CLOSE to being as much of a "catastrophe" as many other things that humans are doing to the Earth and to each other.

The Earth and pretty much all of life, with the exception of the microbe kingdom, is under the knife of industrial civilization; in a literal nano-second of geological time, this single-species artifact of creativity-gone-crazy has become one of the greatest threats to life this planet has ever experienced…a true "doomsday device." And most of the really dangerous stuff is happening NOW, in our life-times, in our generation. WE are the ones who are doing it, or, just as bad, allowing it to happen.

The side-effects of industrial civilization are bad enough. This would include things like deforestation, desertification, loss of habitats; the killing and enslavement of animals; mono-culture; excess carbon dioxide (the "evil" son-of-bin-Laden) is of course a by-product of fossil fuel combustion, and, although non-toxic, is indeed a "greenhouse gas." The mega-machine basically runs on fossil fuels.

But there are many other far deadlier substances in automotive or coal-fired power plant emissions; moreover, millions of toxic compounds and substances are produced and released into the biosphere every day, in unbelievable quantities, into soil, air and water. This is chemical pollution, and Rachel Carson warned us about this in 1962.

Since then other technologies inimicable to life have proliferated, in particular electromagnetic pollution. Biomedical researchers have long been aware of the destructive and mutagenic effects of fields generated by high-tension power lines, for example; with the advent of mobile phones and wi-fi, a whole new level of energetic saturation of the biosphere has occurred, bringing with it a wave of disease.

Other biomedical researchers have realized that the reality behind the pharmaceutical industry has never been to make people well; au contraire, these drugs as a whole were designed from the beginning to create illness.

In Carson’s day DNA had just been discovered, but the intent of genetic engineering was already there: to use as a eugenics technology. The uninformed might think it’s just an advanced form of "breeding" but this is not the case; genetic engineering involves inserting or "splicing" genetic material between radically different forms of life. The result is "franken-foods" and monstrous "life-forms" with no precedent in nature. Genetic engineering is very similar to how a virus functions; self-replicating biological pollution is the result, and it’s already been released globally.

When Rachel Carson released Silent Spring, the world had become acutely aware of the danger of the nuclear scenario; but the threat was that of "nuclear war" using B-52’s or ICBM’s. Only recently, decades later, has it slowly been revealed that the actual danger from the nuclear scenario is NOT that of a "war" as such, but from the continued production and release of nuclear materials into the biosphere…on-going since 1945, EVERY reactor creates thousands of tons per year of the most deadly substances known to man…substances which are "safe" ONLY if successfully isolated from the biosphere. This problem has NO solution; there is literally NO WHERE to put it that is safe and from where it can’t escape. Thousands of tons of high-level waste are generated each day from the 400+ non-military (alone) reactors around the world. Over 75% of France’s electricity is nuclear in origin. They simply bury it in the ground…that is, until they can complete the deal with the Rudd administration to allow the waste to come into Australia, via the ports of Darwin and Fremantle, and be transported via rail to unspecified sites on sacred Aboriginal land in the central desert.

We all know of the 2000+ above ground/atmospheric nuclear "tests" that have taken place since 1945, and the assorted fission products and isotopes in our bones and tissues. What most people aren’t aware of is that these tests weren’t really "tests" of how the warheads were going to explode…they were different kinds of tests…biological tests…to irradiate the human population and global biosphere and to study the effects. Leuren Moret has charts that show the wind distribution patterns from tests in America; according to her research, the scientists claimed to have irradiated every single person living in America who was alive during a window of years in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. Leuren’s big realization, after years of digging plus being mentored by Dr. Marion Falk, who was a scientist on the Manhattan Project, was that nuclear weapons were designed from the beginning not to be used to blow up buildings or countries but to spread ionising radiation as a biological warfare weapon to depopulate the world and to destroy the human genome.

It’s interesting to note that television was originally referred to as "the atomic bomb of the mind" by military strategists. Few people in today’s world who watch several hours of tv per day actually realize what they are exposing themselves to: a form of electromagnetic irradiating technology which from its inception was known to induce a hypnotic trance-line state in which the viewer uncritically assimilates whatever message is there AND, while giving the appearance of choice and diversity, is actually highly centralized in control, to the point of being totalitarian in the extreme, and essentially is the voice of the few huge corporations who control it. Sure, some of it seems like "benign entertainment", but the main effect is physiological, regardless of content.

Statistics on television consumption are mind-boggling; I remember reading that something like 99.99% of all homes on the planet who have electricity, have at least one tv. And who watches five minutes a day…it’s more like five hours! So if we say there’s five billion people out of 6.4 billion who have access to tv (it’s probably a lot more) and they spend five hours per day watching, that’s a staggering 25 billion "person-hours" of waking time PER DAY spent absorbing what is essentially a corporate/military-industrial complex media agenda. That’s approximately HALF of all the waking consciousness of humanity.

I think that NOW we’re getting at the root of the problem. All of this time we’ve been spending in front of the tube since the 1950’s has rotted our collective psyche to the point that now we’ll believe ANYTHING as true and real. We’ve become so conditioned to getting our "reality" from tv that now, no matter how ludicrous, absurd, disturbing, violent or diseased it is, we just slurp it down like just another chunk of ground brown!

When you step back and look at the big picture, a scenario even more sinister than the side-effects of industrial civilization comes into focus, especially in the decades since World War 2. The basic idea here is that all through the 20th century the "elites", as they like to call themselves, have been implementing "hidden agendas" throughout the spectrum of world affairs. Their mission: who knows, if you’re not "one of them" you’re an outsider BUT awareness has been created through various means. What we can piece together, however, is a picture of the "fruits" of their actions. Plus, if you know where to look, they pretty much say it in their own words.

One of their first big projects was the creation of the Federal Reserve system in America in 1913, which replaced the gold-backed currency with their own fraudulent notes that the American government had to BORROW and REPAY WITH INTEREST using more of their fraudulent money. Logically, a little on the dishonest side, plus a guarantee of "permanent debt" incurred.

Then, their next two big projects…World Wars 1 and 2. This was after they (and not only can "they" be named, their plans to this effect are a matter of public record) took over the money supply, and therefore the government, of America.
According to minutes from meetings of top brass of the Ford Foundation in the early 1900’s, one of their biggest concerns was "how best to ‘manage’' humanity." You know, like a resource…or a pest. It was around this time that the "eugenics" movement was not only popular, but didn’t need to disguise itself. Researchers like William Engdahl, in his book Seeds of Destruction, have thoroughly documented the history of eugenics. But essentially, the "elite" foundations…Ford, Carnegie, Rockefeller…shared a common interest in "managing humanity" and made it a top priority.

The Third Reich was the result of their efforts to create the world’s most powerful depopulation apparatus. The Nazi’s were the first example of what H.G. Wells called a "scientific dictatorship", a totalitarian regime using and actively developing every conceivable means for enslaving and ultimately destroying life as we know it. The spectrum of their research and development efforts is a horrific and almost unbelievable smorgasboard of scientific perversion and debasement.

After World War 2 Operation Paperclip rescued thousands of Nazi scientists, planners and researchers and safely relocated them into positions of power in both America and Russia, where they continued to be funded by the same sources. From this, the global depopulation apparatus grew exponentially and spread like the insidious virus it truly is, until today, we can increasingly discern the modern-day manifestations of this same endeavour: chemical insecticides that are almost identical to nerve gas; GE/GMO’s in food that act as viruses and create disease; microwave radiation emitted from mobile phones; pharmaceutical drugs whose side-effects are far worse than the illness they purport to treat; ionising radiation being leaked from every reactor that exists, being transported through populated areas in metal drums and rail cars; hundreds of thousands of tons of DU (depleted uranium), consisting of high-level radioactive waste, being spread into the biosphere, disguised as bullets and artillery shells; and most dangerous of all, as it affects our very ability TO KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON…a full-spectrum and on-going attack on the human mind using every possible form of psychological warfare and mass-media mind-control technique known!

Something FAR SCARIER than "global warming" is Zbigniew Brzezinski. A founder of the Trilateral Commission, he was Secretary of State under Carter and has been a very influential strategist and policy-maker ever since. Now he is one of Obama’s top advisors. What is scary is that he is actually one of the visionaries of the "elite" agenda for total world domination; he’s in there now because they’re ready to implement their next level of electronic mind-control, using science-fiction-like technologies coupled with what Brzezinski calls "charismatic personalities" to guide the public thought process. One of Brzezinski’s prophecies back in the early 1970’s was that soon it would be possible to use new forms of electronic technology to impair or destabilize the thought process of entire populations. I think we’re there now.

The increasingly pervasive sense of "unreality" that I am sensing in people could in fact be due to the implementation of these Brzezinksian technologies. Beyond the use of HAARP for mere weather war and climate modification lurks an even darker purpose…to irradiate whole populations. This scenario is no longer in the domain of science-fiction.

What I’ve tried to do in this article is to share some thoughts about what is really happening in the world with humanity and the Earth. I write on the anniversary of the birth of the most destructive technology yet devised by human beings. I have attempted to shed some light on the reality of the nuclear scenario: nuclear power is really just an extremely expensive way to boil water, with the added bonus of producing prodigious quantities of the most deadly substances known to man. A typical nuclear power plant would have to operate for many years to generate enough ‘clean’ (clean as death!) electricity to compensate for the astronomical amount of fossil fuels required to get to that point.

Mining uranium and all that comes from it is the shortest path we know to depopulation and ecocide. Other trails have been blazed to the same destination, but Australian journalist John Pilger concurs that the nuclear scenario is on top of the list.

Mining uranium is "exporting cancer" in the words of Dr. Helen Caldicott, and is also supporting the "terrorism" inherent in the possession of nuclear/radiological weapons by ANY country or group.

Mining uranium is extremely bad karma for a land already suffering from two hundred years of genocide; "What we do to the Earth we do to ourselves." It’s extremely bad karma for all of humanity, for out planet.

We are not only killing ourselves indirectly, but also directly. The world’s largest institution, the military-industrial complex, exists for this very purpose. "Depopulation" is now an official agenda for which consent is being constantly manufactured.

We are suffering from a low-grade dementia or mass-delusion driven by our steady consumption of corporate unreality delivered by mass-media, especially television. We are cut off from nature and entranced by a global non-lethal weapons system through which we hear one voice only, that of globalization.
We can STOP doing all the destructive things we are doing, individually and collectively. The question is whether or not we will.

One of the most powerful and healthful things we can do is to SHUT IT ALL DOWN. It’s even possible to live almost entirely without electricity.
The world can productively support all of us who are alive now IF those of us in the upper echelons of privilege/consumption choose to live more simply and intelligently. This is a far more truly spiritual solution than trying to kill off everybody you don’t want. Volunteers for depopulation?

Today is the 64th anniversary of the birth of nuclear weapons; we are living in the psychic shadow of mind-control. General Electric was involved in manufacturing both the first reactors and the first televisions; today they own NBC and are the seventh largest media corporation in the world. Mussolini said that fascism was "a complete merger between state and corporate power."
Are we there yet? Ultimately, any "they" is a subset of "us." Highly paradoxical, but true.

By the way, watch out for the giant ice-berg floating down from the Arctic…remember it’s GLOBAL WARMING we need to worry about…it’s PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE. Soon, perhaps, even this "terror meme" will be replaced by yet another, even scarier one…the fear of extraterrestrial catastrophe! So, have you heard about "2012"?

Jeff Phillips
Albany WA
16 July 2009
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